Champion Select

  • Veigar Select
    "Know that if the tables were turned, I would show you no mercy!"
  • Veigar.move6
    "Your commands tire me."


  • Veigar.attack1
    "I will swallow your soul."
  • Veigar.attack2
    "Even death trembles in my presence."
  • Veigar.attack3
    "Give up now!"
  • Veigar.attack4
    "Even now, your loved ones suffer!"
  • Veigar.attack5
    "I can see the fear in your heart."
  • Veigar.attack6
    "Your soul will come to serve me."
  • Veigar.attack7
    "I am evil! Stop laughing!"


  • Veigar.move1
    "I smell death."
  • Veigar.move2
    "Yes! (Laughs)"
  • Veigar.move3
    "Stalking prey again?"
  • Veigar.move4
    "Suffering awaits."
  • Veigar.move5
    "The magic, it calls to me!"
  • Veigar.move6
    "Your commands tire me."
  • Veigar.move7
    "It's only a short way? Is that a short joke?!"


  • Veigar.taunt
    "You deny the darkness in your soul! You deny your power!"


  • Veigar.joke
    "What's black and blue and is about to show you the definition of pain?!"


  • Veigar.laugh1
    Veigar laughs.
  • Veigar.laugh2
    Veigar laughs.
  • Veigar.laugh3
    Veigar laughs.
  • Veigar.laugh4
    Veigar laughs.
  • Veigar.laugh5
    Veigar laughs.
  • Veigar.laugh6
    Veigar laughs.

Upon starting a match

  • FinalBossVeigar.start01
    "Welcome to your doom!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.start02
    "Unimaginable is the power of Veigar!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.start03
    "Champions! Welcome to die!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.start04
    "My every victory symbolizes the crumbling of justice!"


  • FinalBossVeigar.attack01
    "Your journey ends here, hero!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack02
    "Oh, it's game over... for you!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack03
    "Weakness is a disease, and I am the cure!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack04
    "I can't let you do that!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack05
    "Cocky little freaks!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack06
    "You! Curse you!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack07
    "Run, run, or you'll be well done!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack08
    "I will show you true power!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack09
    "You dare defy me?!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack10
    "Playtime has ended!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack11
    "You can't compare with my powers!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack12
    "The end draws near."
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack13
    "Annoying champion is about to die."
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack14
    "You, and your friends, are dead."
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack15
    "Suffer, like Vee did!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack16
    "Vengeance shall be mine!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack17
    "Boil in mud, you meddling fool!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack18
    "You are error!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack19
    "I, Veigar, will knock you all down!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.attack20
    "A battle you have no chance of winning!"


  • FinalBossVeigar.move01
    "I... shall reign... supreme!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move02
    "Do you realise who you're dealing with?"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move03
    "The black wind howls."
  • FinalBossVeigar.move04
    "This isn't even my final form!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move05
    "What is a champion? A miserable pile of pixels."
  • FinalBossVeigar.move06
    "I hunger."
  • FinalBossVeigar.move07
    "Don't get mad, get sadistic!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move08
    "Join me... or die!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move09
    "All the cake is gone!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move10
    "I will create a monument to nonexistence!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move11
    "Hey! Listen!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move12
    "The world is mine!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move13
    "My patience is wearing thin!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move14
    "I am all-powerful!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move15
    "Somebody set up us the bomb!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move16
    "I have fury!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move17
    "Would you kindly?"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move18
    "My strength is unparalleled!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.move19
    "This is all going according to plan."


  • FinalBossVeigar.joke01
    "I hear the locals call me some kind of baron."
  • FinalBossVeigar.joke02
    "Mini... boss? Is that a short joke?!"


  • FinalBossVeigar.taunt01
    "Your entire life has been a mathematical error!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.taunt02
    "The feelings of terror only prove your inferiority!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.taunt03
    "Not even death can save you from me!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.taunt04
    "Get lost. You can't compare with my powers!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.taunt05
    "Weak, pathetic fools!"


  • FinalBossVeigar.laugh01
    Veigar laughs.
  • FinalBossVeigar.laugh02
    Veigar laughs.
  • FinalBossVeigar.laugh03
    Veigar laughs.

Upon casting Baleful Strike.png Baleful Strike

  • FinalBossVeigar.Q1

Upon casting Dark Matter.png Dark Matter

  • FinalBossVeigar.W1
    "Arcane launch detected!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.W2
    "Got a present for ya!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.W3
    "Quad damage!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.W4
    "Finish them!"

Upon casting Event Horizon.png Event Horizon

  • FinalBossVeigar.E1
    "It's no use!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.E2
    "Right where I want you!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.E3
    "Would you kindly stop moving?!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.E4
    "You fell right into my trap!"

Upon casting Primordial Burst.png Primordial Burst

  • FinalBossVeigar.R1
  • FinalBossVeigar.R2
    "Super effective!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.R3

Upon buying a Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel

  • FinalBossVeigar.attack21
    "Let's run it back!"

Upon buying a Mejai's Soulstealer item.png Mejai's Soulstealer

  • FinalBossVeigar.attack22
    "I'll make weapons from your bones!"

Upon buying a Rabadon's Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap

  • FinalBossVeigar.unknown04
    "My power is over nine thousand!"

Upon buying a Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass

  • FinalBossVeigar.unknown03
    "I am invincible!"

Upon killing a unit with Baleful Strike.png Baleful Strike

  • FinalBossVeigar.unknown01
    "My power grows!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.unknown02
    "I am stronger!"

Upon placing a Sight Ward item.png ward

  • FinalBossVeigar.ward01
    "No surprises!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.ward02
    "Watch them!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.ward03
    "They'll never reach me!"

Upon casting Recall.png Recall

  • FinalBossVeigar.recall01
    "You haven't seen the last of me!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.recall02
    "This isn't over!"
  • FinalBossVeigar.recall03
    "I won't be defeated so easily!"

Upon dying

  • FinalBossVeigar.dying01
    "What? Impossible..."
  • FinalBossVeigar.dying02
    "I'll... remember... this..."
  • FinalBossVeigar.dying03
    "I... ehh... urgh..."


  • OmegaSquadVeigar.attack1
    "I will swallow your soul."
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.attack2
    "Even death trembles in my presence."
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.attack3
    "Give up now!"
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.attack4
    "Even now, your loved ones suffer!"
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.attack5
    "I can see the fear in your heart."
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.attack6
    "Your soul will come to serve me."
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.attack7
    "I am evil! Stop laughing!"


  • OmegaSquadVeigar.move1
    "I smell death."
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.move2
    "Yes! (Laughs)"
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.move3
    "Stalking prey again?"
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.move4
    "Suffering awaits."
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.move5
    "The magic, it calls to me!"
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.move6
    "Your commands tire me."
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.move7
    "It's only a short way? Is that a short joke?!"


  • OmegaSquadVeigar.taunt
    "You deny the darkness in your soul! You deny your power!"


  • OmegaSquadVeigar.joke
    "What's black and blue and is about to show you the definition of pain?!"


  • OmegaSquadVeigar.laugh1
    Veigar laughs.
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.laugh2
    Veigar laughs.
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.laugh3
    Veigar laughs.
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.laugh4
    Veigar laughs.
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.laugh5
    Veigar laughs.
  • OmegaSquadVeigar.laugh6
    Veigar laughs.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match start

  • "This will be a short game! Wait..."

Player team victory

  • "No! No! No! This isn't over!"

Player team defeat

  • "GG!"