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ViktorSquare Viktor
the Machine Herald
Cost: IP 6300 or RP 975
Primary: Mage Release date 2011-12-29
Health 385 (+78) Attack damage 49 (+3)
Health regen. 6.75 (+0.65) Attack speed 0.625 (+2.11%)
Mana 240 (+50) Armor 16 (+4)
Mana regen. 6.9 (+0.45) Magic res. 30 (+0)
Range 525 (Ranged) Mov. speed 335
Viktor, the Machine Herald is a champion in League of Legends.[1]


Evolving Technology
    Evolving Technology

    Viktor starts each game with The Hex Core, an item that takes up one of his item slots, but provides him with stats and can be upgraded in the store to augment one of his abilities and improve its stats. The Hex Core can only be upgraded once, for 1000 gold, and cannot be sold back to the store.

    Power Transfer
    • Range: 600
    • Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
    • Cost: 45 / 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 mana
    Power Transfer

    Active: Viktor sends a device at an enemy unit to blast them for magic damage. The device then returns to him granting a shield for up to 3 seconds.

    • Magic Damage: 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+ 65% AP)
    • Shield: 32 / 50 / 68 / 86 / 104 (+ 26% AP)
    Augment: Power
      Augment- Power item

      The item now grants him +3 ability power per level, +220 health and +6 health regeneration per 5 seconds. Also,  Power Transfer increases Viktor's movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.

      Ability Details
      Power Transfer is a single target ability that bounces back to Viktor, shielding him.

      Projectile speed: 2000

      Additional Information:

      • Power Transfer grants Viktor the shield even if the target dies while the projectile is in flight.
        • However, the projectile must still fly to the target's location, then return to Viktor.

      Gold Efficiency

      (relative to basic  Hex Core)
       Augment: Power's passive must be worth 203.2g for it to be gold efficient.
      Viktor Qvideo

      Gravity Field
      • Range: 625 (812.5 if  upgraded)
      • Cooldown: 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 / 13
      • Cost: 65 mana
      Gravity Field

      Active: Viktor conjures a gravitational imprisonment device at a target location for 4 seconds, slowing all enemies that pass above it. Whilst under its effect, enemies generate stacks every 0.5 seconds; at 3 stacks the target will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.

      • Slow: 28 / 32 / 36 / 40 / 44%
      Augment: Gravity
        Augment- Gravity item

        The item now grants him +3 ability power per level, +200 mana, +10% cooldown reduction and +5 mana regeneration per 5 seconds. Also,  Gravity Field's cast range is increased by 30%.

        Ability Details
        Gravity Field is a ground-targeted, persistent area of effect that slows and stuns enemies within.

        Additional Information:

        • Gravity Field lasts for 4 seconds.
        • If an enemy is stunned but remains in the field after it wears off, they will begin accumulating stacks again.
          • Each enemy unit can only be targeted for a stun once per cast of Gravity Field.
        • The slow is not increased by additional stacks of Gravity Field's debuff.
        • Slows will linger for 0.25 seconds after leaving the marked area.
        • Gravity Field will remain active if Viktor dies.
        • Gravity Field's animation can be seen by both teams through Fog of War.

        Gold Efficiency

        (relative to basic  Hex Core)
         Augment: Gravity is gold efficient even without its passive.
        Viktor Wvideo

        Death Ray
        • Range: 540
        • Cooldown: 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 / 9
        • Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana
        Death Ray

        Active: Viktor uses his robotic arm to fire a 500-unit length laser beam across the field in a chosen path, dealing magic damage to every enemy it hits.

        • Magic Damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 70% AP)
        Augment: Death
          Augment- Death item

          The item now grants him +3 ability power per level and +45 ability power. Also,  Death Ray sets fire to enemies, dealing 30% additional magic damage over 4 seconds.

          • Additional Burn Damage: 21 / 34.5 / 48 / 61.5 / 75 (+ 21% AP)
          • Total Magic Damage: 91 / 149.5 / 208 / 266.5 / 325 (+ 91% AP)
          Ability Details
          Death Ray is a vector-targeted, linear, pass-through skill shot.

          Additional Information:

          • The damage over time can be removed with Quicksilver.
          • Death Ray has no cast time and Viktor may freely act while the ray is travelling.
          • Sight is granted in a medium area around the beam while it travels. Although this vision will not go through bushes or across walls, it will reveal all champions within its radius even if they are hiding in a bush or are across a wall.
          • There is a known graphical bug in which the beam visual-effect is stuck on the place in which it was originally cast, but the damaging part of the ability performs normally, damaging units in the intended location.
          • If Viktor dies while he is firing the beam it will become interrupted and deal damage up to the location where it was in the moment Viktor died.
            • The augmented damage over time is unaffected by this if it has already been applied.

          Gold Efficiency

          (relative to basic  Hex Core)
           Augment: Death's passive must be worth 21.25g for it to be gold efficient.
          Viktor Evideo

          Chaos Storm
          • Range: 700
          • Cooldown: 120
          • Cost: 100 mana
          Chaos Storm

          Active: Viktor conjures a chaos storm at the target location, dealing magic damage and silencing enemies in the area for 0.5 seconds. The storm cloud remains for 7 seconds afterwards, firing lightning bolts at every nearby enemy every second.

          While the storm is active Viktor can re-activate Chaos Storm to move it to the cursor's location, with the storm moving faster the closer it is to Viktor.

          • Initial Magic Damage: 150 / 250 / 350 (+ 55% AP)
          • Magic Damage Per Bolt: 40 / 60 / 80 (+ 24% AP)
          • Total Initial Magic Damage: 190 / 310 / 430 (+ 79% AP)
          • Total Magic Damage: 470 / 730 / 990 (+ 247% AP)
          Ability Details
          Chaos Storm is a ground targeted area of effect ability that damages and silences. It then becomes a controllable entity that deals area of effect damage.

          Additional Information:

          • Chaos Storm can be controlled by Alt + Right-Click or by pressing the R button (default hotkeys). It can be commanded to move toward locations or enemy champions (it will continue to follow the chosen enemy champion unless commanded otherwise).
          • If Viktor is affected by hard-CC he cannot issue new commands to the storm.
          • If the champion the storm is currently following enters stealth, the storm will continue to follow them, effectively giving away their position.
          • The storm grants sight around its position for the full duration.
          • Including the initial damage, Chaos Storm deals 8 instance of damage.
            • Rylai's Crystal Scepter will apply a 15% slow on each instance of damage dealt.
          • Chaos Storm remains active and continues to deal damage if Viktor dies before the storm ends.
            • When Viktor dies, the storm immediately stops moving and cannot be subsequently redirected.
          • Probable Bug: If Chaos Storm is summoned in a brush where the enemy has no vision, it will remain invisible to the enemy team for its duration even if it is redirected out of the bush. This may be a bug.
            • Aside from when the bug occurs, the Chaos Storm will be visible to enemies for its duration even if it enters a brush or the fog of war.
          Viktor Rvideo


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