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One group of spawned minions is considered a wave and are basic building blocks for successful farming.

Waves can also be merged by skilfully minion thinning enabling for creeps to overwhelm a turret.


Wave values in Summoner's Rift as per P5.19[1]
min 3x waves Gold  #wave CS Gold /10 Gold /10 + CS
4,5359,606715,103421 057,1
6363,7091 078,805131 591,8
7,5367,80121 446,606842 130,6
9371,90151 818,508552 673,5
10,5376,00182 194,5010263 220,5
12380,10212 574,6011973 771,6
13,5384,20242 958,8013684 326,8
15388,30273 347,1015394 886,1
16,5392,40303 739,5017105 449,5
18396,50334 136,0018816 017,0
19,5400,60364 536,6020526 588,6
21451,20394 987,8022237 210,8
22,5455,80425 443,6023947 837,6
24460,40455 904,0025658 469,0
25,5465,00486 369,0027369 105,0
27469,60516 838,6029079 745,6
28,5474,20547 312,80307810 390,8
30478,80577 791,60324911 040,6
31,5483,40608 275,00342011 695,0
33488,00638 763,00359112 354,0
34,5492,60669 255,60376213 017,6
36548,70699 804,30393313 737,3
37,5553,807210 358,10410414 462,1
39558,907510 917,00427515 192,0

In Summoner's Rift, a undistributed wave consists from three melee minions, three caster minions and possibly a siege minion. This results that a wave has average value of 118.33 gold and its value is increased by 4,1 for each 90 seconds after the creeps start spawning as per V1.0.0.152. After 20 minutes mark waves value increases by 4,6 per 90 seconds. After 35 mins mark wave value is increases by 5,1 per 90 seconds.

Tools increasing waves value

See main article about the items with the Gold income effect for more detailed figures and info

There are few items that can increase the potential gold value of a minion wave.


Without player interference a lane's wave is neither advancing or retreating in any significant amount. A minion wave that catches up with its preceding wave starts pushing the lane towards enemy turret.

Turning the tide

When a player interrupts an enemy minions wave by ensuring his side is making more damage to the opponents minions than they are receiving, the lane starts to push i.o. the tide turns.

In simplest way this is made by killing every minion without interference from your own minions thus moving the point where the minion waves clash. On more sophisticated turning the player makes sure his side is making just slightly more damage thus allowing the wave to build up as the wave gets reinforcements before than the enemy wave.


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