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Vladimir OriginalCircle Classic Vladimir [S|L]
  • Many of his lines are blood-related puns and double-entendres.
  • "I'm a universal recipient" and his joke each reference a Blood type (AB+ and B- respectively)
  • "My cup is half empty" implies he's a pessimist.
Vladimir BloodLordCircle Blood Lord Vladimir [S|L]


Vladimir CountCircle Count Vladimir [S|L]
Vladimir MarquisCircle Marquis Vladimir [S|L]
Vladimir NosferatuCircle Nosferatu Vladimir [S|L]
Vladimir VandalCircle Vandal Vladimir [S|L]
Vladimir BloodLordCircle Blood Lord Vladimir [S|L]
Vladimir SoulstealerCircle Soulstealer Vladimir [S|L]
Vladimir AcademyCircle Academy Vladimir [S|L]
Vladimir DarkWatersCircle Dark Waters Vladimir [S|L]


  • Vladimir was responsible for resurrecting SionSquare Sion as well as restoring his mind by using Jarvan IVSquare Jarvan IV's blood.