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  • Xerath was designed by Volty with RiotRunaan and Ironstylus providing his original creative concept and art, respectively.
  • Xerath is voiced by Michael McConnohie.
  • Xerath is currently the only entity presented as (nearly) omnipotent in the League of Legends universe, and currently the most powerful.
    •  Syndra has been speculated to be or have the potential to become godlike, much like Xerath.
    • However much like Syndra, he is severely limited at the moment
    • There is currently quite a debate in the community about which champion would finally be more powerful, but it seems to lean on Xerath's side. The argument that he doesn't have a body limiting him seems to give him an edge over Syndra.
  • Xerath was indirectly referenced in the Journal of Justice prior to his release.
  • When Xerath dies his body quickly becomes unstable and overly shiny, just to blow up a moment later, much like a nuclear-powered machine.
  • The icon for Xerath's ability,  Arcanopulse is slightly similar to that of the mastery Blast
  • Xerath's dance is known as "industrial dancing", which is evident in the song Pong by Eisenfunk. A comparison can be seen here.
  • Xerath himself can be seen when he performs his taunt. As he disarms the parts of his sarcophagus, a person made of pure energy or electricity can be briefly seen.
    • When he dies this "person" disappears, what remains on the ground are the shattered remains of his sarcophagus.
    • It's likely that that form was his actual look before he got locked away.
  • There's an interesting mechanic that can be seen with his Classic, Battlecast, and Runeborn skins. When an enemy is hit with  Arcanopulse, they leave behind a purple ball, revealing them. The Scorched Earth skin does not seem to have this.
  • Xerath seems to be cocky about his position as an ascendent being, reminding the summoners that he is ageless and all-mighty and seems to despise normal creatures, considering them fragile and weak.
  • Some speculate that Xerath is ambidextrous as he uses both left and right hands for different attacks and abilities, unlike most champions who almost always use the right one.
  • From the lore, many people believed that Xerath was going to be Alowicious Chucat, a master artificer who died working on the Innervating Locket. This was disproved with the release of Xerath's backstory.
  •  Xerath is, along with Caitlyn, Lissandra, Rumble, Varus, Vi, and Ziggs, one of the few champions that can CC themselves.
  • Xerath's appearance may be a reference to Starcraft's' Archons, which are also beings of pure energy. 
  • Xerath may have some relation to Dr. Xavier Rath, noted by simply :Xavier Rath. This is the doctor that gave Twisted Fate his magical abilities.


  • Xerath's joke is a reference to the LARPing Lightning Bolt! video.
    • A previous joke (removed during his latest rework) was a reference to the Power Thirst video
    • His newest joke added as of his latest re-work may be a reference to [Genie] referring to the lamp ("Phenomenal Cosmic powers: itty bitty living space")
  • He has an exclusive joke for the Brazilian server, inspired by a Windy of Tenebra (a Tibia player) conversation in TeamSpeak. A comparison can be seen here.


Classic Xerath

  • Due to the community's popular demand, both of Xerath's skins were reworked. They both received new particle effects and colors due to them being too similar to the Classic skin before the rework. Battlecast Xerath has red particles and Runeborn Xerath has green particles.
  • If  Mordekaiser's ultimate,  Children of the Grave, is on Xerath when he dies, the neon coloration of the skin will still be on the ghost. Classic skin will be blue, Battlecast will be red, Runeborn will be green, and Scorched Earth will have a lava texture, this is entirely unique for Xerath as all other champions lose all color and become grey and transparent while they are ghosts.
    • The reason for this is because his body is a visual effect and not an actual model.

Battlecast Xerath

  • In Xerath's champion spotlight, he was called "Lockdown Xerath" and Runeborn Xerath was called "Runeforge Xerath".

Scorched Earth Xerath

  • It might be a reference to the military doctrine of Scorched Earth, in which anything deemed useful to the enemy is destroyed.
  • His appearance and armor bears a similarity to Pyroviles, a volcanic alien species featuring in the fourth series of Doctor Who - "The Fires of Pompeii" episode. The Skin's splash art features a volcano in the background that shares a resemblance to Vesuvius.


  • According to the League of Legends beta site,  Xerath is  Cassiopeia and  Renekton's friend.
  • According to  Ryze,  Xerath is an "Abomination of a mage" and that his hold over the magical powers he wields is "feeble".
  • In Xerath's League Judgement it was revealed that he had a friend called Tabia. The two of them seemed to have romantic feelings for each other. Tabia tried to interrupt Xerath's transformation, out of fear he'd die but she ended up dying herself.


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