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  • Classic Vayne Skingallerybutton
  • Vindicator Vayne Skingallerybutton
    (Legacy Skin, No Longer Available) 520RP / 10-May-2011
  • Aristocrat Vayne Skingallerybutton
    520 RP / 10-May-2011
  • Dragonslayer Vayne Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 24-Aug-2011
  • Heartseeker Vayne Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 14-Feb-2012
  • SKT T1 Vayne Skingallerybutton
    750 RP / 05-May-2014
  • Arclight Vayne Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 21-Apr-2015

  • Aristocrat Vayne
  • Vindicator Vayne
  • Heartseeker Vayne


  • Like many other hunters of the supernatural, Vayne's character concept is inspired by Abraham van Helsing, the protagonist from Bram Stoker's 1897 novel, Dracula.
    • Vayne's name and past are possible references to DC Comics character Bruce Wayne, the Batman.
    • Vayne may also be a reference to the DC Comics character Huntress, due to the similarities between their weapons and pasts.
    • Vayne bears some resemblance to the main character from the game Bayonetta.
  • Vayne's first name is Shauna.
  • Vayne is one of the 12 champions who do not have a single skill that scales off ability power; along with Darius Darius, Draven Draven, Garen Garen, Kalista Kalista, Kindred Kindred, Kled Kled, Illaoi Illaoi, Olaf Olaf, Riven Riven, Talon Talon and Zed Zed.
  • Vayne Vayne's Silver Bolts.png Silver Bolts, is a reference to the belief that supernatural creatures, particularly werewolves, are vulnerable to weapons made from silver.
  • Vayne is the only champion to currently have a defense rating of 1.
  • Vayne's dance is inspired by the Gun Kata . A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • Vayne is the first champion who shares her title with a Night Hunter.png skill name, followed by Zyra Zyra.
  • Vayne is the first champion to always have a quote play out when learning a skill.
  • Vayne's quote "On wings of night." is similar to Shyvana Shyvana's quote "On wings of fury."
  • Vayne's quote when using her ultimate, "The die is cast" is a reference to Julius' Caesar phrase "Alea Iacta Est".[1]
VayneSquare.png Classic Vayne [S|L]
  • This splash art got updated in Patch 4.15.
  • In the old splash art, there is a tombstone labeled "URF" in reference to Urf Urf, the Manatee, and Yorick Yorick's shovel in the background.
VayneSquare.png Vindicator Vayne [S|L]
  • It is likely a reference to the Death Dealers from the Underworld film series.
VayneSquare.png Aristocrat Vayne [S|L]
VayneSquare.png Dragonslayer Vayne [S|L]
  • Dragonslayer Vayne's appearance is reminiscent of Capcom's Monster Hunter series.
  • She shares this theme with BraumSquare.png Braum, Jarvan IVSquare.png Jarvan IV and PantheonSquare.png Pantheon.
VayneSquare.png Heartseeker Vayne [S|L]
VayneSquare.png SKT T1 Vayne [S|L]
VayneSquare.png Arclight Vayne [S|L]
VayneSquare.png Soulstealer Vayne [S|L]


  • There is speculation that Vayne is secretly investigating the activities of LeBlanc LeBlanc and the Black Rose organization.[2]


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