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  • Warwick is heavily inspired by the Werewolf (even though the Blood Hunter himself does not transform under the full moon and neither was he bitten by another werewolf to get cursed)
    • Before his Champion Update, his title was "the Blood Hunter".



WarwickSquare.png Grey Warwick [S|L]
  • He could only be obtained via Refer-A-Friend (impossible to do so by any other means since the program was discontinued on 05-Sep-2015)
  • He has a spectral blade through his chest, similar to how Kalista Kalista has spectral spears through hers.
    • This similarities are remarked by the fact that the spectral sword has a similar design to Blade of Ruined King, and item that sinergies well with warwick's kit.
  • It is likely a reference to the Lycans from the Underworld film series.
WarwickSquare.png Big Bad Warwick [S|L]
WarwickSquare.png Urf The Manatee Warwick [S|L]
  • He wears Urf Urf's carcass, whom he himself killed and flayed.
    • He was first priced at RP 5000 then went 99% off (RP 50) and then settled at RP 500 to finally return to RP 5000 on the last weekend before becoming Legacy.
      • The procedures were donated to a foundation protecting hunted manatees.
  • The background in his updated splash is the same location as the 2015 April Fools' Day login screen.
  • He shares this theme with NamiSquare.png Urf the Nami-tee [S|L], and Tahm KenchSquare.png Urf Kench [S|L].
WarwickSquare.png Tundra Hunter Warwick [S|L]
WarwickSquare.png Feral Warwick [S|L]
  • He might be referencing the very Werewolf he was inspired by.
WarwickSquare.png Firefang Warwick [S|L]
  • He might be referencing Ifrit.
WarwickSquare.png Hyena Warwick [S|L]
WarwickSquare.png Marauder Warwick [S|L]


  • The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun was Singed Singed's test subject #1088.
    • The potion Singed Singed concocted for Warwick to become the beast he now is might be derived from his very own Insanity Potion.png Insanity one.
    • Singed wasn’t trying to turn him into a wolf specifically—he was gene-splicing. He put all sorts of hyper-monster DNA in the mix, and the result is something more akin to a chimera via dominant wolf traits with bat ears and a fox tail.
  • In his Eternal Thirst.png post-potion thirst, he killed and flayed Urf Urf.
    • Warwick occasionally wears the Manatee's carcass as a sort of morbid trophy.


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