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Void Staff is an advanced item in League of Legends.[1] 


Void Staff item
Void Staff
2650 Gold (1365 Gold)

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Gold Efficiency*

  • Void Staff item.png Void Staff is 69.6% gold efficient, without his passive.
  • The percentage magic penetration stat must have at least a value of 760 Gold for Void Staff item.png Void Staff to be gold efficient.
    • Occurs at 64 magic resist, 22.14 flat penetration worth 760.

Similar Items


35perc Pen Dmg Scaling

Damage % increase by target magic resist when applying 35% magic penetration

  • Combining Void Staff item.png Void Staff with Dangerous Game mastery s4.png Piercing Thoughts yields 35.91 / 36.82 / 37.73 / 38.64 / 39.55% magic penetration, rather than 36.4 / 37.8 / 39.2 / 40.6 / 42%, because percent magic penetration stacks multiplicatively.
  • The 35% magic penetration from Void Staff item.png Void Staff becomes more effective the more magic resistance the enemy target has on them.
    • Ranging from 30 magic resist to 200 magic resist, the magic penetration increases damage from 8% to 30%.


  • This item has an AD counterpart which is the Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper.

Champions Abilities

  • Percentage Magic Resist penetration stacks multiplicatively with others champions percentage Magic Resist penetration abilities.

Patch History


  • Total cost increased to 2650 Gold from 2500 Gold.


  • Total cost increased to 2500 Gold from 2295 Gold
  • Ability power increased to 80 from 70


  • Magic penetration reduced to 35% from 40%.
  • Void Staff is now applied before flat magic penetration.


  • Coloring changed to blue from the glitch where in the shop it was red.



  • Passive ability is now Unique.

V1.0.0.52: Added

  • Mid tier ability power/mana Item: gives your spells 40% magic penetration.


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