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  • Classic Yasuo Skingallerybutton
  • High Noon Yasuo Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 13-Dec-2013
  • PROJECT: Yasuo Skingallerybutton
    1350 RP / 01-Sep-2014
  • Blood Moon Yasuo Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 25-Feb-2016


  • Yasuo was designed by CertainlyT.
  • Yasuo is voiced by Liam O'Brien.[1]
  • Yasuo is a masculine Japanese given name, the meanings are different depending on the Kanji used. The variants are: 保夫, "protective, preserve, husband", 安生, "tranquil; content, life, birth", 康郎, "happy, healthy, son; young man", 靖男, "calm; peaceful, son; male, baron", 泰雄, "great; exalted, superior, male", 八洲夫, "eight; many, continent; island, husband."
    • Yasuo is not his birth name. He was given this new name when he joined the sword school in an effort to steady his wild nature.
    • Judging by this, his name would be rendered as 安生 or 靖男 in Kanji, however, Riot decided the Kanji used for his name is 康夫. However, the Chinese servers instead write his name as 亚索.
  • Yasuo's appearance is most likely a reference to Musashi Miyamoto, a historical Japanese swordsman and wandering samurai. The facial appearance and ponytail in particular are very similar to popular artistic portrayals of Miyamoto, and his combat style is similar to Miyamoto's prior to his creation of his famous twin-sword style.
    • Yasuo's techniques and animations bear resemblance to Haoumaru, a sake-loving warrior from the game series Samurai Spirits/Samurai Shodown, who in turn is also based on Musashi Miyamoto.
      • This is further supported by Yasuo's taunt and joke animations; one of them involve spitting his drink on his blade, which Haoumaru also does to "bless it" before battle.
      • As another coincidental nod to Haoumaru, Yasuo's Steel Tempest.png Steel Tempest is named as Zhǎngāngshǎn in the Chinese servers (pronounced "Jah-ng gah-ng shah-n"; written as 斩钢闪 in Simplified Chinese and 斬鋼閃 in Traditional Chinese/Japanese), which literally means "Slashing Steel/Steel-Cutting Flash. The naming of this attack is the same as one of Haoumaru's Special Moves (which is his strongest one in terms of raw damage), the Ougi Zankousen (奥義 斬鋼閃, lit. Secret Skill Slashing Steel Flash).
  • His samurai motif also ties into his high critical strike chance passive, as a possible nod to many Samurai-based characters in most RPG/MMO settings who are focused on dealing as much damage as possible, especially with high critical hit chance involved. Said samurai/swordmasters may or may not be assassins, another MMO class that is heavily associated with high critical hit chance.
  • Yasuo speaks a dialect of ancient Ionian. It’s related to the dialect that Karma Karma speaks, but is not the same dialect.
  • The ancient Ionian Yasuo uses sounds similar to authentic, although part-flawed, Japanese.
    • From Steel Tempest:
      • Ton - Dawn or Blunt (literally in that context "stupid")
      • Hasag - Crush/crushing (usually a vertical, downward strike)
      • Hasagi - Cutting edge
      • Aseryo - Impatient/You're impatient! (depends on context) or Morning Dragon.
    • From Wind Wall:
      • Choryon - Elder
      • Son! - A Kiai (combat shout)
    • From Last Breath:
      • Sorye - "That way" or "Take that"
      • Igei Ton - The dawn remains/Except/other than the dawn
      • Sorye Ge Ton - Towards the dawn/To raise towards the dawn.
  • Yasuo's quote "Ninjas... I hate those guys." is similar to EzrealSquare.png Ezreal's quote "Noxians... I hate those guys".
  • Yasuo's quote "No cure for fools." is possibly a reference to this scene in Akira Kurosawa's film Yojimbo.
  • Yasuo's special taunt when near Master YiSquare.png Master Yi "Wuju? No, I wouldn't." is a reference to the latter's joke "Wuju... pass me that potion?".
  • His quote "A wanderer isn't always lost" is a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's poem All that is gold does not glitter, which says "Not all those who wander are lost".
YasuoSquare.png High Noon Yasuo [S|L]
  • This skin is inspired by the classic spaghetti Westerns directed by Sergio Leone. These films were, in turn, inspired by the very same classic Japanese samurai films upon which Yasuo's core concept is based.
  • He wields a gunblade, albeit one that retains the blade of his katana.
  • He shares this theme with Twisted FateSquare.png Twisted Fate, and Jhin Jhin.
YasuoSquare.png PROJECT: Yasuo [S|L]
  • The theme behind Yasuo's YasuoSquare.png PROJECT skin is one of the possible outcomes for Runeterra. In this alternate, apocalyptic future, Yasuo is part of the PROJECT Initiative, where members are augmented with cybernetics and other futuristic technology.
  • This skin is a reference to the Metal Gear Solid video game series.
  • On his promo page, he can be seen equipped with several enhancements:
    • Leather Gauntlet, which provides easy handling of the plasma forge drop blade.
    • MC-2 Firing Piston, which provides easy drifting between enemies.
    • Plasma Forge Drop Blade, plasma coating provides low density blade suitable for advanced operator mobility. Designed and tested for short to mid-range combat.
    • XX-250 Environmental Barrier Unit, provides protection against all types of projectiles.
    • Unknown, coded as Last Breath.png Last Breath.
  • His description is as followed: "Tempest, a blossom caught in drift, fluid form. He speaks. Death is like the wind... he is a storm, blade howling... Always by my side..."
    • His fully decrypted description is a voice clip: "The Eternal Wanderer."
  • First name of this skin was "Cyber Ops Yasuo" referred Arctic Ops Varus, Kennen and Caitlyn. Renamed to PROJECT: Yasuo on PBE.
  • Compared to his other skins, Yasuo's auto attack animations are different from his previous skins (as well as only having three instead of four) along with a different recall animation. Other than that, all of his other animations are the same.
    • Yasuo's robotic mask is removed during his joke, taunt and dance emotes, where his voice is rendered normally for any speaking emotes and thus, his face is clearly shown as normal.
  • During Last Breath.png Last Breath, the orange hue of Yasuo's katana turns into an olive-yellow with no other visual effects.
  • On the 2016 promo page, if you type in "TRUTH", a quote will pop-up: 10- "We're on the right path."
  • He shares this theme with AsheSquare.png PROJECT: Ashe [S|L], EkkoSquare.png PROJECT: Ekko [S|L], FioraSquare.png PROJECT: Fiora Fiora [S|L], KatarinaSquare.png PROJECT: Katarina [S|L], LeonaSquare.png PROJECT: Leona [S|L], LucianSquare.png PROJECT: Lucian [S|L], Master YiSquare.png PROJECT: Yi [S|L], and ZedSquare.png PROJECT: Zed [S|L].
YasuoSquare.png Blood Moon Yasuo [S|L]


  • Yasuo is searching for the true murderer of the Elder he is believed to have killed—someone who has mastered the wind technique as he has.
    • Riot's champion page for Riven Riven shows a link for Yasuo added to her rivals section. Yasuo also has a special quote against her: "Which weighs more, Riven? Your blade, or your past?" indicating that she may have been the killer. This is also referenced in his quote "Wait, that technique... huh.", indicating that she is also trained to use the wind as a weapon. This is reflected in the name of her second ultimate, Wind Slash. Coincidentally, both of their first abilities (Broken Wings.png Broken Wings and Steel Tempest.png Steel Tempest) can deal damage to multiple enemies and can knock enemies airborne in three uses. Also, Wind Slash.png Wind Slash and Last Breath.png Last Breath relate to the number three (Yasuo strikes three times, Riven fires three projectiles).
  • Yasuo has been branded a traitor and is hunted by the other warriors of Ionia. No specific champions, if any, have been named.
  • He has once mentored a young girl from Shurima known as Taliyah Taliyah. The only memento he has of her is a long thread of her handspun Shuriman wool tunic as a parting gift, which he uses to tie his hair up.


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Yasuo League Of Legends Login Screen With Music01:34

Yasuo League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

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Yasuo Theme
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Yasuo Champion Spotlight08:28

Yasuo Champion Spotlight

Champion Spotlight

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PROJECT Alpha Strike



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