• "Find me an immovable object, and I'll put this question to rest!" references the irresistible force paradox.
    • French localization replaces the joke to reference The Blue Lotus from The Adventures of Tintin.
    • German localization replaces the joke with "Find me an immovable object, so that I can bury you under it!"
    • Italian localization replaces the joke with "Give me a spear, and I'll move the world" to reference Archimedes.


Xin ZhaoSquare.png Commando Xin Zhao [S|L]
Xin ZhaoSquare.png Imperial Xin Zhao [S|L]
Xin ZhaoSquare.png Viscero Xin Zhao [S|L]
  • This is his younger self back when he was a Noxian prisoner forced to fight in the Fleshing arena.
  • He shares this theme with DravenSquare.png Gladiator Draven [S|L] and JaxSquare.png Jaximus [S|L].
Xin ZhaoSquare.png Winged Hussar Xin Zhao [S|L]
  • He celebrates the Polish server's launch.
  • He references the Polish hussars.
Xin ZhaoSquare.png Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao [S|L]
Xin ZhaoSquare.png Secret Agent Xin Zhao [S|L]
Xin ZhaoSquare.png Dragonslayer Xin Zhao [S|L]


  • Xin Zhao was saved from Noxian imprisonment by Jarvan Lightshield II (Jarvan IV Jarvan IV's grandfather) and has served the Demacian royal family ever since.