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Vision Ward
Vision Ward
Tier Consumable
Consume Places a visible ward with 1100 Vision Sight and 1000 range Magical Sight (can see invisible units). Has infinite duration.
Menu Consumable
Item cost 100g
Sell value 50g
Item Code 2043

Vision Ward is a consumable item in League of Legends.[1] Vision wards are limited to 2 per player inventory as well as only one placed on the map per player.

Objects revealed

Unlike Stealth Wards, Vision Wards allow a team to see invisible champions and objects like:


  • Vision wards are visible at all times and have 5 HP. Every attack done to it will only damage it by 1. There is also no way to regenerate its health.
  • A summoner can Teleport his or her champion to a vision ward.
  • Vision Wards are unavailable for the Twisted Treeline, the Crystal Scar, and the Howling Abyss maps.
  • Wards grant 30 gold when destroyed. If the player who reveals the ward and the killer of the ward are different players, the gold will be split 50/50 so each gains 15 gold.


  • If you are up against an enemy team with at least one stealth champion place the Vision Ward at key points in your lane to prevent being ganked, or against a champion such as  Akali who relies on stealth to avoid damage.
  • It is most beneficial to place a Vision Ward near high priority targets which will probably be warded, like  Baron Nashor or  Dragon or at a location of a known ward.

Patch history


  • Fixed a bug where Vision Wards weren't granting full true sight vision equal to their normal vision range.
  • Fixed a bug where Vision Wards weren't properly granting true sight in an enclosed area (such as baron pit and dragon pit).


  • Vision (Pink) wards no longer stealthed
  • Vision wards have 5 health
  • Vision wards have infinite duration
  • Vision wards cost reduced to 100 (from 125)
  • Vision wards limited to 1 placed on the map per player


  • Added new particles.


  • Now displays a targeting indicator to show whether you are placing the ward inside of brush.


  • Sight Wards and Vision Wards now have a 0.5 second cooldown.


  • Wards will now properly update the map icons for creep camps.


  • Using Teleport on a ward will no longer reveal the ward through Fog of War to enemies. Instead, it will destealth the ward to be seen if an enemy is near and reveal the teleport particle through Fog of War to all enemies.
  • Attack-move will now target visible wards


  • Teleporting to a ward will now reveal the ward to enemies for a few seconds.
  • Locally jumping to a ward will now destealth the ward for 2 seconds.



  • Vision Ward stacks per slot increased to 5 from 3.


  • Vision Wards now have a pink top.


  • Wards no longer grant experience on death.
  • Vision Ward cost reduced to 125 from 150.


  • Now has 3 health, is immune to healing effects and takes only 1 damage from every attack.


  • Health reduced to 1 and armor reduced to 0.
  • Reduced collision and spellhit sizes.
  • Duration reduced to 3 minutes from 4.5.


  • Updated tooltip.


  • Now shows its remaining duration (in seconds) in its mana bar. Both teams can see the remaining duration.


  • Cast range increased to 600 from 300.


  • Increased duration from 180 to 210.
  • Removed cooldown on placing consecutive Wards.


  • Reduced Cost to 150 from 175.


  • Sight range increased to 1100 from 1000.

June 26, 2009 Patch:

  • Max Stacks increased to 3 from 1.

June 6, 2009 Patch:

May 29, 2009 Patch:

  • After two seconds, the Vision Ward becomes invisible to opponents.

May 9, 2009 Patch: Added

  • Vision Ward
    • Places an invisible ward which has magical sight (sees invisible units) for 3 minutes.


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