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Upon Selection

  • Yorick Select new
    "Fear not... I will make use of your corpse."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Yorick.start01
    "I once had honor before the Ruination."
  • Yorick.start02
    "This land will never heal. But I will lay it to rest."
  • Yorick.start03
    "Tired, ancient, and half-dead. Still, I come for you."
  • Yorick.start10
    "I am the rift between life and death. The thin divide between breath and grave."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "Yorick, look what you've become."
    • Yorick: "I've become what I must be."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "Let us in, remove your chains."
    • Yorick: "I think not."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "Your human form is so confining. You could be infinite."
    • Yorick: "I am enough."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "There is no hope."
    • Yorick: "There is some."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "We see you, Yorick. We know your weakness."
    • Yorick: "You know nothing."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "Join us in eternity, Yorick."
    • Yorick: "In the beyond, once you're free."


  • Yorick.attack01
    “The hole I dig, it is for you.”
  • Yorick.attack02
    “So many souls to liberate."
  • Yorick.attack03
    "To death."
  • Yorick.attack04
    "The beyond awaits you."
  • Yorick.attack05
    "To dirt, you return."
  • Yorick.attack06
    "I'll mourn for you."
  • Yorick.attack07
    "Respects to the dying."
  • Yorick.attack08
    "Scatter their remains."
  • Yorick.attack09
    "You are beyond saving."
  • Yorick.attack10
    "The mist comes for you."
  • Yorick.attack11
    "Your tomb awaits."
  • Yorick.attack12
    "You decay and do not know it."
  • Yorick.attack13
    "You are to die."
  • Yorick.attack14
    "You will rot."
  • Yorick.attack15
    "I will not damn you. I will end you."
  • Yorick.attack16
    "Your end is nigh."
  • Yorick.attack17
    "No eulogy for you."
  • Yorick.attack18
    "Prepare your epitaph."
  • Yorick.attack19
    "I am to bury you."
  • Yorick.attack20
    "Die to rise again."
  • Yorick.attack21
    "The grave is your home."
  • Yorick.attack22
    "Flesh that will soon find earth."
Attacking with Last Rites.png Last Rites Activated
  • Yorick.attackSpellQ1
    "The isles remember!"
  • Yorick.attackSpellQ2
    "I must dig!"
  • Yorick.attackSpellQ3
    "What's one more grave?!"
  • Yorick.attackSpellQ4
    "I shall perform your rites!"
Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  • Yorick.attackBaron01
    "That is a lot of flesh to raise."
  • Yorick.attackBaron02
    "Even your kind will join the mist."
  • Yorick.attackBaron03
    "Yours will be the largest coffin."
Attacking the Dragon Dragon
  • Yorick.attackDragon01
    "Your kind is supposed to live long. I am sorry."
  • Yorick.attackDragon02
    "I need your essence, great beast."


  • Yorick.move01
    "What I do is just. Every horrid piece of it."
  • Yorick.move02
    "The Mist writhes, searching for a place to take root."
  • Yorick.move03
    "Death is not to be feared."
  • Yorick.move04
    "We're dead much longer than we are alive."
  • Yorick.move05
    "What hell is worse than this limbo?"
  • Yorick.move06
    "Everyone I knew is dead. How are things with you?"
  • Yorick.move07
    "They once called these isles undying. Yet die, they will."
  • Yorick.move08
    "How quick the turn from blessed to cursed."
  • Yorick.move09
    "These isles... how they scream."
  • Yorick.move10
    "Soon, this depravity will end."
  • Yorick.move11
    "The beyond is waiting. Strive to meet it."
  • Yorick.move12
    "I am no tyrant. These souls act on their own."
  • Yorick.move13
    "This mist has become skin."
  • Yorick.move14
    "The isles were once paradise; now they're a prison."
  • Yorick.move15
    "I go wherever souls are adrift."
  • Yorick.move16
    "The constant wailing of souls in torment."
  • Yorick.move17
    "I cling to life by the thinnest thread."
  • Yorick.move18
    "If they could see what I see, they'd long for death."
  • Yorick.move19
    "But for the waters, the mist would take me."
  • Yorick.move20
    "The Ruined King will soon meet the victims of his curse."
  • Yorick.move21
    "From the ground they come, and to it, they return."
  • Yorick.move22
    "Ours is a fate worse than death."
  • Yorick.move23
    "I carry these souls to their end... wherever it may be."
  • Yorick.move24
    "Water for the living, shovel for the dead."
  • Yorick.move25
    "Our souls are a small price to pay to cleanse this land."
  • Yorick.move26
    "I am the first and last of my order."
  • Yorick.move27
    "My curse is our only hope."
  • Yorick.move28
    "I remember when I put them in the ground."
  • Yorick.move29
    "So many souls, so few bodies."
  • Yorick.move30
    "To most, life is fleeting; to me, it is quagmire."
  • Yorick.move31
    "Death is not always a release."
  • Yorick.move32
    "Death used to mean something."
  • Yorick.move33
    "Tell me of the beyond... in case I never make it."
  • Yorick.move34
    "Tears of life preserve me."
  • Yorick.move35
    "The Ruined King's allies shall fall with him."
  • Yorick.move36
    "One can stare into the grave too long."
  • Yorick.move37
    "This journey is long, but I will complete it."
  • Yorick.move38
    "I do not live in hope. I work to return it."
  • Yorick.move39
    "It hurts to remember."
  • Yorick.move40
    "Do you hear that? It is the end."
  • Yorick.move41
    "The dead have not forgotten."
  • Yorick.move42
    "Hallowed or profane... I no longer know."
  • Yorick.move43
    "All things fade... but me."
  • Yorick.move44
    "It is to the grave, we go."
  • Yorick.move45
    "What a beautiful dream is life."
  • Yorick.move46
    "Remember my name. For one day, I will not."
  • Yorick.move47
    "I do not know what lies beyond. But it is better than this."
  • Yorick.move48
    "The dead don't hear you, no matter how you cry."
  • Yorick.move49
    "The dead shall forgive me. I hope."
  • Yorick.move50
    "We shall prevail. We have eternity."
  • Yorick.move51
    "Life is but a brief disinterment."


  • Yorick.joke01
    "Ah, missed it. There it goes! Where is it at? - ah! Yes!"
Joking Near an Enemy Amumu Amumu
  • Yorick.jokeAmumu01
    "Ah, would you like some friends? Nope, can’t have 'em."
When an Enemy Champion Jokes Nearby
  • Yorick.interactionJokeEnemy01
    "I suppose I have eternity to think about that one."


  • Yorick.taunt01
    "You'll make a fine addition to my cloak."
  • Yorick.taunt02
    "For you, I won't dig too deep."
Taunting an Enemy Mutant
  • Yorick.tauntMutant01
    "I pity what you have become. Shall I end your suffering?"
Taunting an Enemy Time Traveler ( Ekko Ekko / Zilean Zilean )
  • Yorick.tauntEkkoZilean01
    "I have nothing but time. Show me something else."
Taunting an Enemy Yordle
  • Yorick.tauntYordle01
    "Yours is an easy grave to dig, small one."
Taunting an Enemy Youngster ( Annie Annie / Jinx Jinx / Nunu Nunu / Taliyah Taliyah )
  • Yorick.tauntChild01
    "They say I was once your age, though I can't quite recall."
Taunting an Enemy Azir Azir
  • Yorick.tauntAzir01
    "Your corpses against mine. May the best win."
Taunting an Enemy Hecarim Hecarim
  • Yorick.tauntHecarim01
    "Those you ride down will soon rise against you."
Taunting an Enemy Kalista Kalista
  • Yorick.tauntKalista01
    "You and I share a common goal. The similarities end there."
Taunting an Enemy Karthus Karthus
  • Yorick.tauntKarthus01
    "Enjoy this limbo while you can, for I will soon end it."
Taunting an Enemy Kindred Kindred
  • Yorick.tauntKindred01
    "I know you. And I see you always."
  • Yorick.tauntKindred02
    "One day, you will take me. May it be soon."
Taunting an Enemy Lucian Lucian
  • Yorick.tauntLucian01
    "No, Lucian, I haven't seen your wife."
Taunting an Enemy Lux Lux
  • Yorick.tauntLux01
    "You remind me that the world is sometimes good - and very naive."
Taunting an Enemy Maokai Maokai
  • Yorick.tauntMaokai01
    "I fight to free you as well - though a hatchet would suffice."
Taunting an Enemy Mordekaiser Mordekaiser
  • Yorick.tauntMordekaiser01
    "My army will soon storm your gates, revenant."
Taunting an Enemy Ryze Ryze
  • Yorick.tauntRyze01
    "Yours is a fool's errand. The world must be allowed to die."
Taunting an Enemy Singed Singed
  • Yorick.tauntSinged01
    "You think you want immortality. I'll gladly give you mine."
Taunting an Enemy Thresh Thresh
  • Yorick.tauntThresh01
    "Those souls are not yours to keep."
When an Enemy Champion Taunts Nearby
  • Yorick.interactionTauntEnemy01
    "I've endured more pain than any words can bring."
  • Yorick.interactionTauntEnemy02
    "I no longer feel insults."
  • Yorick.interactionTauntEnemy03
    "I'm just happy to have company."
  • Yorick.interactionTauntEnemy04
    "Ah yes, I remember spewing idle words."


YorickSquare.png Pentakill Yorick [S|L]
  • YorickPentakill.dance01
    Yorick plays a guitar tune.


  • Yorick.laugh01
    Yorick laughs.
  • Yorick.laugh02
    Yorick laughs.
  • Yorick.laugh03
    Yorick laughs.
When a Champion Laughs Near Yorick
  • Yorick.interactionLaughEnemy01
    "Ah yes, I remember what laughter sounds like."

Upon Casting Last Rites.png Awakening

  • Yorick.spellQ1
    "Kill, and use its form."
  • Yorick.spellQ2
    "Rest in your rightful place."
  • Yorick.spellQ3
    "Return, and fight."
  • Yorick.spellQ4
    "This horde consumes all."
  • Yorick.spellQ5
    "A little longer, friend, then rest."
  • Yorick.spellQ6
    "Join me, brother."
  • Yorick.spellQ7
    "Some of these faces I know well."
  • Yorick.spellQ8
    "Arise and return to this world."
  • Yorick.spellQ9
    "They rise, they fight, they rot."
  • Yorick.spellQ10
    "Wake up. You have a new task."
  • Yorick.spellQ11
    "Die with me brothers, and be free."
  • Yorick.spellQ12
    "Walk once more."
  • Yorick.spellQ13
    "I thank you for your service."
  • Yorick.spellQ14
    "Welcome back, you won't be here long."
  • Yorick.spellQ15
    "It's good to see you."
  • Yorick.spellQ16
    "Allies from below."
  • Yorick.spellQ17
    "Hello, friends."
  • Yorick.spellQ18
    "Ah yes, I remember you."

Upon Casting Dark Procession.png Dark Procession

  • Yorick.spellW1
    "Won't you join them?"
  • Yorick.spellW2
    "The damned resist their fate."
  • Yorick.spellW3
    "The ruins of these isles rise to smite you."
  • Yorick.spellW4
    "This never ends."
  • Yorick.spellW5
    "To destroy the curse, I use it."
  • Yorick.spellW6
    "Take shape."
  • Yorick.spellW7
    "An eternal ring."
  • Yorick.spellW8
    "It's you they seek."
  • Yorick.spellW9
    "They reach for you."
  • Yorick.spellW10
    "Watch them squirm."

Upon Landing Mourning Mist.png Mourning Mist

  • Yorick.spellE1
    "An unholy mark upon you."
  • Yorick.spellE2
    "A curse upon the ground."
  • Yorick.spellE3
    "A profane sacrament."
  • Yorick.spellE4
    "It fouls upon touch."
  • Yorick.spellE5
    "Feel its pull."
  • Yorick.spellE6
    "It claims you."

Upon Ranking Up Eulogy of the Isles.png Eulogy of the Isles

  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "One more step toward domination!"
    • Yorick: "One more step toward the end."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "We are stronger. We shall take all!"
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "Do you feel it? I am more!"
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "We feed, we grow!"

Upon Casting Eulogy of the Isles.png Eulogy of the Isles

  • Yorick.spellR1
    "Behold the horrors of the isles!"
  • Yorick.spellR2
    "Go, take what you will."
  • Yorick.spellR3
    "See the Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden? She comes for you."
Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden
  • Yorick.spellR4
    "Submit. Surrender."
  • Yorick.spellR5
    "Do not resist."
  • Yorick.spellR6
    "All will join."
  • Yorick.spellR7
    "The mist takes all!"
  • Yorick.spellR8
    "We devour it. It becomes us!"
  • Yorick.spellR9
    "We are not corruption. We are strength!"
  • Yorick.spellR10
    "More, more for the black maw of the mist!"

Upon Buying an Item

  • Yorick.item01
    "Don't bury me with it. You can't take it with you."
  • Yorick.item02
    "Even a monk needs bread and water."
  • Yorick.item03
    "Material items, for the material world."
Upon Buying Ruby Crystal item.png Ruby Crystal
  • Yorick.itemRubyCrystal01
    "It pulses with life, as the isles once did."
  • Yorick.itemRubyCrystal02
    "Red is the heart that barely beats in me."
  • Yorick.itemRubyCrystal03
    "A vital ornament."
Upon Buying Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor
  • Yorick.itemClothArmor01
    "I wouldn't be caught dead in that."
  • Yorick.itemClothArmor02
    "Mere rags, soon to fade."
  • Yorick.itemClothArmor03
    "A sack to cover flesh and bone."
  • Yorick.itemClothArmor04
    "The armor of someone soon to die."
Upon Buying Iceborn Gauntlet item.png Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Yorick.itemIcebornGauntlet01
    "As cold as the hand of death."
  • Yorick.itemIcebornGauntlet02
    "Cold, even to my touch."
  • Yorick.itemIcebornGauntlet03
    "To slow the fleet of foot."
Upon Buying Sterak&#039;s Gage item.png Sterak's Gage
  • Yorick.itemSteraksGage01
    "A gauntlet to throw before the king."
  • Yorick.itemSteraksGage02
    "They'll find me hard to bury."
  • Yorick.itemSteraksGage03
    "Gives life when death is near."
Upon Buying Spirit Visage item.png Spirit Visage
  • Yorick.itemSpiritVisage01
    "A ghastly armament."
  • Yorick.itemSpiritVisage02
    "A gift from kind specters."
  • Yorick.itemSpiritVisage03
    "Sometimes the dead can give life."
  • Yorick.itemSpiritVisage04
    "Stay with me, spirit."
Upon Buying Sunfire Cape item.png Sunfire Cape
  • Yorick.itemSunfireCape01
    "The only warmth I've found."
  • Yorick.itemSunfireCape02
    "To cremate my foes."
  • Yorick.itemSunfireCape03
    "The fire of life burns within."
Upon Buying Blade of the Ruined King item.png Blade of the Ruined King
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "The sword of a great man."
    • Yorick: "The sword of a fool."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "The king will return for it."
    • Yorick: "Then I will strike him down."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "The blade of the father."
    • Yorick: "A tyrant who will pay for his crimes."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "This blade has performed great feats."
    • Yorick: "And I will use it to undo them."
Dead Man&#039;s Plate item.png Dead Man's Plate
  • Yorick.itemDeadMansPlate01
    "It fits me to perfection."
  • Yorick.itemDeadMansPlate02
    "Taken from one who can no longer use it."
  • Yorick.itemDeadMansPlate03
    "The dead need no armor, but I do."
  • Yorick.itemDeadMansPlate04
    "Too valuable to bury."

Upon Killing a Champion

  • Yorick.kill01
    "Another voice in the cacophony of wails."
  • Yorick.kill02
    "Flesh torn asunder, flesh reborn."
  • Yorick.kill03
    "We all end the same."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "Look at the wrong you do!"
    • Yorick: "It is necessary."
  • Yorick.kill05
    "Your remains will serve a purpose."
Upon Killing a Shadow Isles Champion
  • Yorick.killShadowIsles01
    "One more nail in the coffin of the isles."
Upon Going on a Killing spree
  • Yorick.spree01
    "I can't bury them all."
  • Yorick.spree02
    "My army grows."
  • Yorick.spree03
    "All these bodies going to waste."
  • Yorick.spree04
    "My graveyard is full."

Upon Destroying a Turret

  • Yorick.tower01
    "All things decay."
  • Yorick.tower02
    "Mortar crumbles."
  • Yorick.tower03
    "Everything that stands must fall."
  • Yorick.tower04
    "Forward, we press."
  • Yorick.tower05
    "It falls, like all things."
  • Yorick.tower06
    "Makes its own tomb."

Upon Using a Health Potion item.png Health Potion

  • Yorick.useHealthPotion01
    "To delay the end."
  • Yorick.useHealthPotion02
    "To life."
  • Yorick.useHealthPotion03
    "I still draw breath."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Yorick.recall01
    "Even a monk needs respite."
  • Yorick.recall02
    "We all return to our origin."
  • Yorick.recall03
    "A breath between rites."
  • Yorick.recall04
    "My path is a circle, my work never-ending."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "You retreat like a coward."
    • Yorick: "I will return anon."
  • Yorick.recall06
    "The bells toll and I respond."

Upon Death

  • Yorick.death01
    "Do not grieve."
  • Yorick.death02
    "I grow cold."
  • Yorick.death03
    "At last."
  • Yorick.death04
    "I see the Wolf wolf."
Upon Respawning
  • Yorick.respawn01
    "The shock of resurrection quickly passes."
  • Yorick.respawn02
    "I've come too far to stay dead."
  • Yorick.respawn03
    "We do not die, and so we fight on."
  • Yorick.respawn04
    "When we end, we begin again."
  • Yorick.respawn05
    "Revived by the tears of life."
  • Yorick.respawn06
    "One day, I will no longer awaken."
  • Yorick.respawn07
    "A fleeting repose."
  • Eulogy of the Isles.png Maiden:
    "A futile act, why do you persist?"
    • Yorick: "Because I must."
  • Yorick.respawn09
    "The beyond is not given. It is earned."
  • Yorick.respawn10
    "Our time has not yet come."
  • Yorick.respawn11
    "There will be no requiem. Not yet."

Twisted Treeline Altar Capture Responses

ProfileIcon WestAltar West Altar
  • WestAltar.Yorick1
    "Alas, poor Yorick."
  • WestAltar.Yorick2
    "Are you lonely, Yorick?"
  • WestAltar.Yorick3
    "As you wish, gravedigger."
East Altar
  • EastAltar.Yorick1
    "Get to your task, gravedigger! Make our numbers endless!"
  • EastAltar.Yorick2
    "Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!!"
  • EastAltar.Yorick3
    "Slay them, gravedigger! Make them serve us!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "We shall rise to this challenge."
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "Victory... slips away."


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