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Champion Background Strategy Skins & Trivia

Skill usage

  • For best burst damage try combining the third hit from  Silver Bolts and the bonus damage from  Tumble in the same attack.
    • Because of  Vayne's  Night Hunter, it is fairly easy to chase down champions for the third hit.
    • Try an auto attack >  Tumble >  Condemn combo for a fast and relatively safe proc of  Silver Bolts. This combo is very mana heavy so be selective when using this combo.
    • Be mindful that harassment doesn't require the full combo. Zoning with a tick of  Silver Bolts may be more effective than getting all three ticks.
    • This may be a useful tactic to use in lane due to  Vayne's low health pool and defenses.
  •  Tumble can be used to dodge skillshot abilities.  Tumble is also effective at dodging delayed damage abilities like  Rupture or  Pillar of Flame.
  • If you're fighting near an allied turret, try to  Tumble behind the opponent and then  Condemn them into your turret's range. Same can be done to push an enemy towards your team.
  • Don't forget that  Night Hunter only works facing the enemy and with that combined with your ultimate makes it very hard for the enemy to escape you.
  • Do not overestimate  Vayne's mobility.  Night Hunter's bonus movement speed grants no bonus while running away from enemies, and  Tumble doesn't go on cooldown until you actually attack an enemy which essentially adds 6 seconds of cooldown that you can't reduce with cooldown reduction when you are using it to run away.
  •  Tumble cannot cross most wall terrain (though it can cross  Cataclysm,  Crystallize,   Event Horizonor  Pillar of Ice).
  •  Tumble can cross impassable terrain such as the small ledge near dragon pit if you position correctly.
  • Note that  Tumble's extra damage only activates upon attacking enemy units, not structures.
  • You can escape in the midst of a battle by using  Final Hour and  Tumble to stealth and confuse the enemy. It is recommended to change direction than the one you were running in or to choose an alternate route.
  • Because she is squishy, it is highly recommended to opt for more defensive summoner spells, such as Ghost, Cleanse, or Barrier. Flash is very desirable.  Final Hour in conjunction with  Tumble, which only stealths for 1 second, doesn't make for a very good escape. These summoner spells can also assist in chases.
  •  Condemn will stun the target if it hits a terrain, a turret, an inhibitor or a nexus, but will NOT stun with  Cataclysm,  Crystallize or the turrets in Dominion.
  • Using  Condemn on a retreating enemy may help them escape. Be sure to position  Vayne where the knock back effect will let your team or yourself engage on the enemy.
    •  Tumble or Flash can help with positioning yourself for a successful  Condemn.
    •  Condemn could also be used when Vayne loops to the back of the target and knock them towards allies.
  • Using  Condemn in jungle fights can be much more effective than in lane fights due to the tight spaces making it easy to land the second effect and stunning an opponent.

Build usage

  • Building Sheen or Trinity Force can add some significant burst to  Tumble. Starting with Phage provides much needed survivability and can assist in running from or toward a target if Vayne procs it on an enemy minion. Building Zeal first grants her added mobility and attack speed to more easily farm and proc  Silver Bolts.
    • Vayne has zero abilities which scale with ability power, so consider this fact when deciding what order to buy items in.
  • Berserker's Greaves are an especially good choice as the attack speed is beneficial for proc-ing  Silver Bolts.
  • Purchasing Mercury's Treads may be a good idea when facing teams with a wide range of crowd control abilities.
  • A commonly held misconception is that due to  Silver Bolts dealing true damage, Vayne does not need to purchase Last Whisper to deal with tanks, instead only needing more attack speed. This is somewhat not true, as most calculations with endgame builds(based on low ELO games) have True Damage only composing around 7-10% of her total damage. Moreover, an attack speed reliant build without a Last Whisper is very easily countered by a Randuin's Omen, as it will constantly negate 25% of attack speed as well as have a strong amount of armor that the Vayne player does not have penetration for.
  • Infinity Edge provides a substantial boost to Vayne's damage output from auto attacks. Remember that critical hits don't proc from  Condemn and don't scale from  Tumble's bonus damage.
  • The Bloodthirster provides much needed lifesteal to aid her survivability and scales with her  Tumble and  Condemn.
  • Alternatively, getting an early  Blade of the Ruined King can benefit Vayne due to the increased attack speed and incredible item active for damage and chasing/escaping.
  • Phantom Dancer's attack speed and critical strike chance synergize well with  Silver Bolts and increase the effectiveness of  Final Hour, as well as boosting her DPS quite a bit. Additionally the movement speed boost from Phantom Dancer scales with the additional movement speed from  Night Hunter, including the boost to it from using  Final Hour.
  • Enchanting your boots with the Furor enchantment allows Vayne to kite or escape very well. Tumble away and whenever the enemy comes within range of an autoattack hit them once to start the tumble cooldown and rush away with your furor bonus, tumbling once it's off cooldown. Furor also strongly boosts Vayne's chasing ability.

Recommended builds

Summoner's Rift
Starting Boots of Speed item Health Potion item4
Essential Berserker's Greaves item Blade of the Ruined King item Phantom Dancer item
Offensive Infinity Edge item Last Whisper item The Bloodthirster item
Defensive Guardian Angel item Mercurial Scimitar item Banshee's Veil item
Consumables Health Potion item Sight Ward item
The Howling Abyss
Starting Boots of Speed item Doran's Blade item2 Health Potion item2
Essential Berserker's Greaves item Phantom Dancer item Sanguine Blade item
Offensive Infinity Edge item Last Whisper item Sword of the Divine item
Defensive Mercurial Scimitar item Banshee's Veil item Frozen Mallet item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
The Crystal Scar
Starting Boots of Speed item Prospector's Blade item Health Potion item2
Essential Berserker's Greaves item Phantom Dancer item Sanguine Blade item
Offensive Infinity Edge item Last Whisper item Sword of the Divine item
Defensive Mercurial Scimitar item Guardian Angel item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
The Twisted Treeline
Starting Boots of Speed item Doran's Blade item
Essential Berserker's Greaves item Phantom Dancer item Sanguine Blade item
Offensive Infinity Edge item Last Whisper item Sword of the Divine item
Defensive Mercurial Scimitar item Banshee's Veil item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item


  • Choosing someone such as  Miss Fortune or  Caitlyn who have strong early games can easily deny  Vayne from farming as  Vayne has a relatively weak early game. Avoid pushing the lane as  Vayne's  Tumble makes her an exceptional farmer under turret, and has strong chasing potential.
  •  Vayne's entire kit is focused on dueling (or 1v1ing) and chasing so deny her the potential to duel with you and her kit will naturally round out late-game when teamfights become dominant, where the fights become more stationary and targets become harder to focus.
    • Once  Vayne obtains  Final Hour at level 6, her dueling potential increases exponentially and she essentially "jumps" to her mid-game potentially immediately before most other Attack Damage Carries. The Attack Damage and movement speed boosts are huge given how early in the game it is and stealth detection is much harder to afford earlier on. Respect her presence at level 6 if you haven't pulled a significant advantage over her and avoid dueling her if possible.
  •  Vayne is one of the most powerful duelists in game and is well known and feared as one of the most powerful marksman if fully build. It is critical to keep her early and mid-game crippled.
    • Marksmen are usually easy prey to one-burst-wonder assassins, especially  Zed and  LeBlanc .  Vayne is by far not in this category, her ability to carefully move around the battlefield, drain-tank while evading attacks with stealth from  Final Hour and bursting/peeling with  Condemn makes her complicated to kill by surgical, tactical and careful assassins as she can often prevent their abilities to properly flow for a combo.
  •  Silver Bolts is relatively easy to counteract contrary to popular belief.
    • Her  Silver Bolts procs rely on her attack speed. Champions with attack speed slows such as  Malphite,  Lee Sin, and  Nunu can mitigate  Vayne's auto attack and  Silver Bolts damage significantly along with having kits that counteract  Vayne extremely well.
    • Frozen Heart is extremely detrimental to  Vayne because the armor portion of the item counters her lack of magic damage and the long-ranged -15% attack speed aura is practically unavoidable in teamfights. Randuin's Omen is also especially useful against  Vayne as one proc of slow will significantly cripple her true damage and mobility. Because  Vayne relies on her mobility in order to survive in teamfights due to her short range, the movement speed slow will make her an easy target to focus. As such, even building an early Warden's Mail will have noticeable effects against her.
    •  Vayne's  Silver Bolts do not account for shields when calculating the percent of maximum HP so abilities such as  Granite Shield and  Titan's Wrath are extremely strong against her.
    • The same case goes for lifesteal and high health regeneration; if the target's lifebar isn't noticeably large but is constantly renewed from either high lifesteal or abilities such as  Sadism, the damage from  Silver Bolts becomes significantly less noticeable.
    • Battling her only in teamfights forces her to switch targets, resulting in fewer  Silver Bolts procs.
  • Mages with targeted burst damage/crowd controls such as  LeBlanc or  Ryze can easily dispatch Vayne as her mobility and  Tumble are primarily anti-skillshot oriented. Targeted abilities that apply targeted hard crowd control's such as  Warwick's  Infinite Duress and  Malzahar's  Nether Grasp prevents Vayne from retaliating with her mobility and lifesteal resulting in an easy kill.
  • It's recommended not to fight  Vayne in the jungle as there are more walls for her to stun with her  Condemn .
  • Taking a Vision Ward with you or activating an  Oracle's Lens is useful against  Final Hour as her stealth will be useless, shutting down her primary method of reaching squishier targets of interest.

Champion spotlight

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Vayne Champion Spotlight

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