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Map of Valoran (Old)

Valoran is the sole supercontinent of Runeterra. All nations and factions of Runeterra are based on Valoran.


Valoran is home to many denizens. Most of those are humans, but there are other races as well:

  • Angels: With immense power and a dedication to their cause bordering on fanaticism, these immortals are alien to the world of Runeterra. Originating from a universe far, far away, these winged guardians wage an endless war against the tides of darkness. Seeking perfection, they are blessed with insurmountable power and ancient weapons. Despite this, not all angels are true to the cause, choosing that same dark path their fellow angels fight against. Two of these angels exist in Runeterra, Kayle Kayle and Morgana Morgana, both immensely powerful, both strong in their convictions, and both with a strong resentment for each other.
  • Ascendant: An ancient immortal race that existed in the lifespan of the Shuriman Empire. Formerly humans, they were granted the right to Ascend through an ancient ritual that involved the fabled Sun Disc. Their forms are usually that of anthropomorphic animals, but disruption of the ritual can cause unpredictable results, as seen with Xerath Xerath, the Magus Ascended. With the fall of Shurima, the Ascended disappeared from the world, leaving only Nasus Nasus, who stands watch over the Empire's ruins, but through unfortunate circumstances some ascended have returned to the world, bringing with them Shurima's lost legacy.
  • Brackerns: An ancient race of large, crystalline scorpions that inhabited Kalamanda, Crystal Scar. During the Rune Wars, the brackern went into hibernation deep beneath the ground, waiting for the Rune Wars to end. The first of them, Skarner Skarner, was awakened by a massive magical disturbance caused by Zilean Zilean's Temporal Stasis Bubble.
  • Celestials: Ancient beings with great powers that are told in old fables to live in Runeterra's constellations. Most of them are powerful deities or guardians. So far, only 2 of them are known in the League: Soraka Soraka and Bard Bard.
  • Darkin: A demon-like, winged race of humanoids. They are shown to wield tremendous powers over physical and mental psyches of mortals, as demonstrated by Aatrox Aatrox. Only five remain in existence, with only three of those five known to history in some way.
  • Dragon Dragons: Winged, fire-breathing reptiles that can reach near-giant sizes over their long, long lifespans, they are the indisputable ruler of the skies. Both fearsome and majestic, dragons have a society that revolves around strength and might and because of their egoistic and narcissistic pride, mixing their blood with that of races outside of dragonkind are seen as an abomination, a cancer that must be eradicated utterly. Many dragons persecute such defiled creations and their perpetrators to no end, a thing that Shyvana Shyvana, the Half-Dragon, and her deceased father found out firsthand.
  • Fae: Playful, winged, humanoid creatures that are smaller than the yordles. They inhabit the forests of the latter. They have capricious abilities of transfiguration and matter distortion and their glades seem to exist in dimensions far removed from the normal flow of time. One can only enter their glades when invited by a Fae, as Pix Pix has done with the yordle Lulu Lulu.
  • Iceborn: An ancient race of humans, they were granted immortality, incredibly power and icey forms by another ancient race known as the Frozen Watchers, in return for the Iceborn's servitude. They served the Watchers for a time before they rebelled, seeking their freedom from their masters in a mighty war which they won, but their society would later fall in to a civil war known as the War of the Three Sisters, dividing Freljord's people for all time and driving the Iceborn to near extinction. The only known living Iceborn is Lissandra Lissandra . The Iceborn played an important role in shaping current Freljordian history.
  • Marai: A sea-dwelling race who resemble both humans and aquatic creatures. They live on the sea floor and rely on the light of an artifact known as the Moonstone to survive. The Moonstone's light lasts a century, and when its light begins to dim a single Marai known as the Tide Caller makes a trade with a surface dweller for a new Moonstone. The current Tidecaller is Nami Nami, who is also the only Marai to have ever explored the surface world.
    • Another sea-dwelling race exists that holds some biological connection to Yordles. Fizz Fizz, the Tidal Trickster belongs to this race, but his appearance on the surface is due to the disappearance of his species. Not even Fizz knows where his people have gone.
  • Minotaurs: Enormous humanoid bovines, the lived in great tribes within the Great Barrier and are quite noble and valorous in their ways. The Minotaurs have suffered greatly from the cruelty of the Noxian warmachine, with many of them having been enslaved and forced to fight as gladiators in the brutal Noxian event known as the Fleshing. Alistar Alistar, the Minotaur, is a survivor of this game and seeks to protect his people from tyrannical dangers such as Noxus.
  • Trolls: Grotesque, dim witted creatures that inhabit the Freljord. Most are blue-skinned and live in tribes. Lately, they have begun preparing for war, rallying under the banner of Trundle Trundle, the Troll King.
  • Undead: Abominable creatures, created when the barrier between life and death is shattered and defiled. They predominantly reside in the Shadow Isles but their influence and manifestations have reached Valoran's shores over the past decades.
  • Ursine: A race of Freljordian bears who are strong, honorable, and most notably stand upright. The Ursine lived in seculsion for many years before the reign of Volibear Volibear began. Thanks to a vision from the sacred storm the Ursine revere, Volibear was able to see a future where his kind were driven to extinction, and so roused his people from their complacency to prepare for war.
  • Voidborn: Various seemingly intelligent entities who, for reasons beyond human understanding, have the desire to gain entrance to and vitiate the worlds outside their realm. They live in the Void, an alien realm of darkness. Their primary purpose is to consume, while the reason behind this varies from Voidborn to Voidborn.
  • Yordles: Bipedal mammalian being of wide hair colors and small in stature. The Yordles live primarily within the Yordle Lands, and have good relations with human nations, in particular the nation of Piltover. Yordles are often credited for their intelligence, and have made great strides in the field of Techmaturgy. Males are more commonly covered in hair than females. Yordles evolved from immensely huge creatures of incredible ferocity and strength, before shrinking down and gaining greater intelligence with time.
  • Unique beings also exist in the world, usually a product of some magical or unnatural phenomenon.Anivia Cryophoenixes, Golems of both Blitzcrank mechanical and Galio sorcerical origin, Malphite Elementals, Maokai Treants, Rammus Sentient Armadillos, Wukong Sentient Monkeys, Twitch Mutated Plague Rats, Viktor Cyborgs, Warwick Werewolves, Zac Artificial Lifeforms, Meeps Spirits and more unknown races.

Valoran is home to many species of fauna, some monster-like and aggressive while others less aggressive or tame. Those are:

  • Antlermice are a quadruped mammalian species native to Summoner's Rift. They have large ears for hearing and a long skinny tail for movability against larger predators. Their fur varies from light to medium dark drown, and their eyes are of a light green color. Their antlers are used for attracting mates, contesting with other males and generally for mating seasons and self-defense.
  • Bantha are large quadruped mammalian species used by Yordle merchants for transport. They have long brown fur across their whole body, large front tusks, hooves, and horns to fend off carnivorous predators. They are mainly herbivores. Despite its enormous and intimidating look, Banthas are gentle giants.
  • Crag Beasts: Giant boar-like creatures. They are often sighted in the country side where they frequently attack Demacian settlements. They adorn large tusks and sharp fangs. Their outer shell is protected by a thick layer of rocky-like skin which protects them from swords, spears and other weapons. The only place where their skin isn't as thick is at their belly region. Their soft skin, inner organs, and blood are of a blue-ish colour. Their size ranges from a house to a large tower. They closely resemble the race of Elementals.
  • Dragon-Sharks are a large deep-ocean dwelling species of sharks native to the Guardian's Sea. A hide of one of the sharks is used for creating a shop stand on the Butcher's Bridge in Bilgewater. One of the famous Dragon-Sharks is Chomper, who terrorized the shorelines of Bilgewater before being defeated by Fizz and becoming his companion.
  • Eka'Sul are Shuriman desert goats that travel in herds. Eka'Suls form the main supply of the desert country, providing meat, milk and hides the Shuriman commonfolk use to survive the merciless land.
  • Four-eyed Hammerhead Sharks are a ocean dwelling species of sharks native to the Guardian's Sea and Bilgewater. Their brown hide is rough, almost scale like. Their head is in the shape of a hammer with two pairs of eyes and also have five fins for movement.
  • Forest chameleons are a quadruped lizard species native to Runeterra but are a common sight on Summoner's Rift. Their scales of an orange color and their eyes are light green. They can usually be seen on forest trees and rocks, where they blend very well away from dangers.
  • Frogs are amphibious creatures that inhabit specific magical locations, such as Summoner's Rift. Although frogs are a common sight, an amalgamation of a frog specimen and a magical anomaly borne the monsters known as Gromp Gromp. These monsters are hardy and tough and its hide can deflect the sharpest of blades and the strongest of spells. It is said that killing a Gromp with the spell of Smite grants unto the victor the creature's poisonous presence, giving even the fiercest predator pause.
  • Frost serpents are feared beasts that originate from the Freljord, specifically Lokfar. They have sharp, almost crystal like front teeth and large disk shaped eyes located at the bottom half of their head. They have a thick sharp hide that enables them to survive low temperatures. They got their name from their color, which invokes a frosty appearance.
  • Giant Squid are a deep-ocean dwelling species of squid native to the Guardian's Sea. They tend to be the size of a house, although some are said to grow even bigger, and can sometimes attack smaller ships. They are also usually hunted for either food or sport, the latter of which is just as dangerous as the former.
  • Ironback Ironbacks are squat bipedal creatures that resemble turtles or tortoises. Though not as tall as a human adult, they are far wider and more heavily-built. When domesticated and used for combat, they act as siege engines. Their stout strength can tear down whole structures with ease; and when outfitted with armor to complement their thick hide, they can endure the most grievous assaults.
  • Krakens are large serpent/octopi-like species that have been sighted in the Guardian's Sea. They possess a set of tentacles and five eyes, two pairs and one large one at the center of the forehead. The mythos behind this species is so well known on the Blue Flame Islands and that many structures in honor of this species were constructed by the original denizens of Bilgewater. Their image has been used for the currency of Bilgewater, know as Krakens Golden Krakens.
  • Murk Wolf Murk Wolves are mammalian creatures that are magically altered by runic magical energy scattered across the Summoner's Rift. They usually live near caves and dense forest growths. The color of their fur varies upon how much a murk wolf was altered by magical energy in the womb, ether a light brown color or a murky gray color. They have also been instances of mutations in this species, where some murk wolves are born with Greater Murk Wolf two heads. It is said that killing a Greater Murk Wolf with the spell of Smite summons forth a forest spirit to act as watcher for the victor.
  • Ocklepod Ocklepods are crustacean-like creatures that magically hover above the ground unassisted. They either inhabit or have been outfitted with a metallic helm with submarine periscope jutting above, the creature's eyes peek through the helm and periscope. This creature is mostly used for intelligence-gathering and support roles as they are capable of magically shielding nearby allies as well as revealing distances. This is especially infuriating in attrition wars as the creature's telepathic sight could easily reveal an ambush and its shielding capability is able to see troops through the thickest of fires.
  • Outerbeasts are creatures, beside the Xer'Sai, from the Void infesting the Shuriman desert, referred to as "outerbeasts".
  • Plundercrab Plundercrabs are large crustaceans that wear cannon-mounted parapets as their shell. It is unknown whether they inhabit the said weaponry naturally, or are purposely outfitted. Used as living artillery pieces, they lay down cannon fire from afar. They seem very intelligent for an animal, as they can trained to pick out high-priority targets to focus fire upon.
  • ProfileIcon713 Red Team Porowls are an avian species native to Summoner's Rift. Their feathers are a gray-brownish color and have small dark brown horns. They appearance inspired many of the Magelords architecture. They can usually be seen atop of trees, curiously watching the goings-on around them.
  • Ralsiji are large and aggressive minotaur-like creatures native to Shurima. They are humpbacked quadrupeds with long limbs and thick horns. They usually hunted down and used as entertainment monsters for the Noxian Fleshing Arena.
  • Raptor Raptors are an avian species native to Summoner's Rift. While incapable of flight, they have large strong back legs and large front teeth used for hunting. This species tents to its young until they can fend for themselves against larger predators. When born their feathers are the predominantly blue-greenish color, once they mature their obtain the Crimson Raptor Crimson Raptor look. Their feathers are used for making Raptor Cloak item.png cloaks. It is said that killing a Crimson Raptor with the spell of Smite grants unto the victor the keen senses of the beast, allowing them to see unseen threats.
  • Rift Scuttler Scuttler Crabs or Rift Scuttlers live in the fresh waters of Valoran and can be found near the docks of Bilgewater and in Summoner's Rift. They are small green-shelled crustaceans with 3 pairs of legs and one pair of front claws. They sometimes bury themselves into the muck of the river to avoid predators and are known to either avoid or flee from dangers. To confer peaceful resolution (hence the elusive pacifist nickname) to the force that subdues it, it will grant them them a boon: a persistent field around it that grants vision and magical speed to the aggressor and its allies.
  • Sea Serpents are a large species of ocean dwelling serpents native to the Guardian's Sea. They presents on the sea is so well known be the denizens of Bilgewater that their nations crest and Silver Serpents currency is a Sea Serpent. They can also be summoned by serpent callers. One account from the Harrowing records the might of these creatures, having halted the progress of the Black Mist before it reached Bilgewater, though the beast was slain in the process.
  • Shuriman camels are a breed of camels native to the deserts of Shurima and are used by caravans as well as commonfolk as primary mode of transportation. Despite being well-suited for lengthy travels in the desert landscape, they are still prey to a many predator such as the Xer'Sai. [1]
  • Razorfin Wharf Rats, or Razorfins, are amphibious quadrupeds which are a terrifying blend of shark and rat commonly found on the docks of Bilgewater. These creatures are larger than dogs and are known to prey upon drunks and lone fishermen on moonless nights. They often travel in packs, and are easily capable of biting a man's leg off. Their lithe streamlined bodies allude to their speed; their teeth to their ferocity. Criminal circles often train these creatures to seek out and hound high-value targets. Indeed, once a Razorfin draws blood for its target, only death will deter it.
  • Wyverns, are reptilian creatures and are members of the dragon family are often mistaken for their Dragon cousins cause of their similar appearances. The distinguishing features of a wyvern is that it only has one pair of limbs and one pair of wings as oppose to the two paired limed dragon's. They are often spotted attacking the Demacian countryside and are a frequent threat to villagers.
  • Xer'Sai are creatures from the Void that plague the southern deserts of Shurima. They are the size of big dogs on average, but can be smaller and much bigger. Rek'Sai Rek'Sai is by far the biggest and the most dangerous of the species. Xer’sai burst from their small burrows and savage anything nearby, at the detriment of desert caravans. Once dead, the Xer'sai decompose at an abnormally rapid rate and become inedible.
  • Yonkeies are a quadruped mammalian like species used by Yordle merchants and caravans for transportation and resemble overgrown donkeys at best. They have long think grey fur, and long ears.
  • There are also various other ordinary species such as: armadillos, bears, butterflies, cats, clams, crocodiles, crows, devilfish, dogs, dragonflies, ducks, fish, frogs, hawks, mammoths, monkeys, octopi, rats, ravens, seagulls, stags, wolves...




Created by WarkotCreated by Warkot

There are many regions and settlements on Valoran. The most well-known are:

  • Bubbling Bog
  • Demacia
    • Demacian Capital
      • Buvelle mansion
      • College of Magic
      • Crownguard mansion
      • Demacian barracks
      • Demacian harbor
      • Demacian penitentiary
      • Laurent mansion
      • Royal Palace of House Lightshield
      • The Golden Round
      • Vayne mansion
    • Demacian rural town
    • Golden crossing
    • Jandelle
    • Needlebrook
    • Uwendale
Freljord Map

Map of The Freljord

  • Freljord
    • Avarosan Iceflow Glacier
      • Rakelstake
        • Rakelstake palace
    • Frostguard Citadel
      • Beast cells
    • Gelid Vortex
    • Howling Abyss
    • Lokfar
    • Ursine Village
  • Howling Marsh
  • Ironspike Mountains
  • Kaladoun
  • Kalamanda
  • Marshes of Kaladoun
  • Noxus
    • Noxian Capital
      • Du Couteau mansion
      • Ivory Ward District
        • Ivory Ward Marketplace
      • The Immortal Bastion
        • Grand Generals quarters
      • Noxian Bleak Academy
      • Sion's memorial
      • The Black Rose
      • The Fleshing arena
  • Piltover
    • Ezreal's house
    • Heimerdinger's Laboratory
    • Jayce's Laboratory
    • Piltover Customs
    • Piltover Police Department
    • Piltover's treasury
    • Piltover City Zoo
    • Reveck's house
    • Yordle Academy of Science & Progress
      • Academy library
  • The Great Barrier
    • Mogron Pass
    • Mount Targon
      • Rakkor Tribe
      • Solari Tribe
        • Solari archives
        • Solari Temple of the Sun
        • Lunari Temple of the Moon
  • Zaun
    • College of Techmaturgy
    • Dr. Mundo's Laboratory
    • Priggs Industries
      • Priggs Industries factories
      • Priggs Industries warehouse
      • The Locker
    • Sump Works
      • Sector 90TZ
    • The Slums
      • Memorial Wall
    • Viktor's Laboratory
    • Zaun sewer

Shurima map

Map of Shurima

  • Shurima
    • Bel’zhun
    • Sai
    • Shuriman Capital
      • Cycle of Ascension
      • Grand Temple
      • Emperors Way road
      • Imperial Palace
      • Oasis of the Dawn
      • Steps of Ascension
      • The Tomb of the Emperors
    • Shurima Wastes
  • Tempest Flats
  • Urtistan
  • Voodoo Lands
  • Yordle Land

Black Mist Map

Map of Bilgewater and Shadow Isles

  • Guardian's Sea
    • Blue Flame Islands
      • Bilgewater
        • East Bay
          • Grey Harbor
          • Port Mourn
          • Smuggler’s Cove
          • Southern Beacon
        • West Bay
          • Rat Town
            • Butcher's Bridge
            • Diver's Bluff
            • Fleet Street
              • The Brazen Hydra
            • Freeman's Aerie
            • Slaugher Docks
              • Gangplank's warehouse
              • The Dead Pool (Destroyed)
              • White Wharf
            • Temple of The Mother Serpent
            • The Syren
      • Isle of Buhru
      • Serpentine River
    • Ionia
      • Bard Mountain
        • Floating Villages
      • Celestial Fortress
      • Master Yi's Village
      • Navori
        • Astral Grove
        • Ionian Capital City
          • Kashuri armories
          • The Lotus Garden
        • Placidium
          • Shojin Monastery
          • Serene Garden
            • Great Tree
      • Galrin
      • Hirana Monastery
      • Kinkou Monastery
      • Shon-Xan
      • Temple of Pallas
      • Temple of the Jagged Knife
      • Tevasa Mountain
      • Tuula
        • Tuula Prison
      • Zhyun
        • Jyom Pass
    • Knife Straits
    • The Shroud
  • Conqueror's Sea
  • 10 Currently Unknown Seas


There are currently eleven nations (six countries/nations with more than one settlement that occupy a large chunk of territory, three city-states/nations with only one settlement that occupy a small chunk of territory and two nations with no or unknown government), those are :


Religions in Valoran are largely varied in every nation but several have been known to gather the most of followers:

  • The Solari: The worship of the Sun. Solaric worship is largely made up by a special sect of Rakkorians who surrender their mantles of war in favor of greater solar devotion. Their founder and leader chose Mount Targon, being the highest peak closest to the Sun, and was blessed with the power to call down the sun's wrath. Currently, Leona Leona, the Radiant Dawn, has taken this legend's regalia and fights to protect the helpless and the innocent.
  • The Lunari: The worship of the Moon. Not much is known of this shadowed sect, apparently eradicated a long time ago, possibly by the Solari. The Lunari's rise may come to pass through the dark crusade waged by Diana Diana, the Scorn of the Moon and an outcast by the Solari themselves.
  • The Frozen Watchers: Unknown and hidden, this religion schemes and bids their time in the dark fortresses of the once-pure Frostguard. Led by Lissandra Lissandra, the Ice Witch, they plot the return to power of the overthrown Frozen Watchers. United under the Frozen Watchers, Freljord was a brutal warmachine that boasted might and magic. Ironically, it was Avarosa's rebellion that divided Freljord into the war-torn wastes it is now.
  • The Mother Serpent: The worship of the goddess of motion, Nagakabouros. Originating from the Serpent Isles, now known as the Blue Flame Islands, Nagakabouros still remains the reigning deity in Bilgewater. Her church is now led by her choosen Truth Bearer, Illaoi Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess. The religion highly demands that you follow your desires, and make your own fate, one of the primary reasons why this faith's presence remains strong today.

Valoran also has a few cults:

  • The Cult of the Spider has most of its followers located in Noxus and Demacia. The champion, Elise Elise, serves as its High Priestess, traveling to and from between the two nations and the Shadow Isles, bringing her followers to live with the Spider God, Vilemaw Vilemaw, for eternity, or so they believe.
  • The Cult of the Void is a cult that first began when League Champion, Malzahar Malzahar, claimed that Runeterra will be ended by the Void. Many of its followers have surrendered themselves to this fate and simply do what is asked of them, including being used as a sacrifice to the Void. They are currently at war against an organization known as the Preservers, led by the enemy of the Cult's High Priest, Kassadin Kassadin.
  • The Glorious Evolution is led by Viktor Viktor, whose view of flesh is inferior to that of steel and metal, has gathered much followers among the people of Zaun and has spread among other nations. An amalgamation of flesh or the total replacement of it had marked his works, incorporating techmaturgy to purge the weakness and inefficiency of the flesh. For as long as they exist, the day of the world replaced by beings of weaponized steel and metal becomes clearer with each passing day.



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