Champion Select

  • Warwick Select new
    "Blood runs... they all run."
  • Warwick Ban
    "They fear me. They should."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Warwick.start01
    "The blood you spilled calls to me."
  • Warwick.start02
    "The chains are broken... the beast is free."


  • Warwick.attack01
    "You're the prey!"
  • Warwick.attack02
    "Less talking, more biting!"
  • Warwick.attack03
    "Blood brings rage."
  • Warwick.attack04
    "Like men to the slaughter."
  • Warwick.attack05
    "It takes a monster to gut one."
  • Warwick.attack06
    "If you die, how many live?"
  • Warwick.attack07
    "Killing, I remember."
  • Warwick.attack08
    "You die next."
  • Warwick.attack09
    "A monster's inside you... I'll tear it out!"
  • Warwick.attack10
    "This pain is nothing."
  • Warwick.attack11
    "Not even your screams will escape."
  • Warwick.attack12
    "Heroes always die!"
  • Warwick.attack13
    "It's not the beast you should be afraid of."
  • Warwick.attack14
    "The killing stops when Zaun is free."
  • Warwick.attack15
    "Bones to break."
  • Warwick.attack16
    "Give in to the beast."
  • Warwick.attack17
    "This is who I am."
  • Warwick.attack18
    "You'll answer to me."
  • Warwick.attack19
    "Blood is the price."
  • Warwick.attack20
    "You hurt them, I hurt you."
  • Warwick.attack21
    "You'll choke on your screams."
While Blood Hunt.png Blood Hunt's Passive is Active
  • Warwick.attackW03
    "In... control...!"
  • Warwick.attackW04
    "I became... monster!"
  • Warwick.attackW05
    "What have you done?!"
  • Warwick.attackW06
    "Fear me!"
  • Warwick.attackW07
    "Can't... save you...!"
  • Warwick.attackW08
  • Warwick.attackW09
    "All... is anger!"
  • Warwick.attackW10
    "Seeking... hunting... "
  • Warwick.attackW11
    "Try... hide!"
  • Warwick.attackW12
    "Bite back!"
  • Warwick.attackW13
    "Run, faster!"
  • Warwick.attackW14
    "Blood spilled!"


  • Warwick.move01
    "The beast grows stronger."
  • Warwick.move02
    "This place is familiar."
  • Warwick.move03
    "Run... while you can."
  • Warwick.move04
    "I am in control."
  • Warwick.move05
    "Zaun will watch you bleed, and it will do nothing."
  • Warwick.move06
    "I can smell everything."
  • Warwick.move07
    "Vengeance is only a step behind you."
  • Warwick.move08
    "You know what you've done."
  • Warwick.move09
    "You made the monster."
  • Warwick.move10
    "The city is my hunting ground."
  • Warwick.move11
    "Try to hide."
  • Warwick.move12
    "All the blood you've spilled brought me here."
  • Warwick.move13
    "I know Zaun's streets like the back of my claws."
  • Warwick.move14
    "I became the monster I always was."
  • Warwick.move15
    "The memories come back every time you scream."
  • Warwick.move16
    "Zaun will fight back!"
  • Warwick.move17
    "The man I was... I killed him first."
  • Warwick.attackW01
    "Run faster!"
  • Warwick.attackW02
    "Can't save you all... don't want to."
While Blood Hunt.png Blood Hunt's Passive is Active
  • Warwick.moveW01
    "Killing... remember!"
  • Warwick.moveW02
    "Blood's on me!"
  • Warwick.moveW03
    "Give in... the beast!"
  • Warwick.moveW04
    "No screams!"
  • Warwick.moveW05
    "Pain... nothing!"
  • Warwick.moveW06
    "Watch you bleed!"
  • Warwick.moveW07
    "Claws... hungry!"
  • Warwick.moveW08
    "Hero... die!"
  • Warwick.moveW09
    "Men... slaughter... "
  • Warwick.moveW10
    "Hurting you... "


  • Warwick.joke01
    "Who's a good boy? I am!"
  • Warwick.joke02
    "Scratch behind my ears... "
  • Warwick.joke03
    "I'll do a trick for a Warwick snack!"


  • Warwick.taunt01
    "I ran these streets - now it's your turn to run."
  • Warwick.taunt02
    "Violence can be death - or a way of life."
Taunting an Enemy Yordle
  • Warwick.tauntYordle01
    "Yordles. The alpha predator."
  • Warwick.tauntYordle02
    "First I'll kill you, and then I'll--- yordle!"
Taunting an Enemy Blitzcrank Blitzcrank
  • Warwick.tauntBlitzcrank01
    "There's more to kill in a plague rat. You're all machine."
Taunting an Enemy Ekko Ekko
  • Warwick.tauntEkko01
    "Rewind too far, and you'll be back in my teeth!"
  • Warwick.tauntEkko02
    "The one person in Zaun who runs to the past."
Taunting an Enemy Jinx Jinx
  • Warwick.tauntJinx01
    "You were there... "
  • Warwick.tauntJinx02
    "Let me forget... "
Taunting an Enemy Singed Singed
  • Warwick.tauntSinged01
    "You're going to need more bandages!"
  • Warwick.tauntSinged02
    "Can't outrun your mistakes!"
  • Warwick.tauntSinged03
    "I remember what you did!"
  • Warwick.tauntSinged04
    "Zaun gave me claws long before you did."
Taunting an Enemy Twitch Twitch
  • Warwick.tauntTwitch01
    "There are more rats than men in Zaun."
  • Warwick.tauntTwitch02
    "And I thought the chem-barons were vermin."
Taunting an Enemy Vi Vi
  • Warwick.tauntVi01
    "The fear in your eyes. I've seen it before."
  • Warwick.tauntVi02
    "Zaun needed you!"
  • Warwick.tauntVi03
    "Who taught you how to punch?"
Taunting an Enemy Viktor Viktor
  • Warwick.tauntViktor01
    "Three arms and no claws."
Taunting an Enemy Zac Zac
  • Warwick.tauntZac01
    "I don't know what you are, but I hope you bleed!"
Taunting an Enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • Warwick.tauntCaitlyn01
    "So deep in Piltover's pockets, I can only see your hat."
Taunting an Enemy Camille Camille
  • Warwick.tauntCamille01
    "I'll pick my teeth with your legs!"
  • Warwick.tauntCamille02
    "Blood, hextech and... (sniffs) tea."
  • Warwick.tauntCamille03
    "Progress is just what Piltovans call murder."
Taunting an Enemy Ahri Ahri
  • Warwick.tauntAhri01
    "Nine tails to chase!"
Taunting an Enemy Akali Akali
  • Warwick.tauntAkali01
    "Zaun has enough shadows."
Taunting an Enemy Evelynn Evelynn
  • Warwick.tauntEvelynn01
    "I'll show you pain!"
Taunting an Enemy Kindred Kindred
  • Warwick.tauntKindred01
    "Which one of you is the wolf?"
Taunting an Enemy Rek'Sai Rek'Sai
  • Warwick.tauntRekSai01
    "From a roar to a scream!"
Taunting an Enemy Rengar Rengar
  • Warwick.tauntRengar01
    "You can't even kill an insect."
Taunting an Enemy Soraka Soraka
  • Warwick.tauntSoraka01
    "Eat your heart out."
Taunting an Enemy Urgot Urgot
  • Warwick.tauntUrgot01
    "Which one of us is the monster?"
Taunting an Enemy Zed Zed
  • Warwick.tauntAkali01
    "Zaun has enough shadows."

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • Warwick.kill01


  • Warwick.laugh01
    Warwick laughs.
  • Warwick.laugh02
    Warwick laughs.
  • Warwick.laugh03
    Warwick laughs.

While Blood Hunt.png Blood Hunt's Passive is Active

  • Warwick.spellWHunt01
    Drums play.
  • Warwick.spellWHunt02
    Drums play.
  • Warwick.spellWHunt04
    Drums play.
  • Warwick.spellWHunt05
    Drums play.
  • Warwick.spellWHunt06
    Drums play.

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Warwick.respawn01
    "I have your scent."
  • Warwick.respawn02
    "More scars - as if I didn't have enough."
  • Warwick.recall01
    "If I don't kill you, Zaun will."
  • Warwick.recall02
    "Back to killing chem-barons."

Upon Respawning

  • Warwick.respawn03
    "You killed Warwick, but left the beast."
  • Warwick.respawn04
    "I almost felt that."
  • Warwick.respawn05
    "One thing you should know; I honour my debts."

Upon Starting a Game

  • WarwickHyena.start01
    "Oh, what a day. What a bloody day."
  • WarwickHyena.start02
    "Violence supercharged!"
  • WarwickHyena.start03
    "Blood and chrome!"


  • WarwickHyena.laugh01
    Warwick laughs.
  • WarwickHyena.laugh02
    Warwick laughs.
  • WarwickHyena.laugh03
    Warwick laughs.

Upon Casting Blood Hunt.png Blood Hunt

  • WarwickHyena.spellW01
    "Rev up!

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "I can smell your fear!"
Against Player Soraka Soraka
  • "I'll eat your heart, Starchild."
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "Time to run!"