• Zac made a cameo in RivenSquare.png Battle Bunny Riven [S|L]'s artwork and maybe even in the game's Mac Version trailer (all before he was released)
  • Zac being able to alter his size based on his health might be referencing The Blob.
  • Zac is the only champion that can be damaged by Consume.png Consume and regular Smite.png Smite (due to Cell Division.png Cell Division's chunks being coded as minions) and to have 2 laugh animations.
  • Let's Bounce!.png Let's Bounce! references Tigger from Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne.
  • Zac's sound effects originated from 'dog food and beans inside a condom slapped against a wall'.


  • "I'm not as squishy as I look" is an in-game double entendre (him being a Tank tank and being made of ooze)
  • "I should get a suit" references Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.
  • Zac says "Ne mișcăm și noi mai cu talent?" ("Shall we move with more talent?") in Romanian localization, referencing a famous brandy commercial.


ZacSquare.png Classic Zac [S|L]
ZacSquare.png Special Weapon Zac [S|L]
ZacSquare.png Pool Party Zac [S|L]


  • Zac was born from a chem spill in Zaun's Sump level, gaining basic sentience to respond to outside stimuli. He was sequestered in a laboratory by a group of alchymists funded by chem-baron Saito Takeda, to be molded into a supersoldier under his command. Two of the alchymists grew emotionally attached to Zac and, when they discovered who their benefactor was, spirited away with him deep within Zaun, lovingly raising him as their own son while being on the run from baron Takeda's thugs.
    • Zac responds to people's emotions and acts accordingly, his mood changing with the reigning sentiment at any given time, best exemplified when he went berserk after his parents were killed by Takeda's men. After burying them, he decided to set off and help the people of Zaun, fighting chem-thugs and fixing the city's infrastructure when the opportunity presents itself.