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Upon Selection

  • Vladimir Select
    "The rivers will run red."


  • Vladimir.attack1
    "I'd love a pint."
  • Vladimir.attack2
    "Hmm, something is leaking."
  • Vladimir.attack3
    "Deliciously vain."
  • Vladimir.attack4
    "I'm a universal recipient."
  • Vladimir.attack5
    "Care to make a donation?"
  • Vladimir.attack6
    "A draining exercise."


  • Vladimir.move1
  • Vladimir.move2
    "My cup is half empty."
  • Vladimir.move3
    "The clot thickens."
  • Vladimir.move4
    "Please, let it all out."
  • Vladimir.move5
    "Let's pool our efforts."
  • Vladimir.move6
    "I'm absolutely livid."
  • Vladimir.move7
    "Trickling progress."
  • Vladimir.move8
    "A vital decision."
  • Vladimir.move9
    "A harvest moon, so aptly named."


  • Vladimir.taunt
    "You look like someone who's got a lot going on beneath the surface."


  • Vladimir.joke
    "Go ahead, be negative. You'll be just my type."


  • Vladimir.laugh1
    Vladimir laughs.
  • Vladimir.laugh2
    Vladimir laughs.
  • Vladimir.laugh3
    Vladimir laughs.
  • Vladimir.laugh4
    Vladimir laughs.


  • BloodlordVladimir.attack1
    "Feel the life drip away."
  • BloodlordVladimir.attack2
    "Arise and face me."
  • BloodlordVladimir.attack3
    "I want to make this last."
  • BloodlordVladimir.attack4
    "The night shall consume them."
  • BloodlordVladimir.attack5
    "Witness the depths of despair."
  • BloodlordVladimir.attack6
    "Slake my thirst."
  • BloodlordVladimir.attack7
    "Pitiful creatures."


  • BloodlordVladimir.move1
    "Kneel before me!"
  • BloodlordVladimir.move2
    "The skies will rain red."
  • BloodlordVladimir.move3
    "In darkness I am truly alive."
  • BloodlordVladimir.move4
    "No one commands me."
  • BloodlordVladimir.move5
    "I am lord and master."
  • BloodlordVladimir.move6
    "There is a monster in all of us."
  • BloodlordVladimir.move7
    "This is my realm."
  • BloodlordVladimir.move8
    "So much blood waiting for purpose."
  • BloodlordVladimir.move9
    "Which vessel shall I empty next?"
  • BloodlordVladimir.move10
    "I shall leave this place in ruin."
  • BloodlordVladimir.move11
    "Kneel before Vlad."


  • BloodlordVladimir.taunt1
    "Gather together your allies so you can pool your tears."
  • BloodlordVladimir.taunt2
    "How long must I search to find a real challenge?"


  • BloodlordVladimir.joke1
    "Ri... you--- (coughing) Ugh, bloodball."
  • BloodlordVladimir.joke2
    "Bask in... (coughing) What did you eat?"


  • BloodlordVladimir.laugh1
    Vladimir laughs.
  • BloodlordVladimir.laugh2
    Vladimir laughs.
  • BloodlordVladimir.laugh3
    Vladimir laughs.
  • BloodlordVladimir.laugh4
    Vladimir laughs.

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "I sincerely hope you're pumped for this."
Player Team Victory
  • "You are truly the vessels of my destruction!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"


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