• Coincidentally, much of Garen Garen's kit is a possible basis for Wukong Wukong, mainly due to both characters having:
    • A "Q" ability that scales over 100% in attack damage as an auto-attack booster and reset with an extra effect (Decisive Strike.png Decisive Strike silences with a movement speed boost while Wukong Wukong's Crushing Blow.png Crushing Blow reduces armor by a percentage), and applies on-hit effects as well.
    • A passive ability that increases their defensive stats (with Garen's being a normal ability with not only percentage defensive boosts, but also with a damage reduction active while Wukong's only being a standard passive with flat defense boosts).
    • Point-and-click spells; Garen's can only target one champion with it and acts as his ultimate; Wukong's can hit two extra targets in range, moves him to said target(s) and acts as a normal ability.
    • Cyclone.png Cyclone and Judgment.png Judgment involve a very similar spinning animation and near-identical mechanics in the way their hits are racked up, how they provide bonus movement speed during cast time, and cancellation. A number of certain item actives and summoner spells can even be used during their cast times, though depending on the champion there are exclusive item actives only available to them during such abilities, as Wukong Wukong cannot activate Tiamat item.png Tiamat's / Ravenous Hydra item.png Ravenous Hydra's active during Cyclone.png Cyclone. Cyclone.png Cyclone also cannot critically strike, unlike Judgment.png Judgment.
  • Cyclone.png Cyclone currently holds the record for the highest AD Ratio in the game, achieving a 4.4 AD Ratio under a full duration of the spell.
    • The name of the spell from the Chinese Servers, 大鬧天宮 in Traditional Chinese or 大闹天宫 Simplified Chinese (Dànào Tiāngōng, lit. Havoc in Heaven) references the prequel tale of the Journey to the West legend, which explains Wukong's birth, claim to power at his home turf, his powers' origins, and his deeds with divine beings which lead him to a war against heaven, causing him through Buddha's power to be sealed under Five Finger Mountain (Wǔzhǐshān/Goshizan, 五指山) for five centuries, which then kicks off his famous journey west to redeem himself.[1]
  • League of LegendsHeroes of Newerth, Smite, and Dota 2 are four of the current MOBA's to feature a character based on Sun Wukong. All four of them (including Smite's pre-worked Sun Wukong) have similar abilities and playstyles (mainly being damaging tanks with assassin potential, and having very unique tricks with their abilities).
  • Wukong is the only champion with a stealth ability that is not classified as an assassin, either primarily or secondarily.
  • Wukong is one of a few champions to have multiple textures in one skin. When he uses Decoy.png Decoy, his clone will be of a different colour palette which can only be seen by Wukong and his allies. To the opposing team, the two Wukongs look exactly the same, including copies of any external buffs and item effects active at the moment the clone is spawned (Prior to patch V5.22, clones did not duplicate external buff/active item effect particles).
  • Wukong's critical strike animation is a possible nod to a famous pole-vaulting kick used by many incarnations of the original Sun Wukong, especially in the TV drama adaptations of Journey to the West, and his Warriors Orochi/Musou Orochi incarnation as well.


  • Wukong Wukong belongs to the Vastaya race and tribe known as the Shimon. They are the Vastaya inhabitants of the Ionia, in its jungle regions.


  • Wukong is voiced by Spike Spencer.
  • The name "Wukong" (悟空; pronounced [wu:˥˩kʰʊ̃ŋ˥]/woo-koh-ng) means "awakening to emptiness" in Chinese, after Sun Wukong, the protagonist of the Chinese novel Journey to the West. Wukong is also one of the few champions to be based on a public domain character from real-world mythology and literature in general.
    • In Journey to the West, this name was bestowed by on the nameless Monkey King by his first master Subhuti.
    • Sun Wukong is also romanized as Son Gokuu ([sõŋgokɯɯᵝ]/Soh-n Go-koo) in Japanese via the on'yomi reading, which while not applicable in the Japanese server, is a popular name in Japan in that fashion for other portrayals of him (such as in Dragon Ball and Gensoumaden Saiyuuki).
    • The element Kong was later borrowed into popular US culture to name primates, such as King Kong and Donkey Kong.
      • In universe, Master Yi Master Yi himself adds the element Wuju Style.png Wu to Kong's name, in recognition that Kong was among his best students.
    • Both characters have the title of "The Monkey King," use the same type of weapon (an elongating staff), and ride on a type of nimbus cloud.
      • Another reference is that Wukong also likes peaches.
    • Wukong's abilities, Nimbus Strike.png Nimbus Strike and Decoy.png Decoy are references to Sun Wukong's ability to ride on clouds via his "Somersault Cloud" (筋斗雲, Jīndǒuyún/Kinto'un) technique and to create clones of himself using strands of his hair, respectively. Both abilities were taught to him by Wukong's previous master (who also gave him his name).
      • The fact that Wukong was trained under Master Yi is also another possible reference to Sun Wukong's original master, Subhuti, or Wukong's more famous master during his pilgrimage to the West, the historical Chinese Buddhist pilgrim Xuanzang (Japanese: Genjou), who contributed greatly to the translation of Buddhist texts into Chinese, thus earning the byname Tripitaka त्रिपिटक (Mandarin: 三藏 Sānzàng, Japanese: Sanzou), after the Pali canon.
      • Wukong's passive, Stone Skin.png Stone Skin, is possibly a reference to Sun Wukong being born from a stone and also said to be born from the earth itself.
        • This is supported by the fact that in his background, Wukong's Vastayan tribe turns into stone after death.
      • In the Chinese servers, Wukong is directly referred to as Sun Wukong himself in the flesh as opposed to being a different character loosely based on him.
  • Wukong is the first champion to have an animated Gameplay Preview.
  • The internal name, the name that is used by the game developers themselves, for Wukong's ultimate Cyclone.png Cyclone is "MonkeyKingSpinToWin", a reference to the popular community description for Garen Garen's Judgment.png Judgment.
  • In the champions folder, Wukong's folder was renamed to "MonkeyKing" somewhere in February 2015.


  • He shares a quote with Master Yi Master Yi: "Wuju Style".
    • He also shares a similar quote: "Show me the path" in comparison to Master Yi Master Yi's "I will show you the path".
  • During the animation of Wukong's joke, he elongates his staff very much. This is how the staff, known as the Ruyi Jingu Bang/Nyoi Kinko Bou (如意金箍棒, lit. Compliant Gold Rim Pole), also known in Vietnamese language as Gậy như ý, actually functions in the original novel for reaching or attacking his target afar, as well as also changing in nearly all forms of general size. Wukong himself even gloats that he can attack the enemy base from such a position (though due to obvious gameplay reasons, this actual feat cannot be done in such a way). Said staff was known for weighing 13,500 jin, which was around 8,100 kg or 17,800 lbs. It was also made of "crow iron", a rare form of black iron.


WukongSquare.png Classic Wukong [S|L]
  • The Chinese splash art's water dragon (also in the Jade Dragon artworks) may be a reference to the exiled Dragon prince who swallowed Sanzang's mount in the Journey to the West, causing Wukong to fight against it. Said dragon prince in some adaptations of the original novel would actually become a member as Sanzang's substitute mount.
WukongSquare.png Volcanic Wukong [S|L]
  • It may be a reference to Journey to the West's aforementioned prequel story, when Sun Wukong was locked in a cauldron by the Taoist/Daoist Lao Tzu (on behalf of the Jade Emperor to assist in executing him as no options were left) to be distilled by severe, sacred fires for 40–50 days straight and turned into an elixir. But when Lao Tzu opened the lid, Wukong was alive and stronger than ever with the ability Jīnjīng Huǒyǎn/Kinsei Kagan (金睛火眼, lit. Gold Pupil Fire Eyes) which enabled him to see evil (but gave him a weakness to smoke).
    • With this in mind, Wukong's weapon via this skin is instead a broken and molten pillar, a possible piece of the remains from the said confinement.
  • The skin may also be a reference to a character/Pokémon from the Pokémon series, Infernape (known as Goukazaru in Japanese), who was also said to be based on Sun Wukong as well.
  • It also coincidentally parallels the Rajang of the Monster Hunter series, as not only does the Rajang bear reference to the Saiyans of Dragon Ball lore (via the other Wukong/Gokuu from that series), the more stronger variations of the species tend to reside at volcanic areas.
WukongSquare.png General Wukong [S|L]
  • This skin also plays nod to some traditional armor Sun Wukong wears during the aforementioned prequel tale, due to having a more notable war-motif throughout most of the story with him against the heavens. It also nods to the more famous title of Wukong as well, the Qitian Dasheng/Seiten Taisei (齊天大聖, lit. Equaling Heaven Great Sage).
  • The Chinese Splash art via its many meteors raining down may be a reference to the birthplace of Wukong, known as Huaguoshan/Kakazan (花果山, lit. Flower Fruit Mountain), being under attack during said tale.
  • A glow resembling another shaped form of Wukong's famous headband/coronet in Journey to the West media often shows on his forehead on most of Wukong's other skins (save for his Volcanic skin and his Classic skin in the original artwork). The name of this coronet was known as the Jingu'er/Kinkoji (緊箍児, lit. Tightening Hooplet).
    • The shape of the glow on General Wukong's head resembles the "coronets" worn by two of the original Wukong's companions, Zhu Bajie/Cho Hakkai (豬八戒, lit. Pig of Eight Precepts, and Sha Wujing/Sha Gojou (沙悟凈, lit. Sandy Awakened to Purity).
WukongSquare.png Jade Dragon Wukong [S|L]
  • This skin was released for the 2012 Lunar Revel.
  • He wears Chinese jade, which is commonly carved in the form of a dragon.
  • Carved-jade objects is regarded to being intrinsically valuable. They are metaphorically equated with human virtues because of their hardness, durability, and (moral) beauty.
  • Wukong's signature metallic headband/coronet which Sanzang used to punish Wukong in the novel only appears on this skin. This accessory is notably absent in other Wukong's skins, including the classic one.
  • He shares this theme with CassiopeiaSquare.png Cassiopeia.
WukongSquare.png Underworld Wukong [S|L]
  • This skin was released for the 2014 Harrowing.
  • He resembles a typical Shadow Isles champion in his appearance.
    • This skin's concept used to be called "Shadow Isles Wukong". As such, this skin is meant to show how it would be if Wukong was a Shadow Isles champion, just like FizzSquare.png Void Fizz is meant to show how it would be if he was a Voidborn champion.
  • He shares this theme with GalioSquare.png Gatekeeper Galio [S|L], LeBlancSquare.png Ravenborn LeBlanc [S|L], TeemoSquare.png Little Devil Teemo [S|L], and Twisted FateSquare.png Underworld Twisted Fate [S|L].
  • This skin shares coincidental ties to the original Wukong once being sentenced to death via his name being written in the Book of Death during his prequel chapter.
WukongSquare.png Radiant Wukong [S|L]
  • This skin was released for the 2016 Lunar Revel.
    • The year of 2016 is also the year of the Monkey in the Chinese zodiac.
  • His smoke clouds were inspired by traditional Chinese and Japanese artworks.
  • This skin was not made a Legacy skin as oppose to the other 2016 Lunar Revel skins due to his previously released skin, WukongSquare.png Underworld Wukong, being also a Legacy skin.[2]
  • The skin is also a possible nod to the original Wukong's armor during his prequel tale as aforementioned with his General Wukong skin, due to including the pheasant feather-tail crown as seen in some portrayals of the said armor.
    • Wukong also wears a yellow-orange gi with a blue belt while also having bright-spiky hair/fur, which makes him resemble the aforementioned version of Sun Wukong/Son Gokuu from the Dragon Ball franchise.
  • The only few differences this skin has with his other skins is one extra new quote, an actual recall animation and a high-movement speed boost animation.


  • Wukong was trained in the Art of Wuju by Master Yi Master Yi.
    • Wukong's original name was 'Kong'. When Kong agreed to become his student, Master Yi Master Yi dubbed him 'Wukong', effectively naming him after the Wuju style.
    • Due to this, they share one or two similar quotes. They also share similar utility with similar items, as well as their item reliant nature. Both even have an ability mapped to W that has an ability power ratio.
  • Wukong's mystical staff was crafted by the legendary blacksmith Doran of Ionia.
  • Some sources state Wukong to be close friends with Ahri Ahri.