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Classic Ward

Classic Stealth Ward

A ward is an item that revealed the Fog of War once placed. It is visible for a short time but becomes stealthed after a short wait and has a limited duration of 3 minutes. A ward has a fixed 3 units of health and any attack on it only reduces it by 1 unit per hit regardless. Any damage enhancing effect (e.g. Nami Nami's Tidecaller's Blessing.png Tidecaller's Blessing, passive of Thresh Thresh's Flay.png Flay, passive of Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv or any Spellblade passive) would not be applied or consumed while attacking the ward. Wards visibly burn when attacked by a champion with Crest of Cinders, but no additional damage would be dealt.

In patch V3.12 Sight and Vision Wards received a model and texture update.

In patch V3.14 Sight and Vision Wards were changed totally, Sight Ward was renamed Stealth Ward and now is limited to 3 placed for players and Vision Wards now are visible but have 5 units of health and are limited to 1 per player.

Stealth wards may no longer be bought in the store.

Available Wards and Ward Items Edit

Vision Sightstone items

Vision Sightstone items

Available wards are:

  • Vision Ward item.png Vision Ward is a ward that reveals all units nearby, including stealthed units.
  • Sightstone item.png Sightstone wards. It has three charges, and may consume a charge to place a ward.
  • Ruby Sightstone item.png Ruby Sightstone wards. It has four charges, and may consume a charge to place a ward.
  • Warding Totem item.jpg Warding Totem Consumes a charge to place an invisible [1] Stealth Ward which reveals the surrounding area for 60 – 120 seconds. Stores one charge every 180 – 120seconds, up to 2 maximum charges.
  • Farsight Ward item.jpg Farsight Ward a visible ward that lasts indefinitely. has one hit point -upgrade to the totem above
  • Eye of the Oasis item.png Eye of the Oasis wards. It has four charges, and may consume a charge to place a ward.
  • Eye of the Equinox item.png Eye of the Equinox wards. It has four charges, and may consume a charge to place a ward.
  • Eye of the Watchers item.png Eye of the Watchers wards. It has four charges, and may consume a charge to place a ward.

Skins Edit

Ward skins

Examples of Ward skins.

Ward skins refers to the altered appearance of a Sight Ward item.png Stealth Ward and/or Vision Ward item.png Vision Ward, but no change to their item effects. Ward skins have usually been introduced during seasonal events and fall into the the theme of that event (i.e. Haunting ward for Harrowing or Snowman Ward for Snowdown Showdown). In October 2013, Riot introduced the first Champion-themed ward skins as well. Also, recently, they have been releasing ward skins to coincide with eSport events, like the Season 3 Championship ward skin.

As of patch V4.9, Warding Totem item.jpg Warding Totems can use Ward Skins for their Stealth Ward.

The following is a list of all ward skins that have been created and put into the game by availability:

Available Ward Skins Edit

Permanent Wards Skins in the Store

Ward Skin Name Cost RP Release Date
Starcall Ward Starcall Ward 640 2013-10-01
Ward of Draven Ward of Draven 640 2013-10-01
Luminosity Ward Luminosity Ward 640 2013-10-01
Amumu Ward Sad Mummy Ward 640 2014-09-10
Rammus Ward Armordillo Ward 640 2014-09-10
Urf Triumphant ward Urf Triumphant Ward 640 2015-04-01

Ward Skin Name Cost RP Release Date
Dragonslayer Ward Dragonslayer Ward 640 2014-05-15
GoldenGoal Ward Golden Goal Ward 640 2014-06-18
Mecha Ward Mecha Ward 640 2014-07-24
Battlecast Ward Battlecast Ward 640 2014-11-25
Optic Enhancer Ward Optic Enhance Ward 640 2015-09-08
Riggle Ward Dragon Trainer Riggle Ward 640 2015-11-24

Ward Skin Name Cost RP Release Date
Ascension Ward Sun Disk Ward 640 2014-09-10
Mother Serpent Ward Mother Serpent Ward 640 2015-07-20
Slaughter Fleet Ward Slaughter Fleet Ward 640 2015-07-20

Ward Skin Name Cost RP Release Date
Lunar Dragon Ward Firecracker Ward 640 2015-02-10

Ward Skin Name Cost RP Release Date
Heartseeker Ward Heatseeker Ward 640 2015-02-13

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