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xPeke currently plays as the Mid Laner for Origen.


After parting ways with former team Fnatic, xPeke announced on December 7, 2014 that he founded a new team named Origen and the roster will include himself along with sOAZ, Amazing, Zvanillan and Mithy. With LCS' new format, his team qualifies for 2015 EU LCS Summer Split after beating Copenhagen Wolves Academy, 3-0, in 2015 EU CS Spring Playoffs.


  • Back in season 1 he was the toplaner of Fnatic.
  • Known for mobile assassins such as Katarina, Fizz, Kassadin, Diana and even Kha'Zix
  • During Season 2, he managed to get three accounts (xPeke and xPeekee along with his main) on the Top 10 EU West Ladder at the same time
  • During the final game of Group B in IEM Katowice, saved his team Fnatic from a loss by destroying the nexus 1v2 as Kassadin surviving with 39 hp.
  • Was voted the MVP of IEM Season VII - Global Challenge Katowice
  • Because of his Kassadin backdoor at IEM Katowice many players yell "xPeke!" if a nexus is backdoored
  • He used to put Peke as his name in all the games he played, but the name had been chosen so he had to add the x, getting xPeke.
  • His favourite champion is Morgana.
  • His favourite TV show is Lost.
  • His favourite band is Sum 41.
  • His favourite movie is Layer Cake.
  • The EU LCS picture-in-picture camera has been called the "Peke Cam" because it often features splitpushers aiming to backdoor.
  • Runs AD carries in mid lane, as seen during LCS matchups.
  • As of May 20, had three accounts in challenger league - xPeke, xPeekee and his main Fnatic xPeke.
  • His nickname, "Peke", means "little guy" in Spanish. His classmates used to call him that when he was about 12 years old because he was very tall for his age. He then started to use it as a nickname as well.
  • Named Season 3 EU Regionals MVP.
  • Reached 500 LCS Regular Season Kills in the Summer Split of 2014, playing as Syndra versus Alliance (Season 4).
  • Holds the current unofficial record of reaching 300 cs the fastest in competitive play: reaching it by 21:52 minutes as Orianna, in the game versus ROCCAT during the 2014 EU LCS Summer Split
  • One of two players who have qualified for 4 World Championships, along with SOAZ

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