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  • Xayah is one of 18 champions without a single Ability power icon ability power ratio on any ability: AatroxSquare Aatrox CamilleSquare Camille DariusSquare Darius DravenSquare Draven GarenSquare Garen IllaoiSquare Illaoi KalistaSquare Kalista KaynSquare Kayn KindredSquare Kindred KledSquare Kled OlafSquare Olaf PykeSquare Pyke RivenSquare Riven TalonSquare Talon UrgotSquare Urgot VayneSquare Vayne XayahSquare Xayah ZedSquare Zed.
  • Her name Xayah ['zaɪ̯ʲə] resembles Oirat name Zaya < Tibetan < Sanskrit जय Jaya "victorious"[1] < PIE verbal root *gʷey- "to win, conquer"[2]
  • Her basic attack sound effects come from a: drum brush swish; elastic band; whooshing leather; whooshing towel; processed whoosh and slingshotted bullet casing.
  • Xayah's and RakanSquare Rakan's dual release is the first one since V1.0.0.72.
  • Xayah's and RakanSquare Rakan's loading screens always align themselves to the rightmost side before a game starts and when picked on the same team (to mirror their shared splash art).
  • Xayah's and RakanSquare Rakan's dual recall animation is divided into three sections, an intro, a middle section, and then an outro. The whole sequence would take 8 seconds if Xayah and Rakan recalled at the exact same time, while the intro and the outro are both (<2 seconds).
    The system will always play the intro, then it will always play the outro when there is 2 seconds left in the animation, regardless of how long the middle section has played for. This means that the characters will blend from whatever position they are in, to the first pose of the outro part of the sequence. [4]
  • Xayah's cloak is actually her wings disguised by Vastayan magic (to blend in with humans).
  • Xayah does not lay eggs.[5]
  • Xayah is the sixth dark-theme Ionian champion, the others being ShenSquare Shen, VarusSquare Varus, SyndraSquare Syndra, ZedSquare Zed, JhinSquare Jhin, & KaynSquare Kayn.
  • Bladecaller Bladecaller's victim is an acolyte of The Order of The Shadows Crest The Shadow Order.
  • She has a base size of 35 which is considered small.
  • XayahSquare Xayah and RakanSquare Rakan are likely to always receive skins together.[6]


  • KaynSquare Kayn was originally slated to be the antagonist to XayahSquare Xayah and RakanSquare Rakan, his codename in development was 'Nemesis'.[7]
  • Influences for XayahSquare Xayah and RakanSquare Rakan include April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation, Kubo and the Two Strings and We Can Never Go Home.[8][9]
  • Gameplay motivations for XayahSquare Xayah include having a source of power originating not from a bow or gun, creating a unique auto attacking experience, and giving marksman players an option to survive difficult situations.[10]
  • Several scrapped spells for XayahSquare Xayah include:[11] [12] [13] [14]
    • Summoning a shadow clone copy of every ally that was not nearby.
    • A passive called "A thousand cuts", where she would gain 1 stack per basic attack up to 10 stacks and it would dramatically increase her damage.
    • Killer Instinct Killer Instinct.
    • Her Q would once mark the side of the champion that you hit and you could repeatedly hit the mark and it would progressively get smaller and deal more damage.
    • An ability like Steel Tempest Steel Tempest with an ammo system.
    • An ability that gave a single Fox-Fire Fox-Fire like missile that would deal damage and grant some movement speed if an enemy was close
    • An ability shared with RakanSquare Rakan that would fire a beam like Life Form Disintegration Ray Life Form Disintegration Ray, but they could shoot them together and combine them into a megabeam.
    • Another ability shared with RakanSquare Rakan that would create a storm cloud that followed them around and could summon a lightning bolt in the area to stun people. The other had a gust of wind that would knock enemies back.
  • Deadly Plumage Deadly Plumage was created extremely late in development, only three weeks prior to shipping.[15]
  • Some possible thematics for XayahSquare Xayah and RakanSquare Rakan included being vampires or being a storm shaman and storm elemental.[16][17]



Xayah OriginalCircle Classic Xayah [S|L]
  • She references the harpy from Greek mythology, with corvine dark plumage.
  • She wears a shoulder pad made from a RaptorSquare Raptor's skull and adorned with a couple of RakanSquare Rakan's Gleaming Quill feathers (he wears an identical one adorned with a couple of Clean Cuts hers).
  • She shares her splash art with:
    • Rakan OriginalCircle Rakan [S|L]
      • They are the first and only champions to share their Classic splash art.
Xayah CosmicDuskCircle Cosmic Dusk Xayah [S|L]
Xayah SweetheartCircle Sweetheart Xayah [S|L]
Xayah SSGCircle SSG Xayah [S|L]


  • Xayah is a Lhotlan Vastayan in her early-mid twenties who travels Ionia on a crusade to ensure her people's survival and independence. After meeting and getting in a relationship with RakanSquare Rakan, both travel Ionia to preserve Ionia's natural magic from being controlled by humans.
    • Xayah and RakanSquare Rakan fought ZedSquare Zed and his Order of the Shadow to prevent them from harvesting a magical grove (sabotaging the Kashuri Armories, the creators of JhinSquare Jhin's Whisper Whisper and other firearms by using Ionia's abundant magic reserves, might be next).