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Champion Select

  • Vayne Select
    "Let us hunt those who have fallen to darkness."
  • Vayne.ult3
    "Impure fools."


  • Vayne.attack1
    "I bring swift death."
  • Vayne.attack2
    "I release them from their pain."
  • Vayne.attack3
    "I pass judgment."
  • Vayne.attack4
    "They will be purified."
  • Vayne.attack5
    "Cleansing blood with silver."


  • Vayne.move1
  • Vayne.move2
    "On wings of night."
  • Vayne.move3
    "I hear the innocent cry out."
  • Vayne.move4
    "I smell black magics."
  • Vayne.move5
    "The shadows are to be feared."
  • Vayne.move6
    "In the dark all is laid bare."
  • Vayne.move7
    "Evil lurks around every corner."
  • Vayne.move8
    "The dark should fear me."


  • Vayne.taunt
    "Hitting me is like boxing with shadows."


  • Vayne.joke1
    "I have no time for nonsense."
  • Vayne.joke2
    "Joke? What do you mean?"


  • Vayne.laugh1
    Vayne laughs.
  • Vayne.laugh2
    Vayne laughs.
  • Vayne.laugh3
    Vayne laughs.

Upon Learning Silver Bolts.png Silver Bolts

  • Vayne.W1
    "Silver of the moon."
  • Vayne.W2
    "The purifying element."
  • Vayne.W3
    "Purge with silver."

Upon Activating Final Hour.png Final Hour

  • Vayne.ult1
    "Time for reckoning."
  • Vayne.ult2
    "The die is cast... "
  • Vayne.ult3
    "Impure fools."


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