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  • Originally her gauntlets were a lot darker and had a number of dents and dings in them. Thematically this made sense as they'd likely be dirty and beatup given the number of doors Vi punches through on a daily basis. The in-game read was terrible however. The muted colors didn't pop from the background, and the dents looked like visual glitches at game height. So for release the dents were removed and the colors were brightened up, making Vi start reading significantly better as a result.[1]



Vi OriginalCircle Classic Vi [S|L]
  • A part of Piltover city can be seen in the background of her splash art.
    • This is before it is ruined by JinxSquare Jinx.
Vi NeonStrikeCircle Neon Strike Vi [S|L]
Vi OfficerCircle Officer Vi [S|L]
Chromaskins Chromas: Aquamarine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby
Vi DebonairCircle Debonair Vi [S|L]
Vi DemonCircle Demon Vi [S|L]
  • She was inspired by the titular Hellboy.
  • Her right leg reads VI VI VI, referencing "666" Number of the Beast (Roman notation: DCLXVI).
    • The value is based that of נרון קסר nrwn qsr in Hebrew notation, to cryptically demonize Nero Caesar, known for his extravagance & brutality.
    • She displays the number six (whether Roman or Arabic) six times (once below her left eye, once on her left leg, three times on her right leg, once on her back)
  • She shares this theme with:
Vi WarringKingdomsCircle Warring Kingdoms Vi [S|L]


  • Vi is a Zaunite sumpsnipe who went on to become a Piltover warden for unknown reasons.
  • Vi and JinxSquare Jinx are often implied to be sisters. The first reference to this was on Jinx's release with one of her quotes, "You think JinxSquare I'm crazy? You should see my sister", but this sister could very well be a figment of her crazed imagination and not a real person. In any event, there was never any concrete evidence that the two were siblings, but players equate JinxSquare Jinx's antagonization of Vi specifically as "sisterly bonding".
    • Incidentally, JinxSquare Jinx only antagonized Vi specifically on English-speaking servers. Other servers showed her antagonizing other champions, such as LucianSquare Lucian.
    • Shopkeeper Lyte later says to Vi, "You look like your sister! Er, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that... ". This could be a confirmation that Vi has a sister, but could also be an example of Lyte repeating rumours he's heard from players (such as the rumour he heard from players that LuxSquare Lux and EzrealSquare Ezreal were dating, which Lux herself later denied after hearing the rumour herself).
    • There is a significant indication that the pair did grow up together, however. With Vi currently suffering from amnesia, JinxSquare Jinx has taken it upon herself to try and trigger her memories.
    • In an interview with Ghostcrawler, he mentioned that Jinx and Vi are "sisters", but later confirmed he was merely stating what he thought was true, and that the narrative team said otherwise.
  • Vi remembers nothing from her early childhood, not even her real name ('Vi' comes from the tattoo on her cheek)
  • EkkoSquare Ekko remembers Vi from before she left for Piltover.