Champion Select

  • Zac Select
    "I was made for this... literally."
  • Zac.attack04
    "Well, now I'm just mad."


  • Zac.attack01
    "This is gonna get messy."
  • Zac.attack02
    "Time to introduce myself."
  • Zac.attack03
    "Knock it off."
  • Zac.attack04
    "Well, now I'm just mad."
  • Zac.attack05
    "These jerks don't know when to quit!"
  • Zac.attack06
    "Pick on someone your own size."
  • Zac.attack07
    "Don't be such a stiff."
  • Zac.attack08
    "Back off, pal."
  • Zac.attack09
    "I'm done being nice."
  • Zac.attack10
    "Don't push your luck, champ."
  • Zac.attack11
    "Someone's about to get hurt."
  • Zac.attack11 alt
    "Hey, sorry about the pain."
  • Zac.attack12
    "No need to be mean."
  • Zac.attack13
    "Beat up, or beat down? I'm flexible."


  • Zac.move01
    "Let's bounce!"
  • Zac.move02
    "Why thanks! I do work out."
  • Zac.move03
    "How's it goin'?"
  • Zac.move04
    "Everybody's a critic."
  • Zac.move05
    "Put some spring in your step."
  • Zac.move06
    "I'm not as squishy as I look."
  • Zac.move07
    "Fighting is in my blood... I mean... my goo."
  • Zac.move08
    "I may bend, but I don't break."
  • Zac.move09
    "Mom always said I was big for my age."
  • Zac.move10
    "There's plenty of me to go around."
  • Zac.move11
    "I could really use a snack right now."
  • Zac.move12
    "I should get a suit."
  • Zac.move13
    "I never skip breakfast."
  • Zac.move14
    "Just another day on the job."


Zac inflates himself into a balloon, bouncing on the floor until Airborne icon displaced or issued a movement command.


  • Zac.taunt01
    "It's not how much you can lift. It's how good you look!"
  • Zac.taunt02
    "Go big... or go home!"


  • Zac.laugh01
    Zac laughs.
  • Zac.laugh02
    Zac laughs.
  • Zac.laugh03
    Zac laughs.
  • Zac.laugh04
    Zac laughs.

Upon Cell Division.png Cell Division Triggering

  • Zac.passive01
    "Not again."
  • Zac.passive02
    "I hate it when this happens."
  • Zac.passive03
    "Look what they did."
  • Zac.passive04
    "Keep it together."

Upon Casting Elastic Slingshot.png Elastic Slingshot

  • Zac.E1
  • Zac.E2
  • Zac.E3

Upon Casting Let's Bounce!.png Let's Bounce!

  • Zac.ultimate01
    "Squashing time!"
  • Zac.ultimate02
    "Heads up!"