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Upon Selection

  • Vi Select
    "Punch first. Ask questions while punching."


  • Vi.attack1
    "A little smash and grab."
  • Vi.attack2
    "Here comes the punchline!"
  • Vi.attack3
    "Come on! Resist arrest already!"
  • Vi.attack4
    "One girl wrecking crew."
  • Vi.attack5
    "Freeze! Or don't, I don't care."
  • Vi.attack6
    "Put a dent in 'em!"
  • Vi.attack7
    "Vi, hah, stands for violence!"
  • Vi.attack8
    "Vi stands for vicious."
  • Vi.attack9
    "Vi stands for vice."


  • Vi.move1
    "Here I come to save the day... or wreck it."
  • Vi.move2
    "They'll never know what hit 'em."
  • Vi.move3
    "Let's get crackin'."
  • Vi.move4
    "I'm doing this my way."
  • Vi.move5
    "Piltover's finest."
  • Vi.move6
    "Plan? I don't need a plan."
  • Vi.move7
    "Let's get to the fun part!"
  • Vi.move8
    "Who needs a beat-down?"
  • Vi.move9
    "If you hit a wall, hit it hard!"
  • Vi.move10
    "Sometimes you gotta make a door."
  • Vi.move11
    "I let my hands do the talking."
  • Vi.move12
    "I'm my own backup."


Vi spits on the ground and assumes a boxer's fighting stance.
  • Vi.taunt1
    "I've got five reasons for you to shut up."
  • Vi.taunt2
    "If I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you."
  • Vi.taunt3
    "I like you as far as I can throw you... not even."
Taunting an Enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn
Vi takes out a teacup from inside her gauntlet, takes a sip, then throws it on the ground.
  • Vi.tauntCait1
    "Care for a spot of tea? Or maybe a spot of punch in the face."
  • Vi.tauntCait2
    "Oh, look at me... I'm on the case."
Upon Surviving an Enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn's Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole
  • Vi.special1
    "Nice shot, cupcake."
  • Vi.special2
    "Aww, was that supposed to hurt, Cait?"
  • Vi.special3


Vi cups one of her hands and punches it with her other fist.
  • Vi.joke1
    "We can either do this the hard way or... oh wait, no, there's just the hard way."
  • Vi.joke2
    "Hmm, I like your smile. Gives me something to aim at."
  • Vi.joke3
    "I like your smile. Makes a nice target."
  • Vi.joke4
    "Why can't I get a straight answer? It's always just 'Oh no! Stop hitting me! Ow, my face!'"
  • Vi.joke5
    "Welcome to the party. Try the punch."


  • Vi.laugh01
    Vi laughs.
  • Vi.laugh02
    Vi laughs.
  • Vi.laugh03
    Vi laughs.
  • Vi.laugh04
    Vi laughs.

Upon Using Assault and Battery.png Assault and Battery

  • Vi.ulti1
    "Get dunked!"
  • Vi.ulti2
    "Eat this!"
  • Vi.ulti3
    "Boom, baby!"
Upon Using Assault and Battery.png Assault and Battery When an Ally Caitlyn Caitlyn Uses Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole on the Same Enemy
  • Vi.special5
    "Yeah! Teamwork!"
  • Vi.special6
    "High five, cupcake!"
  • Vi.special7
    "Boom! Headshot."
Upon Using Assault and Battery.png Assault and Battery on an Enemy Jayce Jayce
  • Vi.special4
    "Hey, Jayce! Power slam!"


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