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Valoran is the northern continent of Runeterra. Almost all nations and factions of Runeterra are based on Valoran. Valoran is connected to the now Shuriman Continent through a small artificial land bridge where modern day Piltover and Zaun are located, which was once the center locations of the continent before the event that shattered the continent into two.


The Legend of the Darkin

Darkin To Slay Legends

The darkin are thrice-cursed—once by the ancient enemy they faced, again by the fall of their glorious empire, and finally by the betrayal that has damned them for all eternity.

When the rebels of Icathia foolishly unleashed the Void in battle, Shurima’s defense was led, as ever, by the legendary Ascended. Imbued with the power of the Sun Disc, these “god-warriors” towered over mortal soldiers, wielding magic and blade with equal ease, and eventually they were victorious. Even so, the horrors of the war took a heavy toll, and those who lived to remember it were perhaps never quite as they once were.

Centuries later, with the loss of mighty AzirSquare Azir at the very moment of his own Ascension, Shurima fell. Although apparently immortal, the god-warriors had been born human—gradually, with no emperor to lead them, many of the surviving Ascended began to falter in purpose as their older, petty ambitions resurfaced. They taught themselves forbidden sorceries, and came to view themselves as the rightful inheritors of the world. The scattered mortal populace named these new tyrants darkin, a whispered curse translating roughly in the old tongue as “the fallen.”

But even the darkin could not escape the sickness of soul that had come from fighting against the Void for so long. After centuries of uneasy alliance, they inevitably turned against one another—and so began the Great Darkin War.

This conflict spread from Shurima to Valoran, and beyond. The renegade god-warriors and the armies they raised were unstoppable, and entire nations were crushed between them. It seemed as though this would be the end of all things… until, ZoeSquare unexpectedly, the mages of Runeterra learned how to contain the remaining darkin. Through secrecy and cunning artifice, the physical forms of the Ascended could be merged with the celestial power in their hearts, and all of it bound within the weapons they bore. With their leaders imprisoned forever, the rampaging hordes were broken and slain.

These darkin weapons were hidden, many of them carefully guarded by the mortal civilizations that grew in the aftermath—for it was clear that such power could be locked away, but never destroyed.

And, should such power fall into the wrong hands, the darkin will surely rise once more.

The Rune Wars

Ryze VU Header

Centuries ago, magical artifacts called ‘World Runes’ have been rediscovered. Over the following decades after such event, knowledge of the Runes began to spread as more were unearthed. The world’s brightest minds studied the ancient glyphs, attempting to determine the powers they possessed. Few could even begin to understand the importance of their origins, or the sheer power held within them. Some surmised that the Runes were integral to the creation of Runeterra itself. The first use of these mysterious artifacts proved catastrophic, as they reshaped the landscape of entire nations. Mistrust quickly grew as those who knew of the Runes imagined such “Makers’ Might” being used as a weapon. Conflicts later related to these magical artifacts were known as the Rune Wars.

Open warfare raged across Runeterra. The first horrors of the Rune Wars sparked fear and aggression among those who now realized the power at their command. RyzeSquare Ryze and his master, Tyrus, have sought out to lock away every World Rune beyond the reach of man for the protection of Runeterra. Some complied with their pleas, others dismissed them due to their new found powers and influence. After an incident in Icathia due to the faults of Tyrus, Ryze later on continued his journey alone in gathering all Runic artifacts so as to prevent another Rune War from starting and possibly destroying the world.


Runeterra Map 01

Map of Runeterra (Piltover Area)
(by Riot Artist Robert Altbauer)

There are many regions and settlements on Valoran. The most well-known are:

Runeterra Map profileicon

Map indicating the locations of Demacia City and Noxus Prime in Valoran.

  • Demacia Crest icon Demacia
    • Andras (ruins)
    • Castle Wrenwall
    • Cloudwoods
    • Dawnhold
    • Demacia City
      • Alabaster Library
      • Buvelle mansion
      • Crownguard mansion
      • Demacian barracks
      • Demacian harbor
      • Demacian penitentiary
      • Laurent mansion
      • The Citadel of Dawn
        • The Hall of Valor
        • The Grand Plaza
        • The Temple of the Lightbringers
      • The Golden Round
      • Vayne mansion
      • Memorial Road
        • Galio Monument
    • Edessa
    • Evenmoor village
    • Fields of Brashmore
    • Fossbarrow
      • Fossian Crownguard’s tomb
      • Serpentrion river
      • The tower of a Lightbringer
    • Gates of Mourning
    • Greenfang Mountains
    • Golden crossing
    • Jandelle
    • Lissus
    • Needlebrook
    • Pinara
    • Rocky Highlands
      • High Silvermere
        • Knight’s Rock
          • Crownguard family mansion
    • Serpentrion River
    • Terbisia
    • Velorus
    • Uwendale village
      • Quinn's family house
    • Whiterock
Freljord Map

Map of The Freljord

  • Freljord Crest icon Freljord
    • Avarosan Iceflow Glacier
      • Rakelstake
      • Frostheld
        • Avarosan Palace
    • Frosthorn Peak
      • Fortress of the Iceborn
        • Vaults of the Iceborn
    • Gelid Vortex
    • Glaserport
      • Ice-locked harbor
        • Chained wolfships
    • The broken mountain/volcano
      • Hearth-home (human settlement- ruins)
    • Lokfar
    • Rygann's Reach
    • Ursine Village
    • Warded Gateway
  • Holdrum
  • Noxus Crest icon Noxus
    • Basilich
      • Blackrock Mere
    • Bloodcliffs
    • Bucket Creek
    • Dalamor Plain
      • Dalamor
    • Drugne
    • Fallgren
    • Fenrath
    • Grannit
    • Ironwater
    • Ironspike Mountains
    • Kilgrove
    • Krexor
    • Northern Steppes
    • Qualthala
    • Rokrund Plain
      • Rokrund
    • Rugg
    • The Drakengate
    • The Immortal Bastion (Noxus Prime)
      • Stairs of Triumph
        • Audience chamber
          • throne of the old Noxian emperors
      • House Du Couteau
      • House Swain
      • House Kythera
      • House Zaavan
      • Ivory Ward District
        • Ivory Ward Marketplace
      • Sion's memorial
      • The Black Rose
      • The Fleshing arena
    • Trevale
      • Riven's childhood home
    • Vindor
    • Urzeris
  • Palclyff
  • Piltover Crest icon Piltover
    • Northern Piltover
      • Drawsmith Arcade
      • Heimerdinger's Laboratory
      • Iron Sand Commercia
      • Mainspring Crescent
      • North Wind Commercia
      • Old Hungry Clock
      • Piltover City Zoo
      • Bluewind Court
        • Clan Arvino mansion
        • Clan Cadwalder mansion
        • Clan Ferros mansion
        • Clan Giopara mansion
          • Jayce's Laboratory
        • Clan Holloran mansion
        • Clan Kozari mansion
        • Clan Medarda mansion
        • Clan Morichi mansion
        • Clan Torek mansion
      • Piltover Wardens
      • Piltovan theater
        • Hall of Law
      • Old Reveck's house
        • Corin's workshop
    • The Cliff
      • Drop Street
      • Sun Gates
        • Techmaturgy Bridge
          • Statue of The Spirit of Wealth
          • Statue of The Essence of Honesty
      • The Dock
        • Piltover’s warship squadron
      • The College of Techmaturgy
    • Southern Piltover
      • Boulevard of a Hundred Taverns
      • Boundary Markets
      • Ezreal's house
      • First Assemblage of the Glorious Evolved
        • The Assemblage Hall
      • Glasswell Street
      • Horologica Avenue
      • Sidereal Avenue
        • Incognia Plaza
          • Zindelo's Incognium Runeterra
        • Oblique Lane
        • Piltover's Treasury
          • The Clockwork Vault
          • The Ecliptic Vaults
      • The Rising Howl
    • Zaun Crest icon Zaun
      • Old Zaun
        • Old Hungry
      • The Cliff
        • Augmentation Parlors
        • Bonscutt Pump Station
        • Breather Station
          • "Pure Air" Market
          • Shimmer Bar
        • Bridgewaltz
        • Chemtech seam
        • College of Techmaturgy
        • Cultivair
        • Delicatessens
        • Dredge Labour prison
        • Drop Street
        • Entresol level
        • Factorywood
        • Reveck's house
          • Corin's workshop
        • Rising Howls
        • Sir Feisterly’s Fantastical Fair
        • Sump Works
        • The Slums
          • Black Lanes
            • Commercia Fantastica
          • Hope House Orphanage
          • Ekko's house
          • Memorial Wall
        • Emberflit Alley
          • Viktor's Laboratory
        • Zaun's Asylum for the Irreparably Troubled
        • Zaun sewer
      • Southern Zaun
        • Boundary Markets
        • Promenade levels
          • Skylight Commercia
        • Priggs Industries
          • Priggs Industries factories
          • Priggs Industries warehouse
  • Qualthala
  • Silent Forrest
  • Glorft
  • Stonewall
  • Vaskasian Villages


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