ViSquare.png Neon Strike Vi [S|L]
ViSquare.png Officer Vi [S|L]
ViSquare.png Debonair Vi [S|L]
ViSquare.png Demon Vi [S|L]
  • She was inspired by the titular Hellboy.
  • She resembles Aatrox Aatrox.
  • Her right leg reads VI VI VI, referencing "666" Number of the Beast (Roman notation: DCLXVI):
    • The value is based that of נרון קסר nrwn qsr in Hebrew notation, to cryptically demonize Nero Caesar, known for his extravagance & brutality.
    • She displays the number six (whether Roman or Arabic) six times (once below her left eye, once on her left leg, three times on her right leg, once on her back)
  • She shares this theme with TeemoSquare.png Little Devil Teemo [S|L].
ViSquare.png Warring Kingdoms Vi [S|L]


  • Vi is a Zaunite sumpsnipe who went on to become a Piltover warden for unknown reasons.
    • Vi and Jinx Jinx are implied to be sisters ("You think Jinx I'm crazy? You should see my sister", Lyte: "Vi You look like your sister! Er, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that... ")
    • It is suspected Jinx Jinx is fixated on Vi because the Enforcer forgot their early childhood together and she is trying to force her to remember (Jinx Jinx allegedly told Vi this when they confronted each other deep within Piltover's Ecliptic Vaults)
  • Vi remembers nothing from her early childhood, not even her real name ('Vi' comes from the tattoo on her cheek)
  • Ekko Ekko remembers Vi from before she left for Piltover.