Champion Select

  • Xerath Select
    "I will be free."
  • Xerath.attack01
    "Simple fools."


  • Xerath.attack01
    "Simple fools."
  • Xerath.attack02
    "Behold my power."
  • Xerath.attack03
    "Primitive magic shall not best me."
  • Xerath.attack04
    "Magic? I'll show you real magic."
  • Xerath.attack05
    "Flesh and blood; so fragile."
  • Xerath.attack06
    "Sacrifices must be made."
  • Xerath.attack07
    "I will unmake you."
  • Xerath.attack08
    "Your demise beckons."


  • Xerath.move01
    "I will show you true power."
  • Xerath.move02
    "None will control me."
  • Xerath.move03
    "These chains cannot hold me."
  • Xerath.move04
    "I am eternal."
  • Xerath.move05
    "I will be their undoing."
  • Xerath.move06
    "The secrets of magic are mine alone."
  • Xerath.move07
    "I follow the path to power."
  • Xerath.move08
    "The affairs of mortals are beneath me."
  • Xerath.move09
    "The world may crumble, but I shall remain."
  • Xerath.move10
    "Emotions are only distractions."
  • Xerath.move11
    "Bound, but not broken."
  • Xerath.move12
    "I see the forces that hold the universe together."
  • Xerath.move13
    "I am the will of man unbound by flesh."
  • Xerath.move14
    "I stand at the brink of infinity."
  • Xerath.move15
    "You cannot fathom what I am."


  • Xerath.taunt01
    "It will take only a spark of my magic to end you."
  • Xerath.taunt02
    "You may stare, but your mind may collapse."

Taunting an enemy Azir Azir

  • Xerath.tauntAzir01
    "Azir, at long last, we will see what power you truly possess."
  • Xerath.tauntAzir02
    "You are emperor of a wasteland, Azir."
  • Xerath.tauntAzir03
    "Azir, the boy destined to chase the sun."
  • Xerath.tauntAzir04
    "This time, Azir, I will need no surprise to topple you."

Taunting an enemy Nasus Nasus

  • Xerath.tauntNasus01
    "Nasus, the loyal pup, ever nipping at my heels."
  • Xerath.tauntNasus02
    "Nasus... thank you for your brother."

Taunting an enemy Syndra Syndra

  • Xerath.tauntSyndra
    "You chase power, Syndra. I am power!"

Taunting an enemy Thresh Thresh

  • Xerath.tauntThresh
    "Those chains cannot hold me either, jailer."


  • Xerath.joke01
    "Power, immortality, omniscience... but no leg room?!"
  • Xerath.joke02
    "Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt!"


  • Xerath.laugh01
    Xerath laughs.
  • Xerath.laugh02
    Xerath laughs.
  • Xerath.laugh03
    Xerath laughs.
  • Xerath.laugh04
    Xerath laughs.

Upon beginning a game of Ascension

  • Xerath.ascensionStart01
    "You shall bear witness to the only true ascended this day."
  • Xerath.ascensionStart02
    "Mine is the only pure ascension."
  • Xerath.ascensionStart03
    "Today, I will be free!"

Upon becoming ascended

  • Xerath.ascensionSelf01
    "Ah! The energy courses through me!"
  • Xerath.ascensionSelf02
    "Finally, I will show you what an ascended can do!"
  • Xerath.ascensionSelf03
    "The ascension belongs to me!"
  • Xerath.ascensionSelf04
    "The world forgot me. Now, they will remember!"

When a nearby ally becomes ascended

  • Xerath.ascension01
    "We have the power! Now, strangle them with it!"
  • Xerath.ascension02
    "It is our turn to punish the arrogant!"

When a nearby Renekton Renekton becomes ascended

  • Xerath.ascensionRenekton01
    "It is our time, crocodile, make them suffer."
  • Xerath.ascensionRenekton02
    "Renekton, show them your hatred!"

Killing an enemy while ascended

  • Xerath.unknown04
    "No-one will wrest ascension from me!"
  • Xerath.unknown05
    "I was meant for ascension! See how I wield it!"

Upon winning a game of Ascension

  • Xerath.unknown06
    "Behold! My power is unmatched!"
  • Xerath.unknown07
    "I will allow nothing to stand in my way!"


  • Xerath.unknown01
  • Xerath.unknown02
    "Ascension never looked so good!"
  • Xerath.unknown03
    "What a glorious being of pure energy!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match start

  • "Observe power in its purest form!"

Player team victory

  • "Your power is... formidable..."

Player team defeat

  • "GG!"

Ancient Ascendant Xerath Quotes

These responses are exclusive to the non-playable Xerath Xerath that resides in the Ascension Featured Gameplay Mode.

  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive01
    "True ascension is granted only to the worthy."
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive02
    "Who believes they have the strength to ascend?"
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive03
    "I am power incarnate! Who dares oppose me?"
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive04
    "Ascension is not granted, it is taken!"
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive05
    "Only ten of you? How disappointing."
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive06
    "My will is law!"
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive07
    "I will not be subverted!"
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive08
    "You stand in the presence of a perfect being."
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive09
    "I will never concede the power I have taken!"
  • XerathAncientAscendant.revive10
    "You seek ascension. You will find failure."

When ten champions dance nearby

  • Xerath.dance01
    "I've waited a millennium for this!"
  • Xerath.dance02
    "Trapped for centuries, but I've still got it!"
  • Xerath.dance03
    "It's electric!" (raps)
  • Xerath.dance04
    "With ascension... comes killer moves!"
  • Xerath.dance05
    "Nobody puts Xerath in a sarcophagus! Nobody!"