Champion Select

  • Viktor Select
    "Join the glorious evolution."


  • Viktor.attack1
    "Inferior constructs."
  • Viktor.attack2
    "They are obsolete."
  • Viktor.attack3
    "Relinquish the flesh."
  • Viktor.attack4
    "Destroy... then improve!"
  • Viktor.attack5
    "Their bodies are frail."
  • Viktor.attack6
    "Adapt or be removed."


  • Viktor.move1
    "I am the first of many."
  • Viktor.move2
    "Metal is perfection."
  • Viktor.move3
    "With utmost efficiency."
  • Viktor.move4
    "Analyzing approach."
  • Viktor.move5
    "Embrace progress."
  • Viktor.move6
    "Pave the way."
  • Viktor.move7
    "Function over form."
  • Viktor.move8
    "All will soon change."
  • Viktor.move9
    "Submit to my designs."


  • Viktor.taunt
    "Steel can fix all your flaws. (laughs)"
  • Viktor.taunt2
    "My opponents need to be upgraded."


Viktor begins to speak out loud, but is distracted by his third arm.
  • Viktor.joke
    "The key to the, uhh... huh? That is the, uhh... what? Urgh! Keep your hand to yourself!"
  • Viktor.joke2
    "Listen close- urgh, I have important- urgh! This is why I can't take you nice places!"


  • Viktor.laugh1
    Viktor laughs.
  • Viktor.laugh2
    Viktor laughs.
  • Viktor.laugh3
    Viktor laughs.
  • Viktor.laugh4
    Viktor laughs.

Upon Using Chaos Storm.png Chaos Storm

  • Viktor.ultimateeffort1
  • Viktor.ultimateeffort2
  • Viktor.ultimateeffort3
  • Viktor.ultimateeffort4
    "True power!"