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Free champions

Season Seven: Week 41 (August 15st, 2017)
  1. Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
  2. Darius Darius
  3. Draven Draven
  4. Ekko Ekko
  5. Gragas Gragas
  6. Janna Janna
  7. Kalista Kalista

  8. LeBlanc LeBlanc
  9. Nami Nami
  10. Olaf Olaf
  11. Poppy Poppy
  12. Thresh Thresh
  13. Urgot Urgot
  14. Yorick Yorick

On sale

Current Sale:
August 22nd, 2017 - August 25th, 2017
Nami OriginalLoading
RP 975 487
IP 6300
Jarvan IV OriginalLoading
RP 880 440
IP 4800
Jarvan IV
LeBlanc OriginalLoading
RP 790 395
IP 3150
Twitch OriginalLoading
RP 790 395
IP 3150
Zac PoolPartyLoading
RP 1350 675
Pool Party
Diana LunarGoddessLoading
RP 975 487
Lunar Goddess
Karthus PentakillLoading
RP 750 375
Jarvan IV CommandoLoading
RP 520 260
Jarvan IV

Newest skins

Hecarim LancerZeroLoading Rare Gems 10
August 17th
Brand BattleBossLoading RP 1350
August 9th
Malzahar BattleBossLoading RP 1350
August 9th
Ziggs BattleBossLoading RP 1350
August 9th
Kayle PentakillLoading RP 1350
August 9th
Fizz OmegaSquadLoading RP 1350
July 27th
Tristana OmegaSquadLoading RP 1350
July 27th

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