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YorickSquare old Yorick, the Gravedigger [S|L]

YorickSquare Yorick, Shepherd of Souls [S|L]
  • In the EUW Spanish champion insights it's revealed that the Maiden of the Mist name is Hermenegilda, from Germanic Ermingildis,[2] from Proto-Germanic *ermunaz "great, strong, whole" & *gulþan "gold".
  • His current weapon is based on the Chinese monk's spade.


Yorick OriginalCircle Classic Yorick [S|L]
Yorick UndertakerCircle Undertaker Yorick [S|L]
Yorick PentakillCircle Pentakill Yorick [S|L]
Yorick ArclightCircle Arclight Yorick [S|L]


  • Yorick was able to 'survive' Blade of the Ruined King item the Ruination of the Blessed Isles by way of a vial filled with the Isles' subterranean holy water, allowing him to preserve a fragment of his humanity. He plans to destroy the undead by Shepherd of Souls using them.
  • MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser embarked on a metal-fueled journey to recruit KarthusSquare Karthus, Yorick, SonaSquare Sona, and OlafSquare Olaf in order to form Pentakill so they would Smite Smite and Ignite Ignite the whole of Runeterra with their music.[3]


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