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Veigar, the Tiny Master of Evil
Veigar Render
Gender Male
Race Yordle
Birthplace Bandle City
Occupation Villainous warlock
Faction Bandle City
LuluSquare Lulu
TeemoSquare Teemo

To most, thoughts of yordles do not conjure images to be feared. The easygoing half-pint race, though fierce, is often regarded with some degree of joviality. Their high-pitched voices and naturally cute forms inspire something of a protective instinct in the larger races, or at least bring to mind images of children playing at being adults. Every now and again, however, a yordle turns so bad that, even at its small stature, it strikes terror into the hearts of others. Veigar is such a twisted yordle. As a master of the magical black arts, as well as a corrupter of cosmic energy, he is one of the most powerful sorcerers on Valoran.

As a child, Veigar was a normal yordle with one small exception - he had a deep curiosity for the world beyond Bandle City. The young yordle spent much of his time studying the rest of Valoran, and he jumped at the chance to join a business that traded with other major city-states. Unfortunately for both him and the world, a deal with Noxian traders turned into shady business and went bad; Veigar and his companions were subsequently set up to take the fall. Arrested by the authorities, he was imprisoned within the walls of Noxus for years. Such isolation is very dangerous for yordles - undoubtedly why his cruel jailers did such a thing - and Veigar was slowly driven mad.

He eventually escaped, having become a twisted version of his former self. Instead of returning to his people and Bandle City, he sought tutelage from dark wizards across the land. With his demented will focused on one task, he quickly became a dangerous and powerful wizard in his own right. Now he seeks to end all conflict on Valoran by bringing all of the city-states to their knees, regardless of their affiliation. The League of Legends is the perfect tool to help him meet his ends - for now.

"Who says evil needs to come in a fearsome-looking package?"


Upon selection
  • Play "Know that if the tables were turned, I would show you no mercy!"
  • Play "I will swallow your soul."
  • Play "Even death trembles in my presence."
  • Play "Give up now!"
  • Play "Even now, your loved ones suffer!"
  • Play "I can see the fear in your heart."
  • Play "Your soul will come to serve me."
  • Play "I am evil! Stop laughing!"
  • Play "I smell death."
  • Play "Yes! (Laughs)"
  • Play "Stalking prey again?"
  • Play "Suffering awaits."
  • Play "The magic, it calls to me!"
  • Play "Your commands tire me."
  • Play "It's only a short way? Is that a short joke?!"
  • Play "You deny the darkness in your soul! You deny your power!"
  • Play "What's black and blue and is about to show you the definition of pain?!"
  • Play Veigar laughs.
  • Play Veigar laughs.
  • Play Veigar laughs.
  • Play Veigar laughs.
  • Play Veigar laughs.
  • Play Veigar laughs.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match start

  • "This will be a short game! Wait..."

Player team victory

  • "GG!"

Player team defeat

  • "No! No! No! This isn't over!"


Previous Abilities

Patch history

  • Base armor increased to 16.25 from 12.25.


V3.7: Undocumented


  •  Baleful Strike
    • Permanent ability power gain is now doubled to 2 when killing a champion, large minion, or large monster.


  • Base movement speed increased to 340 from 315.


  •  Equilibrium:
    • Bonus mana regeneration increased to 1% per 1% mana missing from 0.75%.



  •  Event Horizon
    • Now always correctly stuns enemies who use dash abilities to pass through it.


  •  Event Horizon
    • Fixed a bug where it stopped stunning units if Veigar died.



  •  Baleful Strike
    • Fixed a bug where killing a unit would not create the particle effect.


  •  Baleful Strike
    • Mana cost changed to 60/65/70/75/80 from 75 at all levels.
    • Total ability power accumulated from  Baleful Strike is now displayed in the tooltip.
  •  Dark Matter
    • Mana cost reduced to 70/80/90/100/110 from 100/110/120/130/140.
  •  Event Horizon
    • Mmana cost reduced to 80/90/100/110/120 from 80/95/110/125/140.
  •  Primordial Burst
    • Mana cost reduced to 125/175/225 from 150/200/250.


  • Walk animation changed.



  • Classic skin splash art updated.
  • Dance animation updated.


  •  Primordial Burst
    • Ability power ratio increased to 1.2 per ability power from 1.0.
    • Enemy ability power ratio reduced to 0.8 of target's ability power from 1.0.


  • General
    • Basic attack missile speed increased by 100.
  •  Equilibrium
    • Bonus mana regeneration increased to 0.75% per 1% mana missing from 0.5%.
  •  Baleful Strike
    • Missile speed increased by 100.



  •  Dark Matter
    • Ability power ratio increased to 1.0 from 0.8.
  •  Primordial Burst
    • Damage modified to 250/375/500 from 200/350/500.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 1.0 from 0.8.
    • Enemy ability power ratio increased to 1.0 from 0.8.
  •  Baleful Strike
    • Fixed a bug where it would grant Veigar ability power even if the target died before the spell hit.


  • Updated recommended items.
  • Stats
    • Base movement speed increased to 315 from 310.
    • Base armor increased to 16 from 14.
    • Armor per level increased to 3.75 from 3.5.
  • New innate  Equilibrium
    • Veigar's mana regen is increased by 0.5% for each 1% of mana he's missing.
  •  Baleful Strike
    • Adjusted the way bonus ability power is granted.
    • Veigar now also gains 1/2/3/4/5 bonus ability power for each champion kill from any damage source.
  •  Dark Matter
    • Animation delay reduced to 1.2 seconds from 1.6.
    • Base damage reduced to 120/170/220/270/320 from 120/180/240/300/360.
    • Cooldown reduced to 10 seconds from 12.
  •  Event Horizon:
    • Mana cost reduced to 80/95/110/125/140 from 90/110/130/150/170.
    • Cooldown reduced to 20/19/18/17/16 seconds from 24/22/20/18/16.
    • Range increased to 650 from 600.
  •  Primordial Burst
    • Mana cost reduced to 150/200/250 from 200/300/400.
    • Now deals 200/350/500 base damage plus 80% of the combined ability power of Veigar and his target.
    • Conditional bonus damage for non-mana champions has been removed.
    • Mana restoration on kill has been removed.


  •  Primordial Burst
    • Now deals 75/150/225 bonus magical damage to champions who do not use mana.
  •  Event Horizon
    • Fixed a bug where the particle appears away from the spell effect when cast on an impassable location.


  •  Event Horizon
  • Adjusted so that the stun matches up better with the cast cursor and the particle.


  •  Event Horizon
    • Now stuns units correctly regardless of movement speed.


  • Added new "team color" versions of the  Event Horizon particle.


  •  Dark Matter
    • Cooldown reduced to 12 seconds from 13.
    • Mana cost modified to 100/110/120/130/140 from 90/105/120/135/150.
  •  Primordial Burst
    • Base damage increased to 200/300/400 from 100/250/400.


  • Added Search Tags.
  •  Dark Matter
    • Tooltip updated.
  •  Event Horizon
    • Has been made more difficult to be able to pass through without being stunned.


  •  Entropy remade
    • Veigar steals 20% of each nearby enemy champion's ability power. The amount stolen per target cannot exceed five times Veigar's level.
  •  Dark Matter
    • Impact delay reduced to 1.6 seconds from 2.


  • Stats
    • Range increased to 525 from 480.
    • Health per level increased to 82 from 78.
    • Movement speed increased to 310 from 300.
    • Base armor increased to 14 from 12.
    • Armor per level increased to 3.5. from 3.2
  •  Baleful Strike
    • Cast range increased to 650 from 625.
    • Ability power ratio increased to 0.6 from 0.55.
  •  Dark Matter
    • Cooldown reduced to 13 seconds from 14.


  •  Entropy reworked
    • Auto attacks lower the target's ability power by 25% (non-stacking).
  •  Baleful Strike
    • Mana cost reduced to 75 from 80.
  •  Event Horizon
    • Cooldown reduced to 24/22/20/18/16 seconds from 26/24/22/20/18.
  •  Dark Matter
    • Cooldown reduced to 14 seconds from 16.
  •  Primordial Burst
    • Now grants a bonus 5 ability power upon killing a champion (just like Baleful Strike).
    • Has a new updated sound.

V0.8.22.115: Added.

  •  Entropy (Innate)
    • Veigar's attacks steal 5 ability power per strike for 8 seconds. This effect stacks.
  •  Baleful Strike (Q)
    • Unleashes dark energy at target enemy dealing magic damage. If a unit is killed, Veigar gains 1 ability power for a minion or 5 ability power for a champion.
  •  Dark Matter (W)
    • After 2 seconds, dark matter falls from the sky to the target location, dealing magic damage.
  •  Event Horizon (E)
    • Veigar twists the edges of space around the target location for 3 seconds, stunning enemies who pass through the perimeter for a short duration.
  •  Primordial Burst (Ultimate)
    • Blasts target enemy champion, dealing magic damage plus 25% of the target's maximum mana. If Primordial Burst deals a killing blow, Veigar regains mana.

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