Champion Select

  • Xayah Select
    "I can never resist an invitation to dance."
  • Xayah Ban
    "Fine, I'll just be over here... sharpening my feathers."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Xayah.start01
    "If love is feeling so deeply for another that you want to chew your way under their skin, then I love Rakan... "
  • Xayah.start02
    "The Vastayan named the world. We named the trees, the wind, the mountains. We know their power."
  • Xayah.start03
    "The world owes the Vastaya a great debt. I'm here to collect."
  • Xayah.start04
    "I'm just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl with an infinite supply of death quills."
  • Xayah.start05
    "They'll probably label me a war criminal one day, but not today."
  • Xayah.start06
    "We pledged ourselves to each other in the middle of a tavern brawl. The whole place reeked of vomit, sweat and blood. It was so romantic!"
  • Xayah.start07
    "Ah, silence, so golden. Like Rakan. Kind of miss him. Even if he is... noisy."
  • Xayah.start08
    "Let's cut 'em to ribbons."
Upon Starting a Game with Rakan Rakan
  • Xayah.startRakan01
    Rakan: "Alright, let's go! This way or that way?"
    • Xayah: "Stick to the plan."
      • Rakan: "We have a plan?"
        • Xayah: "We always have a plan."
          • Rakan: "Huh. Really?"
  • Xayah.startRakan02
    Xayah: "Ugh, I hate everyone today."
    • Rakan: "I know what'll make you feel better... "
      • Xayah and Rakan: "Murdering everyone!"
  • Xayah.startRakan03
    Rakan: "Hey, I have a plan."
    • Xayah: "You... have a plan?"
      • Rakan: "Yeah! I'll go on instinct!"
        • Xayah: "That's the opposite of a plan."
  • Xayah.startRakan04
    Rakan: "You sure about this?"
    • Xayah: "It has to be done."
      • Rakan: "Be safe."
        • Xayah: "Like you can talk."
  • Xayah.startRakan05
    Xayah: "If things go wrong---"
    • Rakan: "They always go wrong."
      • Xayah: "They don't always go wrong."
        • Rakan: "Mostly?"
          • Xayah: "They mostly go wrong."
            • Rakan: "That's why I'm here."
  • Xayah.startRakan06
    Rakan: "So, this mission... are we, uh...?"
    • Xayah: "Are you pretending to be dumb?"
      • Rakan: "Well, I mean... I don't have to remember the plan if you do."
  • Xayah.startRakan07
    Rakan: "When are we going to do this?"
    • Xayah: "Soon, baby. Slow down."


  • Xayah.attack01
    "Dance like your life depends on it."
  • Xayah.attack02
  • Xayah.attack03
    "Move your feet, or lose some toes."
  • Xayah.attack04
    "Compromise. It's a pain."
  • Xayah.attack05
    "Call me cute again."
  • Xayah.attack06
    "This is how I deal with unwanted attention."
  • Xayah.attack07
    "This is a preemptive 'No'."
  • Xayah.attack08
    "Keep up."
  • Xayah.attack09
    "A dance with me ends in blood."
  • Xayah.attack10
    "Hear. My. Words!"
  • Xayah.attack11
    "Hm, what shall I cut off?"
  • Xayah.attack12
    "I don't speak compromise."
  • Xayah.attack13
    "I always find a weak spot."
  • Xayah.attack14
    "A thousand cuts is only the beginning."
  • Xayah.attack15
    "Cut by a feather? So delicate."
  • Xayah.attack16
    "Violence is my favorite form of negotiation."
  • Xayah.attack17
    "My feathers are priceless."
  • Xayah.attack18
    "They make chaos dance."
  • Xayah.attack19
    "All out of second chances. Sorry."
  • Xayah.attack20
    "Listening. Such a simple concept."
  • Xayah.attack21
    "Okay, so we're doing this."
  • Xayah.attack22
    "Threading the needle."
  • Xayah.attack23
    "Quit crying! It's just a feather."
  • Xayah.attack24
    Xayah chants.
  • Xayah.attack25
    "When I dance, I lead."
  • Xayah.attack26
    "My last nerve is long gone."
  • Xayah.attack27
    "A Vastayan feather is a kingly gift."
  • Xayah.attack28
    "This was our world first."
  • Xayah.attack29
    "Ever been stabbed by a feather?"
  • Xayah.attack30
    "Yay, someone to throw knives at."
  • Xayah.attack31
    Xayah chants.
  • Xayah.attack32
    "I leave nasty scars."
  • Xayah.attack33
    "It's only a little prick."
While an Allied Rakan Rakan is Nearby
  • Xayah.attackRakan01
    Xayah: "Are you having fun over there?""
    • Rakan: "I can't hear you over all the fun I'm having!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan02
    Rakan: "The fight's here!, by me!"
    • Xayah: "It's the same fight!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan03
    Xayah: "You're doing this!"
    • Rakan: "Doing it!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan04
    Xayah: "I hate everyone today!"
    • Rakan: "Even me?"
      • Xayah: "Not you, baby."
  • Xayah.attackRakan05
    Rakan: "Should we give them a fighting chance?"
    • Xayah: "Only if we want to have fun."
  • Xayah.attackRakan06
    Rakan: "Who do I hit?"
    • Xayah: "One of them!"
      • Rakan: "Ah."
  • Xayah.attackRakan07
    Xayah: "This reminds me of our first dates!"
    • Rakan: "Good times!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan08
    Xayah: "Mind if I cut in, Rakan?"
    • Rakan: " Be my guest, miella!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan09
    Rakan: "That was beautiful, baby!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan10
    Rakan: "You see that?"
    • Xayah: "I couldn't miss it!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan11
    Xayah: "Make them remember!"
    • Rakan: "They'll never forget."
  • Xayah.attackRakan12
    Xayah: "Let's show 'em what we got."
    • Rakan: "Happily."
  • Xayah.attackRakan13
    Rakan: "You love it when I slap fools?"
    • Xayah: "You know I do!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan14
    Rakan: "This is the plan, right?"
    • Xayah: "It is now!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan15
    Rakan: "What do you want to do later?"
    • Xayah: "I can think of something."
  • Xayah.attackRakan16
    Rakan: "You hungry?"
    • Xayah: "Can we talk about this later?"
      • Rakan: "But... but... food!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan17
    Xayah: "You're cute today!"
    • Rakan: "Eyes on the prize, baby."
  • Xayah.attackRakan18
    Rakan: "Let me at 'em!"
    • Xayah: "Rakan is very enthusiastic."
  • Xayah.attackRakan19
    Rakan: "I want to show 'em!"
    • Xayah: "I adore your energy."
  • Xayah.attackRakan20
    Rakan: "Do we need any of these fools?"
    • Xayah: "Not a single one."
  • Xayah.attackRakan21
    Xayah: "Use your words!"
    • Rakan: "Can't! Punching!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan22
    Rakan: "I have your back!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan23
    Xayah: "I have your back!"
  • Xayah.attackRakan24
    Xayah: "How long since we last danced?"
    • Rakan: "Too long."
  • Xayah.attackRakan25
    Rakan: "These guys look silly!"
    • Xayah: "Bunch of weirdos."
  • Xayah.attackRakan26
    Rakan: "How many fights we gotta win?"
    • Xayah: "All of them!"


  • Xayah.move01
    "Sabotage takes patience and time - and lots of feather daggers."
  • Xayah.move02
    "I'll do whatever needs to be done - twice, just to be sure."
  • Xayah.move03
    "Compromise is so unsatisfying."
  • Xayah.move04
    "Oh, I was born to ruffle feathers."
  • Xayah.move05
    "Our Vastayan essence fades with each passing day."
  • Xayah.move06
    "I will rest when our homelands are restored."
  • Xayah.move07
    "All women desire Rakan. Like they'd know what to do with him."
  • Xayah.move08
    "They say I don't know when to quit. Like that's a weakness."
  • Xayah.move09
    "We Vastaya are only half of our full glory."
  • Xayah.move10
    "Rebellion puts the fire in my blood."
  • Xayah.move11
    "No-one will block my path."
  • Xayah.move12
    "Talking to anybody about anything is never on my to-do list."
  • Xayah.move13
    "If our existence is everyone else's chaos, so be it."
  • Xayah.move14
    "Talking to people makes me want to stab them... so I do."
  • Xayah.move15
    "Victors are the sole authors of history. Time to write our chapter."
  • Xayah.move16
    "Tavern brawls just seem to find me."
  • Xayah.move17
    "Chaos is the preferred state of nature."
  • Xayah.move18
    Xayah chants.
  • Xayah.move19
    "Nature bends towards chaos. Give in, or break."
  • Xayah.move20
    "I really hate anyone who's not me - or Rakan."
  • Xayah.move21
    "Nature is wild and untamed, not balanced."
  • Xayah.move22
    "Humans. They're so very blind."
  • Xayah.move23
    "Spiders are my spirit animal."
  • Xayah.move24
    "If Rakan were here, I'd make out with him until his ears bled. He loves it when I do that."
  • Xayah.move25
    "Ionians never learn."
  • Xayah.move26
    "Magic is not some river that can be easily channeled. It is a churning sea that goes where it pleases."
  • Xayah.move27
    "I hate flowers. Tiny skulls stuffed with twigs, on the other hand... "
  • Xayah.move28
    "Sometimes people die for a good cause - namely, mine. That's why I'm an optimist."
  • Xayah.move29
    "Cloudy days are my favorite."
  • Xayah.move30
    "I prefer to work at night, because, y'know, the sun? Bright? Yuck!"
  • Xayah.move31
    "Pandemonium follows me everywhere I go. It's like a puppy I once fed... "
  • Xayah.move32
    "Ionia used to be so nice - before humans tamed all that wild cataclysmic magic."
  • Xayah.move33
    "Once, magic was everywhere, or as the Vastaya say: (chants)"
  • Xayah.move34
    "Ionia's meddling birthed our rebellion."
While an Allied Rakan Rakan is Nearby
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby01
    Rakan: " Hey, Xayah."
    • Xayah: "Yeah?"
      • Rakan: "You sexy."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby02
    Xayah: "Keep them distracted."
    • Rakan: "That shouldn't be a problem."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby03
    Rakan: "You okay?"
    • Xayah: "I'm fine."
      • Rakan: "You're pushing yourself too hard."
        • Xayah: "It has to be done."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby04
    Rakan: "Where are we going?"
    • Xayah: "You forgot the plan."
      • Rakan: "No, I... yeah. Hey, have you seen this cape?"
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby05
    Xayah: "You remember the Affay waterfall?"
    • Rakan: "Yeah?"
      • Xayah: "I'd like to go there again."
        • Rakan: "Well, try not to die then."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby06
    Rakan: "Darling?"
    • Xayah: "Yes?"
      • Rakan: "Pay attention to me."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby07
    Xayah: "What the hell were you thinking?"
    • Rakan: "Back there?"
      • Xayah: "Yes."
        • Rakan: "I wasn't. I never think. Ugh... thinking."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby08
    Rakan: "How can humans not hear the magic?"
    • Xayah: "They're too busy building things."
      • Rakan: "Why?"
        • Xayah: "Because... they're afraid."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby09
    Rakan: "Thanks."
    • Xayah: "For what?"
      • Rakan: "Not saying 'I told you so.'"
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby10
    Xayah: "Okay, last time, it was totally my fault."
    • Rakan: "What was?"
      • Xayah: "Good answer."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby11
    Rakan: "You going to marry me today?"
    • Xayah: "Ask me again tomorrow."
      • Rakan: "I always do."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby12
    Rakan: "Do you love me because I'm beautiful, or because I'm sexy?"
    • Xayah: "Not now!"
      • Rakan: "Love is so cruel!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby13
    Rakan: "What's after this?"
    • Xayah: "Another road, another horizon."
      • Rakan: "Hm. Good."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby14
    Rakan: "It's gonna' be okay."
    • Xayah: "We can do this."
      • Rakan: "Hey, I know that."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby15
    Rakan: "You know I love you."
    • Xayah: "What we have is greater than some human word."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby16
    Rakan: "Did you notice the sky?"
    • Xayah: "It's lovely."
      • Rakan: "Not as beautiful as you."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby17
    Rakan: "I am R-r-r-akan!"
    • Xayah: "Ugh, what's with the accent?"
      • Rakan: "I'm... trying something new. Do you like it?"
        • Xayah: "No. No, I do not."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby18
    Xayah: "If you need me, whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you?"
    • Rakan: "Hubba hubba."
      • Xayah: "No, that's not whistling."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby19
    Xayah: "If you don't want to do this... "
    • Rakan: "No! I want to!"
      • Xayah: "You're only here because of me."
        • Rakan: "... nah. Freedom fighting is a good look for me."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby20
    Rakan: "What are those things humans wear on their feet?"
    • Xayah: "Shoes."
      • Rakan: "I need shoes. Red ones. I need them so bad."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby21
    Rakan: "Did I tell you I love you?"
    • Xayah: "Yes... but say it anyway."
      • Rakan: "I love you."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby22
    Rakan: "Why do you never say yes?"
    • Xayah: "'cause then... I wouldn't get to hear you ask."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby23
    Rakan: "Can we just stay here?"
    • Xayah: "We must keep moving."
      • Rakan: "Aw... "
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby24
    Rakan: "Xayah? I think we got a problem... "
    • Xayah: "Think, or know?"
      • Rakan: "I... know we got a problem?"
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby25
    Xayah: "I'm so tired... "
    • Rakan: "You gotta rest, honey."
      • Xayah: "Everyone is depending on me."
        • Rakan: "Everyone can wait."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby26
    Rakan: "What would you do if I died?"
    • Xayah: "I would... burn this world to the ground and build a castle from the ashes, where I would live alone forever."
      • Rakan: "Aw... that's sweet."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby27
    Xayah: "I think scars are sexy."
    • Rakan: "Okay. I'll get more."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby28
    Xayah: "Where do we go?"
    • Rakan: "Wherever our hearts desire."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby29
    Rakan: "How do you like me today?"
    • Xayah: "More than yesterday, less than tomorrow."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby30
    Xayah: "Do I make you happy, Rakan?"
    • Rakan: "Every day of my life."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby31
    Xayah: "I'm lucky to have you."
    • Rakan: "No. I'm the lucky one."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby32
    Xayah: "I swear, you will be the death of me."
    • Rakan: "I'm fine with that."
      • Xayah: "Me too."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby33
    Rakan asks something in Vastayan.
    • Xayah replies in Vastayan.
      • Xayah and Rakan laugh.
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby34
    Xayah: "If we get separated, I'll find you."
    • Rakan: "We won't get separated."
      • Xayah: "You're already wandering off."
        • Rakan: "No, I'm not! ... only a little."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby35
    Rakan: "You are stunning and beautiful... "
    • Xayah: "Why, thank you, darling."
      • Rakan: "Yes. I was... definitely talking about you, honey."
  • Xayah.moveRakanNearby36
    Xayah: "I need you to be more careful."
    • Rakan: "If anybody's gonna' die first, it's gonna' be me. I can't see you die. Also, black is a terrible color on me."
While an Allied Rakan Rakan is Distant
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant01
    Xayah: "Play it safe!"
    • Rakan: "Baby, I don't do safe!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant02
    Xayah: "You okay?"
    • Rakan: "Oh, this is all so intense!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant03
    Rakan: "You can't tell me you weren't impressed!"
    • Xayah: "With what?"
      • Rakan: "Just generally! I'm amazing!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant04
    Xayah: "Honey, what are you doing?"
    • Rakan: "I can't die looking this good!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant05
    Rakan: "After this, how about we get some human food?"
    • Xayah: "A nice dinner?"
      • Rakan: "Chocolate!"
        • Xayah: "That's not what---"
          • Rakan: "We're eating chocolate!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant06
    Xayah: "Do you remember the plan?"
    • Rakan: "Nope, but let's do it!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant07
    Rakan: "I have a cunning plan."
    • Xayah: "Really? What is it?"
      • Rakan: "I'm not going to tell you. That's the really cunning bit!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant08
    Rakan: "I think you intimidate human females."
    • Xayah: "Yeah, so?"
      • Rakan: "It's kinda hot!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant09
    Rakan: "Should I show them the dance?"
    • Xayah: "Show them the dance."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant10
    Rakan: "You thinking about me?"
    • Xayah: "I'm a little busy!"
      • Rakan: "That's very upsetting!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant11
    Xayah: "Baby, what did I tell you?"
    • Rakan: "Try not to die?"
      • Xayah: "Close enough."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant12
    Rakan: "Did you see the clothes those guys were wearing?"
    • Xayah: "Yeah, gross."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant13
    Rakan: "Rakan has arrived!"
    • Xayah: "I saw you. Everyone can see you."
      • Rakan: "Yeah! That's what I like!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant14
    Rakan: "Can I start off?"
    • Xayah: "You want to start it off?"
      • Rakan: "Let's start it off!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant15
    Rakan: "I'm a humble entertainer!"
    • Xayah: "Really, darling?"
      • Rakan: "Yeah, I'm the best."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant16
    Rakan: "Who is that gorgeous thing over there?"
    • Xayah: "Now's not the time, darling."
      • Rakan: "It's always the time!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant17
    Rakan: "Hey, I'm not gonna kill you, she is! Say hi, honey."
    • Xayah: "Hi."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant18
    Rakan: "I'm handling it, dear."
    • Xayah: "Are you?"
      • Rakan: "I was, I--- I will."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant19
    Rakan: "How long do we fight?"
    • Xayah: "Until we are free. Until magic is free."
      • Rakan: "Is that after lunch?"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant20
    Xayah: "Do you remember our escape route?"
    • Rakan: "Uh... yes?"
      • Xayah: "I'll take that as a no."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant21
    Rakan: "How will we know if the plan works?"
    • Xayah: "We'll still be alive!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant22
    Xayah: "Woo, shake those tail feathers, baby!"
    • Rakan: "I am not a piece of meat."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant23
    Rakan: "Caw caw, caw caw!"
    • Xayah: "You used the secret call! Is everything alright?"
      • Rakan: "We have a secret call? I just like that sound! Caw caw!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant24
    Xayah: "Hey, I need you here! Uh, never mind, just... go that way!"
    • Rakan: "No-one can control me!"
      • Xayah: "That's right, babe."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant25
    Xayah: "Look sharp, baby."
    • Rakan: "Ha! When don't I?"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant26
    Rakan: "If I vanish, what would you do?"
    • Xayah: "I would never be whole again."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant27
    Rakan: "Am I good to you?"
    • Xayah: "The best."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant28
    Rakan: "I'm going rogue!"
    • Xayah: "There's a surprise."
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant29
    Rakan: "Be right back!"
    • Xayah: "Will you?"
      • Rakan: "Who can know these things?"
        • Xayah: "You! You can know these things!"
  • Xayah.moveRakanDistant30
    Xayah: "I love you!"
    • Rakan: "I know."


Xayah tries to fly but falls to the ground.
  • Xayah.joke01
Upon an Enemy Champion Joking Nearby
  • Xayah.interactionJokeEnemy01
    "I'm not laughing. I needed to say that just so you understand."
  • Xayah.interactionJokeEnemy02
    "Next time, try using more hard 'k' sounds."
  • Xayah.interactionJokeEnemy03
    "Ha ha ha."
  • Xayah.interactionJokeEnemy04
    "Hahaha... I don't know what that is."
  • Xayah.interactionJokeEnemy05
    "Behold. I am depleted of cares."
  • Xayah.interactionJokeEnemy06
    "Just... no."


  • Xayah.taunt01
    "I'm about to ruin your day."
  • Xayah.taunt02
    "Please, for the sake of us both, go far away."
  • Xayah.taunt03
    "I'm going to murder you a thousand times."
  • Xayah.taunt04
    "Am I supposed to be intimidated right now? I'm not sure what's going on."
  • Xayah.taunt05
    "Please, don't make me tryhard. I'm not in the mood."
  • Xayah.taunt06
    "Can I just hate you to death?"
  • Xayah.taunt07
    "I can't even--- I don't know where to begin."
  • Xayah.taunt08
    "The next one to call me 'edgy' is getting choked to death."
  • Xayah.taunt09
    "I will punch your soul in the face."
Taunting an Allied Rakan Rakan
  • Xayah.tauntRakan01
    Rakan: "I ain't gonna' kill you. She is!"
    • Xayah: "Nice to unmeet you."
  • Xayah.tauntRakan02
    Rakan: "Kiss me, honey."
    • Xayah: "Why now?"
      • Rakan: "Give them a pretty last image."
Taunting an Allied Controller icon Controller Champion (except Rakan Rakan)
  • Xayah.tauntSupport01
    "Get out there and take a bullet for me - like a gentleman."
  • Xayah.tauntSupport02
    "You're not bad for someone who isn't Rakan."
  • Xayah.tauntSupport03
    "If we do this right, only one of us get shot."
  • Xayah.tauntSupport04
    "Block the hits for me - please?"
  • Xayah.tauntSupport05
    "Make me look good, and I'll make you look good, got it?"
  • Xayah.tauntSupport06
    "How am I supposed to work with - whatever this is?"
  • Xayah.tauntSupport07
    "Don't embarrass me."
Taunting an Enemy Mage icon Mage Champion
  • Xayah.tauntMage01
    "Mages. Too insufferable to live."
  • Xayah.tauntMage02
    "Mages are lucky if they can cast a minor hex."
Taunting an Enemy Yordle
  • Xayah.tauntYordle01
    "Yordles. Why did it have to be Yordles?"
  • Xayah.tauntYordle02
    "Yordles are the reason no-one takes us Vastaya seriously."
  • Xayah.tauntYordle03
    "Okay. Who invited the Yordle?"
Taunting an Enemy Ahri Ahri
  • Xayah.tauntAhri01
    "You want to be mortal? You are mu'takl."
  • Xayah.tauntAhri02
    "You betray your heritage, Ahri."
Taunting an Enemy Rengar Rengar
  • Xayah.tauntRengar01
    "I don't want to spill Vastayan blood, Rengar."
Taunting an Enemy Wukong Wukong
  • Xayah.tauntWukong01
    "We were not made to fight each other."
Taunting an Enemy Amumu Amumu
  • Xayah.tauntAmumu01
    "Aw, poor sad little mummy! I just want to take you home."
Taunting an Enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  • Xayah.tauntAurelionSol01
    "I don't want to hurt you, space dragon. We could be such good friends."
Taunting an Enemy Bard Bard
  • Xayah.tauntBard01
    "I can't wait to burst your bubble."
Taunting an Enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • Xayah.tauntCaitlyn01
    "Who does your wardrobe? Fire them. Immediately."
Taunting an Enemy Camille Camille
  • Xayah.tauntCamille01
    "Wait, magic powered sword legs? Is this a joke?"
Taunting an Enemy Ekko Ekko
  • Xayah.tauntEkko01
    "Is this another timeline where I beat you up again?"
Taunting an Enemy Garen Garen
  • Xayah.tauntGaren01
    "When I'm done with Ionia, I'll come for Demacia."
Taunting an Enemy Illaoi Illaoi
  • Xayah.tauntIllaoi01
    "Where can I get one of those delightful katanic god-clutch purses? Does it come in purple? The god, not the bag."
Taunting an Enemy Ivern Ivern
  • Xayah.tauntIvern01
    "I want your happiness to evaporate."
Taunting an Enemy Kled Kled
  • Xayah.tauntKled01
    "I want to travel the world with you."
Taunting an Enemy Rammus Rammus
  • Xayah.tauntRammus01
    "But is it really okay?"
Taunting an Enemy Tahm Kench Tahm Kench
  • Xayah.tauntTahmKench01
    "Your talking is not improving this wonderful silence."
Taunting an Enemy Urgot Urgot
  • Xayah.tauntUrgot01
    "You're gross. Never change."
Taunting an Enemy Vi Vi
  • Xayah.tauntVi01
    "You call that a rebellious nature?"
Taunting an Enemy Vladimir Vladimir
  • Xayah.tauntVladimir01
    "You call that being a vampire?"
Upon an Enemy Champion Taunting Nearby
  • Xayah.interactionTauntEnemy01
    "I'm insulted? I don't know."
  • Xayah.interactionTauntEnemy02
    "Ouch. I'm going to need some aloe."
  • Xayah.interactionTauntEnemy03
    "I wasn't listening to what you said, but I sure am outraged."
  • Xayah.interactionTauntEnemy04
    "Watch your tongue - and your back."
  • Xayah.interactionTauntEnemy05
    "Say that to my feathers."
Upon an Enemy Champion Taunting Nearby with Rakan Rakan
  • Xayah.interactionTauntEnemyRakan01
    Xayah: "I think we're supposed to laugh, now?"
    • Rakan: "At what?"
  • Xayah.interactionTauntEnemyRakan02
    Xayah: "Smile and nod, honey."
    • Rakan: "Can we leave now?"


  • Xayah.dance01
    "Get down with me!"
  • Xayah.dance02
    "Aw, yeah, let's get down!"
  • Xayah.dance03
    "Aw, yeah, come on!"
  • Xayah.dance04
    "Alright, put your back in to it!"
  • Xayah.dance05
    "Dust it off!"
  • Xayah.dance06


  • Xayah.laugh01
    Xayah laughs.
  • Xayah.laugh02
    Xayah laughs.
  • Xayah.laugh03
    Xayah laughs.
  • Xayah.laugh04
    Xayah laughs.

Upon Casting Bladecaller.png Bladecaller

  • Xayah.spellE1
  • Xayah.spellE2
  • Xayah.spellE3
    "Nuh uh!"
  • Xayah.spellE4
  • Xayah.spellE5
    "Sit down!"
  • Xayah.spellE6
    "Eat it!"
  • Xayah.spellE7
    "Didn't see that coming?"
  • Xayah.spellE8
  • Xayah.spellE9
  • Xayah.spellE10
  • Xayah.spellE11
  • Xayah.spellE12
    "Oops, your bad!"
  • Xayah.spellE13
    "Oops, your bad."

Upon Being Healed by Rakan Rakan's Gleaming Quill.png Gleaming Quill or Shielded by Rakan Rakan's Battle Dance.png Battle Dance

  • Xayah.interactionRakanQ1
    Rakan: "You okay?"
    • Xayah: "Better now."
  • Xayah.interactionRakanQ2
    Rakan: "I got you!"
    • Xayah: "Thanks, babe."
  • Xayah.interactionRakanQ3
    Rakan blows a kiss.
    • Xayah blows a kiss.
  • Xayah.interactionRakanQ4
    Rakan: "You're welcome."
    • Xayah: "Thank you."
  • Xayah.interactionRakanQ5
    Xayah: "Thank you!"
    • Rakan: "Any time!"
  • Xayah.interactionRakanQ6
    "Thank you, honey!"
  • Xayah.interactionRakanQ7
    Rakan: "That help?"
    • Xayah: "Appreciated!"
  • Xayah.interactionRakanQ8
    Xayah: "Aw, you're looking out for me!"
    • Rakan: "Always."

Upon Casting Featherstorm.png Featherstorm

  • Xayah.R1
    "Feathers fly!"

Upon Buying an Item

  • Xayah.item01
    "This is overpriced - but I must have it."
  • Xayah.item02
    "I want to buy all the things!"
  • Xayah.item03
    "I am totally pulling this off."
  • Xayah.item04
    "What the heck? I deserve it."
  • Xayah.item05
    "I know I'm being price gouged, but I'll splurge."
  • Xayah.item06
    "Where did you get all these wonderful things?"
  • Xayah.item07
    "Is this ethically sourced?"
  • Xayah.item08
    "Hook me up with that magical creature discount?"
  • Xayah.item09
    "Do I really need this? Ah... yes."
  • Xayah.item10
    "But how much does it cost for me?"

Upon Killing a Minion

  • Xayah.killMinion01
    "Good henchmen are hard to find."
  • Xayah.killMinion02
  • Xayah.killMinion03
    "Nothing is ever easy, but that was really easy."
  • Xayah.killMinion04
    "That was too easy - but so much fun."
  • Xayah.killMinion05
    "Don't feel bad, they're just magically animated sheets of cloth."
  • Xayah.killMinion06
    "They mindlessly marched right to their deaths - like everyone in Noxus."
  • Xayah.killMinion07
    "They dropped something. Their guard."

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • Xayah.kill01
    "What? They were in my way."
  • Xayah.kill02
    "As far as obstacles go, that was about a... three out of ten?"
  • Xayah.kill03
    "Anyone else want to try?"
  • Xayah.kill04
    "Thanks for the dance."
  • Xayah.kill05
    "Few can keep up with me."
  • Xayah.kill06
    "Alright, who's next?"
  • Xayah.kill07
    "And an F, for effort."
  • Xayah.kill08
    "Got what they deserved."
  • Xayah.kill09
    "I'm overcome with emotion."
  • Xayah.kill10
    "That was for the Vastaya."
  • Xayah.kill11
    "Well, they tried to stop me."
  • Xayah.kill12
    "Well, that's done."
  • Xayah.kill13
    "Hm, dodging seems to be a weak spot of yours."
  • Xayah.kill14
    "I warned you. Oh, wait, did I? Crap. My fault."
  • Xayah.kill15
    "Yep. Easy peasy."
Upon Killing an Enemy Champion Near an Allied Rakan Rakan
  • Xayah.killRakan01
    Rakan: "That's my baby."
    • Xayah: "Ah, it was nothing."
  • Xayah.killRakan02
    Rakan: "Did I do that?"
    • Xayah: "No. That was me."
      • Rakan: "Who's counting?"
        • Xayah: "Me. I'm counting."
  • Xayah.killRakan03
    Rakan: "Miella, I helped, right?"
    • Xayah: "Couldn't have done it without you, mieli."
  • Xayah.killRakan04
    Rakan: "Every time you do that, it drives me crazy."
    • Xayah: "Well. I'll have to do it more often, then."
  • Xayah.killRakan05
    Rakan: "Were... they trying?"
    • Xayah: "Probably, but there are two of us."
  • Xayah.killRakan06
    Rakan: "I love watching you kill."
    • Xayah: "I love killing for you."
      • Rakan: "Let's make out."
  • Xayah.killRakan07
    Rakan: "Haha! Told you!"
    • Xayah: "Rakan, let's not gloat. Much."
  • Xayah.killRakan08
    Rakan: "Did they deserve it?"
    • Xayah: "They deserved it."
  • Xayah.killRakan09
    Rakan: "Why do they break so easily?"
    • Xayah: "They aren't made like us."
      • Rakan: "Pity."
  • Xayah.killRakan10
    Xayah: "That was a Vastayan farewell."
    • Rakan: "Isn't a Vastayan farewell when you say, "ouulavaash?"
      • Xayah: "I was trying to have a moment, Rakan."
  • Xayah.killRakan11
    Rakan: "Did you see that? Haha! That was amazing!"
    • Xayah: "Nice job, babe."
  • Xayah.killRakan12
    Rakan: "They couldn't keep up with you."
    • Xayah: "Only you can, Rakan."
Killing an Enemy Ahri Ahri
  • Xayah.killAhri01
    "Too bad those tails weren't lives."
Killing an Enemy Nami Nami
  • Xayah.killNami01
    "We asked you to join."
  • Xayah.killNami02
    "This is by your design."
  • Xayah.killNami03
    "The Vastaya will sing songs of you. I promise."
  • Xayah.killNami04
  • Xayah.killNami05
    "Shame. You could have been so useful alive."
  • Xayah.killNami06
    "Every drop of Vastayan blood spilled is a waste."
  • Xayah.killNami07
    "Taitah be tervaash."
  • Xayah.killNami08
    "It needed to be done."
Killing an Enemy Lux Lux
  • Xayah.killLux01
    "Wasn't she just a ray of sunshine? I hate sunshine."
Killing an Enemy Taliyah Taliyah
  • Xayah.killTaliyah01
    "And that's where plucky optimism gets you."
Upon Scoring a Pentakill
  • Xayah.killPentakill01
    "Hurray, they all died."
  • Xayah.killPentakill02
    "It's more of a slaughter than a massacre, really."
  • Xayah.killPentakill03
    "I wish they could have seen the looks on their faces."
  • Xayah.killPentakill04
    "Maybe I overdid it."
  • Xayah.killPentakill05
    "I wasn't joking when I said nothing stands in my way."
  • Xayah.killPentakill06
    "A victory for the Vastaya."

Upon Idling Near an Allied Rakan Rakan

  • Xayah.idleRakan01
    Rakan sings.
  • Xayah.idleRakan02
    Rakan: "Heh, like this... " Rakan sings.
  • Xayah.idleRakan03
    Rakan sings.
  • Xayah.idleRakan04
    Rakan sings.
    • Xayah: "Oh, here we go again. Mhm. Mister Scatman, uh huh. ... oh, he's got me going now... "
      • Rakan: "Sing it with me, baby."
        • Xayah: "I don't know the words."
  • Xayah.idleRakan05
    Xayah groans.

Upon Destroying a Turret

  • Xayah.tower01
    "Magic is again unfettered."
  • Xayah.tower02
    "Untied that mystical knot."
  • Xayah.tower03
    "Another minor annoyance reduced to rubble."
  • Xayah.tower04
    "Crumble! Yes!"
  • Xayah.tower05
    "I could dance right now. Aw, but there's more work to be done."
  • Xayah.tower06
    "Can you feel the magic flowing? I can."
  • Xayah.tower07
    "Sabotage looks so good on me."
  • Xayah.tower08
    "I've been known to implode a sacred obelisk or two."
  • Xayah.tower09
    "I will unblock the rivers of Vastayan essence."
  • Xayah.tower10
    "Each totem that falls strengthens the Vastayan cause."
  • Xayah.tower11
    "We rise."
  • Xayah.tower12
    "Another Vastayan victory."
  • Xayah.tower13
    "They should really get a refund from those masons."
  • Xayah.tower14
    "Hm, poor construction. No standards."
  • Xayah.tower15
    "Shoddy construction, through and through."

Upon an Allied Rakan Rakan Pinging...

'Assist me'
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant01
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby01
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant02
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby02
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant03
    "Oh crap, oh crap!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby03
    "Oh crap, oh crap!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant04
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby04
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant05
    "Oh no, oh no!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby05
    "Oh no, oh no!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant06
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby06
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant07
    "I don't like this!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby07
    "I don't like this!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant08
    "This is bad!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby08
    "This is bad!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant09
    "Oh, hell nope!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby09
    "Oh, hell nope!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeDistant10
    "Danger zone!"
  • Rakan.pingAssistMeNearby10
    "Danger zone!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant01
    "Watch it!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby01
    "Watch it!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant02
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby02
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant03
    "Be safe!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby03
    "Be safe!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant04
    "Look out!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby04
    "Look out!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant05
    "Something here!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby05
    "Something here!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant06
    "Not good!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby06
    "Not good!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant07
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby07
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant08
    "That ain't good!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby08
    "That ain't good!"
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant09
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby09
  • Rakan.pingDangerDistant10
  • Rakan.pingDangerNearby10
'Enemy Missing'
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant01
    "Where are they?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby01
    "Where are they?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant02
    "Where'd they go?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby02
    "Where'd they go?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant03
    "They missing?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby03
    "They missing?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant04
    "They ain't here."
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby04
    "They ain't here."
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant05
    "Nobody's here."
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby05
    "Nobody's here."
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant06
    "What's going on?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby06
    "What's going on?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant07
    "What's happening?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby07
    "What's happening?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant08
    "Mysterious mystery!"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby08
    "Mysterious mystery!"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant09
    "They gone?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby09
    "They gone?"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingDistant10
    "Heads up!"
  • Rakan.pingEnemyMissingNearby10
    "Heads up!"
'On my Way'
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant01
    "On my way!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby01
    "On my way!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant02
    "Coming, love!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby02
    "Coming, love!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant03
    "Here I come!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby03
    "Here I come!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant04
    "On the way!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby04
    "On the way!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant05
    "Heading over!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby05
    "Heading over!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant06
    "Running over!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby06
    "Running over!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant07
    "Bringing the show!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby07
    "Bringing the show!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant08
    "Bringing the fun!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby08
    "Bringing the fun!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant09
    "I'mma coming, I'mma coming!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby09
    "I'mma coming, I'mma coming!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayDistant10
    "There in a sec!"
  • Rakan.pingOnMyWayNearby10
    "There in a sec!"

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Xayah.ward01
    "I must know their every move."
  • Xayah.ward02
    "Sometimes, I have to watch my own back."
  • Xayah.ward03
    "Eyeball in the grass."
  • Xayah.ward04
    "I need a strategic viewpoint."
  • Xayah.ward05
    "Let's have a look-see, shall we?"
  • Xayah.ward06
    "This is ambush territory."
  • Xayah.ward07
    "I never walk into a trap unprepared."
  • Xayah.ward08
    "I hate surprises - unless I'm doing the surprising."
  • Xayah.ward09
    "See the enemy, know their mind."
  • Xayah.ward10
    "Rebellions thrive on intelligence."
Upon Destroying an Enemy Ward
  • Xayah.wardDestroy01
    "And they won't be needing that any more."
  • Xayah.wardDestroy02
    "Die, little inanimate spy."
  • Xayah.wardDestroy03
    "Found one! Killed it."
  • Xayah.wardDestroy04
    "Good thing I didn't do anything embarrassing."
  • Xayah.wardDestroy05
    "There's more than one way to blind an enemy."
  • Xayah.wardDestroy06
    "Well, that's just an invasion of privacy."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Xayah.recall01
    "I'm going now. Where? Anywhere not here. That's where."
  • Xayah.recall02
    "Well, I'm bored."
  • Xayah.recall03
    "Bored now."
Upon An Allied Rakan Rakan Casting Recall.png Recall Nearby
  • Xayah.recallRakan01
    "We gotta go."
  • Xayah.recallRakan02
    "Wait for me!"
  • Xayah.recallRakan03
    "Xayah out."
  • Xayah.recallRakan04
    "Don't leave without me!"
  • Xayah.recallRakan05
    "You going somewhere?"
  • Xayah.recallRakan06
    "Why not?"

Upon Death

  • Xayah.death01
    "Aw... crap... "
  • Xayah.death02
    "Rakan... "
  • Xayah.death03
    "Seriously... ?"
  • Xayah.death04
    "Uh, seriously... ?"
  • Xayah.death05
    "Ugh, lame... "
  • Xayah.death06
    "Ugh, lame... "
Upon Respawning
  • Xayah.respawn01
    "Death was a nice vacation from the tedium - but nothing good can last, I suppose."
  • Xayah.respawn02
    "Death was nice and peaceful. Thanks for ruining it."
  • Xayah.respawn03
    "I always wanted to be buried and resurrected in this outfit."
  • Xayah.respawn04
    "Oh, I wasn't finished with these fools yet."
  • Xayah.respawn05
    "Oh, I wasn't finished with these fools yet."