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Proving it’s not just League’s exoskeletal beings that can evolve, we’re pushing a retooled ViktorSquare Viktor through the Champion Update pipeline and onto live. We’ve given him a fresh coat of paint, updated most of his abilities, and completely changed how his Glorious Evolution passive and Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core work - behold the details of Viktor’s Glorious Evolution Glorious Evolution! [1]


Glorious Evolution
Glorious Evolution

Viktor begins the game with a Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core, a unique item that can be upgraded three times during the course of the game.

Siphon Power
Siphon Power

Viktor creates a shield around him and blasts an enemy unit with a round of magic damage. Additionally, Viktor deals bonus magic damage with his Discharge next basic attack.

Gravity Field
Gravity Field

Viktor creates a gravitational field at a target location, Slow icon slowing all non-friendly units inside it. The field triggers after a few seconds, Stun icon stunning all caught enemies.

  • Augment- Implosion Augment- Implosion – The gravitational field sucks all caught enemies toward its center as it triggers.

Death Ray
Death Ray

Viktor fires a beam of energy across the battleground, damaging all enemies caught.

  • Augment- Aftershock Augment- Aftershock – The beam of energy explodes a moment after being cast, dealing a further round of damage. Enemies caught by both rounds take reduced damage from the explosion.

Chaos Storm
Chaos Storm

Viktor creates an electrical storm at a target location that interrupts all nearby enemy channels and deals damage over time to all caught targets. Viktor can move the storm at will, though it loses movement speed as it travels farther from him.


Viktor’s augments offer him unique ways to tailor his kit towards specific playstyles and situations. If the enemy team’s built for skirmishing, Viktor can augment Augment- Turbocharge Siphon Power to speed him out of combat, or Augment- Aftershock Death Ray to create zones of denial around his or the enemy’s team. On the other hand, if his team has the makings of a wombo combo comp, Viktor can augment Augment- Implosion Gravity Field to cluster the enemy team together, opening the door for his team’s successive cycle of violence. Most importantly, these augments can be used together once Viktor has spent the required gold, giving him plenty of extra ability power, mana, and utility. Finally, once Viktor augments all three of his basic abilities, he automatically augments Chaos Storm Chaos Storm with the Augment- Velocity Velocity upgrade.


Viktor’s a sustained damage mage who thrives in the solo lanes of Summoner’s Rift. He trades effectively with Siphon Power Siphon Power, taking advantage of the shield to absorb his lane opponent’s assault as he deals his initial salvo. Crucially, Viktor wins hardest by staying close to his enemy following Siphon Power Siphon Power, triggering the Lich Bane item Lich Bane-level Discharge boost on his next basic attack to inflict further damage. With clever positioning, Viktor can follow up with Death Ray Death Ray to last hit minions and whittle down the enemy champion even more. However, the ability’s raw power often pushes the lane, forcing the relatively immobile Viktor far from his tower. If this attracts the enemy jungler’s attention, Viktor has another hex-tech trick up his sleeve in the shape of Gravity Field Gravity Field, which he can place along his escape path to deter his aggressors.


Chaos Storm Chaos Storm thrives once teams start grouping together, giving Viktor the chance to wreak en masse carnage. Though unleashing it after an augmented Augment- Implosion Gravity Field offers ideal conditions for maximizing its damage output, Chaos Storm Chaos Storm dishes out enough area of effect damage on its own to deny Viktor’s enemies zone control and end enemy chases. Death Ray Death Ray gains huge power in clustered teamfights, too – with accurate casts, Viktor can send its withering line of destruction across the entire enemy backline, dealing scathing damage to multiple enemy squishies.

Champion Spotlight

Viktor Champion Spotlight

Viktor Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Twisted Treeline
Howling Abyss


Playing as ViktorSquare Viktor
  • Never use your Death Ray unless you finished upgrading everything else and augmenting those too. (VERY ESSENTIAL)
  • Make sure you choose the right Prototype Hex Core item augment at the right time.
Playing Against ViktorSquare Viktor
  • Be careful about how close you let ViktorSquare Viktor get to you. ViktorSquare Viktor's control of the battlefield increases with his proximity to his opponent.
  • Be aware of how many augments ViktorSquare Viktor has upgraded by looking at the color of the light on his staff (Prototype Hex Core item purple, The Hex Core mk-1 item yellow, The Hex Core mk-2 item blue, Perfect Hex Core item red).


Ability Usage
  • Even by their stat bonuses alone, the Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core and its upgrades make for a formidable mage item. They grant ViktorSquare Viktor substantial ability power and mana. Arguably more important are the Augments, boosting each of ViktorSquare Viktor's abilities. However, these have varying levels of importance in how they may actually impact fights.
    • Augment- Turbocharge Augment- Turbocharge is very helpful, if not a priority. The burst of movement speed after each cast of Siphon Power Siphon Power acts as a much-desired (if unremarkable) form of mobility for ViktorSquare Viktor. It allows him to kite and skirt around fights with greater ease. It also makes Discharge Discharge-enhanced attacks much easier to land on the desired target.
    • Augment- Implosion Augment- Implosion is of mediocre use. In its base form Gravity Field Gravity Field already does an adequate job of setting up spell combos for both ViktorSquare Viktor and his allies. In select cases, the repositioning effect can bring enemies back into spellcasting range. But on the negative side, you and your allies will need to be careful not to misplace spells while Gravity Field Gravity Field is active.
    • Augment- Aftershock Augment- Aftershock is absolutely vital to ViktorSquare Viktor's mage role. The extra explosions in Death Ray Death Ray represent another chunk of damage in your already devastating combo of burst damage. It also allows Death Ray Death Ray to perform wave-clear duty in a single cast.
    • Augment- Velocity Augment- Velocity is not an actual choice of Augments, but is automatically obtained once the other three have been installed. Its actual value is negligible; while the extra speed of the Chaos Storm Chaos Storm cloud is useful in chasing enemies fleeing from its AoE, it still cannot keep up with those who use mobility skills, or Flash Flash.
    • As a suggestion: Augment- Aftershock Augment- Aftershock should be strongly considered as a first Augment, or even a big reason to upgrade the Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core as your first purchase after the initial laning phase. The second Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core upgrade and Augment- Turbocharge Augment- Turbocharge is a mid-game priority, with greater importance if you are considering Lich Bane item Lich Bane. The third and final upgrade (with both the Augment- Implosion Implosion and Augment- Velocity Velocity Augments) are trivial, and can be safely ignored in favor of building more important items.
      • If, however, you find yourself at base with Gold 1000 that cannot go towards your next purchase, a Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core upgrade is not a bad choice in the interim.
  • When aiming to deal damage with Discharge Discharge, remember to keep ViktorSquare Viktor's basic attack available and not 'on cooldown'.
  • Keep in mind that the initial target of Siphon Power Siphon Power and the target of a Discharge Discharge-enhanced attack do not need to be the same. ViktorSquare Viktor can prime the Discharge Discharge buff (and the other bonuses) by using Siphon Power Siphon Power on minions or other targets, possibly surprising the enemy.
  • Siphon Power Siphon Power can be used to last-hit minions, as it has a short cooldown and a low mana cost. Do note the low initial damage of the spell, however.
  • Remember that the shield from Siphon Power Siphon Power is instantly gained upon casting the spell, and not dependent on the spell actually affecting the target. Furthermore, the shield's strength not based on the damage it does, so it makes no difference if you aim at a minion rather than a champion.
  • Keep in mind that offensive use of Gravity Field Gravity Field in most scenarios is very limited, as it costs a lot of mana and has a too short range to be used safely in this manner. Try to use it for zone denial and as a defensive measure versus ganks, rather than relying on it to set up combos.
  • Gravity Field Gravity Field can be very powerful for escaping melee attackers. By placing Gravity Field Gravity Field in your path, enemies will be either forced to go around or through it, slowing them down either way.
  • By using Gravity Field Gravity Field first, you can often ensure hitting an enemy with Death Ray Death Ray.
    • Keep in mind when the enemy notices the Gravity Field Gravity Field, they will most likely run away (or to you depending on the closest exit). Place your Death Ray Death Ray appropriately.
  • Death Ray Death Ray is a useful long-range poke/harassment tool, although its mana cost is fairly high and should thus be used cautiously.
  • ViktorSquare Viktor holds an advantage over most casters due to Death Ray Death Ray not being blockable by minions or a point-and-click spell. Use it to punish a brazen opponent using minions to try and shield themselves as they advance onto you.
  • Death Ray Death Ray can be used to quickly clear waves when returning to base, or preparing to roam and gank another lane. This becomes especially simple once Augment- Aftershock Augment- Aftershock is acquired.
  • Death Ray Death Ray provides sight along its path. Use it to safely check the brush or other areas.
  • Smart-casting Death Ray Death Ray is very different from most other abilities, and will take practice to perfect. One method is to place your mouse at the starting point, then 'flick' your cursor in the direction you wish the laser to travel.
  • ViktorSquare Viktor's lane presence increases significantly when he gets his ultimate Chaos Storm Chaos Storm; combined with his other nukes and an Ignite Ignite he can easily burst down fragile targets.
  • Try to wait for people to fully commit to a fight or get trapped in your Gravity Field Gravity Field before using Chaos Storm Chaos Storm, as it deals deceptively strong damage-over-time if enemies are forced to stay near it.
  • Don't forget Chaos Storm Chaos Storm has an interrupt on cast. ViktorSquare Viktor can easily interrupt deadly channeled abilities such as KatarinaSquare Katarina's Death Lotus Death Lotus with Chaos Storm Chaos Storm.
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • It can be difficult to decide what items ViktorSquare Viktor requires, since he only has five available item slots (four if boots are included, which ViktorSquare Viktor will most likely need) with the Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core being an integral item that cannot be removed from his inventory. That being said, items that provide mana and mana regeneration can be ignored in favor of ability power, magic penetration and cooldown reduction, as the Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core provides sufficient mana to keep ViktorSquare Viktor in combat for a long time. He can also use the Crest of Insight buff Crest of Insight to aid his mana sustain if required.
  • Due to ViktorSquare Viktor's relatively short spell casting range, items that grant him some survivability through health, armor and magic resistance will aid him greatly.
  • Void Staff item Void Staff and Sorcerer's Shoes item Sorcerer's Shoes are almost mandatory purchases at some point in the game, giving the vital magic penetration needed to keep ViktorSquare Viktor's damage relevant as enemy champions buy defensive items.
  • A Rabadon's Deathcap item Rabadon's Deathcap, already a straightforward and powerful offensive item for mages, is further improved by multiplying the high base AP from ViktorSquare Viktor's Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core.
  • Lich Bane item Lich Bane has fantastic synergy with ViktorSquare Viktor, more specifically with his Siphon Power Siphon Power. The combination of Spellblade and Discharge Discharge proc in a single attack offers incredible burst damage, and can be performed multiple times in a fight due to Siphon Power Siphon Power's low cooldown.
  • Athene's Unholy Grail item Athene's Unholy Grail is a well-rounded option for ViktorSquare Viktor; it solves his mana issues (noticeable when Death Ray Death Ray is maxed), grants a decent chunk of AP and MR, and perhaps most importantly grants valuable cooldown reduction to increase the uptime of his devastating Chaos Storm Chaos Storm.
  • Liandry's Torment item Liandry's Torment is perhaps ViktorSquare Viktor's core offensive item; its passive synergizes extremely well with the DoT nature of his Chaos Storm Chaos Storm and with the AoE slow/stun on Gravity Field Gravity Field, as well as making him deadly to tanky targets in addition to squishies, while the magic penetration complements his high base damages. With cheap components and some health included for durability, Liandry's Torment item Liandry's Torment is therefore a good item but should generally be taken later.
  • If you don't mind the relatively slow early-game stacking of Tear of the Goddess item Tear of the Goddess and giving up some mid game power, Archangel's Staff item Archangel's Staff can be a great item on ViktorSquare Viktor since it synergises nicely with the Perfect Hex Core item Perfect Hex Core's mana boost and even Lich Bane item Lich Bane's mana boost. Seraph's Embrace item Seraph's Embrace's active also boosts ViktorSquare Viktor's survivability in teamfights due to the short-range nature of his kit.
  • If you're planning to go support ViktorSquare Viktor, Spellthief's Edge item Spellthief's Edge makes for an ideal starting item. Frost Queen's Claim item Frost Queen's Claim and its slowing active can help keep enemies within Gravity Field Gravity Field and Chaos Storm Chaos Storm.
  • As ViktorSquare Viktor is primarily a burst mage and deals most of his damage up-front, a Zhonya's Hourglass item Zhonya's Hourglass makes a good complement to avoid retaliation. Gravity Field Gravity Field and Chaos Storm Chaos Storm will also remain active while he is in Stasis.
  • ViktorSquare Viktor's need to fight up close can make an Banshee's Veil item Banshee's Veil well worth it. It may also be necessary to get Banshee's Veil item Banshee's Veil when facing mage-killer champions like LeBlancSquare LeBlanc and VeigarSquare Veigar.
  • A Rod of Ages item Rod of Ages is a great pick-up, especially if ViktorSquare Viktor does well early and can rush Catalyst the Protector item Catalyst the Protector.
  • If against LeBlancSquare LeBlanc or VeigarSquare Veigar, Banshee's Veil item Banshee's Veil is good on ViktorSquare Viktor. It will give him some AP and magic resist, while also giving him a shield to block one dangerous spell like Primordial Burst Primordial Burst.
  • Rylai's Crystal Scepter item Rylai's Crystal Scepter grants a substantial amount of health alongside AP. More importantly, its slow effects make your Chaos Storm Chaos Storm even more potent as enemies will take more damage trying to escape. If you are close-up to the foe, Chaos Storm Chaos Storm's increased movement speed and chasing ability can force them to take all of its damage.
  • Invest in a magic resistance item to help mitigate ViktorSquare Viktor's damage.
  • ViktorSquare Viktor gains a Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core at the start of the game from his Glorious Evolution Glorious Evolution. It is wise to know the Prototype Hex Core item Hex Core's Augments he takes to counter him.
    • Remember that augmented Siphon Power Siphon Power will give him movement speed to help him escape from or catch up to you.
  • Keep in mind that Death Ray Death Ray has a deceptive long range, since the line itself has a range of 500 units.
  • Death Ray Death Ray deals 40% more damage once Augment- Aftershock augmented, but only if you stay in the area of effect.
  • ViktorSquare Viktor is a vulnerable champion early-game in general; he is fairly squishy, has low escapability, and low base movement speed. Harass him if you are particularly good at doing it, and try to starve him of farm by freezing the lane. Most importantly, due to his vulnerability, take any opportunity you can to make ganks happen.
  • Death Ray Death Ray travels in a straight line (start to end), so by side stepping immediately you can dodge the ability.
  • Quickly move away from the AoE of Gravity Field Gravity Field to deny ViktorSquare Viktor the chance to stun you.
    • Champions who can remove disables (such as OlafSquare Olaf or GangplankSquare Gangplank) are safe from ViktorSquare Viktor's only defense mechanism, and should exploit this.
  • Chaos Storm Chaos Storm will damage you continuously if you stay too close to the storm. By moving away from it, you can negate Chaos Storm Chaos Storm's damage.
  • ViktorSquare Viktor only has his Gravity Field Gravity Field to escape pursuers, and is relatively fragile once focused. Exploit his low mobility if he ever uses Gravity Field Gravity Field in a sub-optimal manner.