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The Wight was a neutral monster in League of Legends. It was found in the Ancient Golem Ancient Golem side of the jungle for each team, as a single unit camp. It's description is noted as, "A ranged monster with large amounts of health and large amounts of damage."

Wight was removed with the visual update of Summoner's Rift replacing the Wight with a new monster, Gromp Gromp.


Stats are now based on level, not time. Level is equal to the average level of all the champions in the game at spawn time, rounded up.

  • Health is approx 1400 + 140 × (Wight's level - 2)
  • From level 3, AD is 83 + (7.5 × Wight's level) + (Wight's level / 10 × 7.5). Wight's level / 10 is rounded down.
  • Gold is 65.5 - 79 (based on level)

Patch History

  • Gold increased to Gold 65 from Gold 60.
  • Added
  • 1400 health
  • 75 attack damage
  • 15 armor
  • Gold 60
  • 150 experience


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