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Freljord Winters Claw

Upon Selection

  • Volibear Select
    "Let the storm follow in my wake."


  • Volibear.attack1
    "By Freljord's might."
  • Volibear.attack2
    "I do not pity cowards."
  • Volibear.attack3
    "Sniveling cubs!"
  • Volibear.attack4
    "Let none survive."
  • Volibear.attack5
    "Tremble at my roar!"
  • Volibear.attack6
    "Is that a challenge?"


  • Volibear.move1
    "To war!"
  • Volibear.move2
    "Let the storm follow in my wake."
  • Volibear.move3
    "The thunder calls."
  • Volibear.move4
    "So it shall be."
  • Volibear.move5
    "Battle is in my blood."
  • Volibear.move6
    "Trust your instincts."
  • Volibear.move7
    "As fate decrees."
  • Volibear.move8
    "Strength and wisdom guide me."
  • Volibear.move9
    "The Ursine do not know fear."


  • Volibear.taunt
    "A fool and his head are easily parted."


  • Volibear.joke
    "Hmm, I suppose you're expecting some unbearable pun."


  • Volibear.laugh1
    Volibear laughs.
  • Volibear.laugh2
    Volibear laughs.
  • Volibear.laugh3
    Volibear laughs.
  • Volibear.laugh4
    Volibear laughs.

Upon Using Thunder Claws.png Thunder Claws

  • Volibear.ult1
    "Face the storm!"

Upon Killing an Enemy Zilean Zilean

  • Volibear.interaction1
    "I have a special claw for you, Zilean."
  • Volibear.interaction2
    "Your time has run out, Chronokeeper."


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