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WellSquare "Well" Soterios
The Hydrosoul
Cost: IP ? or RP ?
Primary: TBA Release date Cancelled
Health N/A Attack damage N/A
Health regen. N/A Attack speed N/A
Mana N/A Armor N/A
Mana regen. N/A Magic res. N/A
Range N/A Mov. speed N/A
Well, the Hydrosoul aka The Water Wizard is a canceled champion in League of Legends.[1]



Soterios gathered men and would toss them below the thrashing waves until water filled the poor soul's lungs and he was rendered unconscious. Soterios would then proceed to then Rebirth the lost man by bringing him back to shore, and pressing his holy hands upon the victim's chest until he was brought back choking and coughing, reborn into the world as acolytes to the High Priest. For years Soterios conducted his Rituals of Rebirth unchallenged. Grown fanatical in his success with the Rituals, Soterios was sure in his belief that his own Rebirth would result in a divine transformation of his body, elevating him to an even higher level of power.

At a command from Soterios, his acolytes lowered the High Priest into the cold, dark sea. Unfortunately, his Rebirth did not go as planned and as water filled his lungs, the dying High Priest made one last plea to the higher powers. Reborn by the Immortals, he renamed himself Well, the Hydrosoul, and lives only to do their bidding.

Speculation on the Water Mage

Possibly a recent undertaking of Riot after a post in the TR forums requested that there be an "all water using character" also asking if Riot had the technology for the effects.

There has been no announcement and no posts on TR since so that this character is classed as a rumor.


Note: Only 1 ability for Well was ever completed in the closed beta with stats, etc.

Patch Closed Beta

(Innate): N/A

Ability Description Leveling up



Soothing Aura
(Passive): Well emanates soothing waves of energy that refresh nearby friendly units.

Mana gained by nearby allied units per second: +0.5 / +0.6 / +0.7 / +0.8 / +0.9

Water Elemental



Ability info, actual hero name, and lore(background story) came from the closed beta's "WaterWizard.inibin" Spells icons found in HeroPak_client.zip\DATA\Spells\Icons2

The "Ritual of Rebirth" mentioned in Well's backstory is incredibly similar to Damphair, a character from George Martin's Song of Ice and Fire book series. Damphair worships an entity called the Drowned God and 'baptizes' others by holding them underwater and then resuscitating them afterwards.



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