For the named item effect, see Warding. See also: Ward skins.
Classic Ward

Classic Stealth Ward

A ward is an item that removes the fog of war around it, revealing units in the area. Once placed it's visible for a second and then becomes stealthed, which means it can only be detected through stealth detection methods. It has 3 units of health. Each time it's hit its health is reduced by one unit regardless of the type of attack. Damage enhancing effects (e.g. Nami Nami's Tidecaller's Blessing.png Tidecaller's Blessing, passive of Thresh Thresh's Flay.png Flay, passive of Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv or any Spellblade passive) are not applied or consumed against wards. Wards look like they burn when attacked with the Crest of Cinders.png Crest of Cinders, but they don't receive additional damage. Some wards last only a few minutes, while others are permanent.

Changes since patch V3.14:

  • Sight Ward item.png Stealth Wards: Received their new name. Previously they were called sight wards. Are no longer sold in the store. Each player can only place three of them.
  • Control Ward item.png Control Wards: They are visible. They have 4 units of health. Each player can only place one of them.

Types of Wards and Ward Items

Vision Sightstone items

Vision Sightstone items

Available wards:


  • 1st Sight Ward (pre - V3.12)
  • 2nd Sight Ward (post - V3.12)
  • Draven, Starcall, and Luminosity Wards
  • Snowdown Showdown 2012 Wards
  • Snowman Ward
  • Gingerbread Ward
  • Lunar Revel Wards
  • Lunar Revel Wards
  • Mystery Ward skins icon
  • Vision Ward debris


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