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Zeal is an advanced item in League of Legends.[1] 


Zeal item
Gold 1300 (Gold 600)
Dagger item
Gold 300

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value

Gold Value of Passive

Gold Efficiency*

  • Zeal item.png Zeal is 105.58% gold efficient.

Builds Into

Similar Items


  • The lowest base movement speed in the game is 325. At this speed, Zeal item.png Zeal grants 16.25 movement speed.
  • The movement speed stat only increases flat movement speed, and will not interact with other percentage increases.


  • Since it grants a small attack speed, critical strike chance and movement speed bonus, Zeal item.png Zeal is a great item to buy for slow and immobile AD carries such as Ashe Ashe and Varus Varus.


  • Zeal item.png Zeal's appearance and effects resemble the Paladin's zeal skill from Diablo II.

Patch History



  • Combine cost increased to Gold 600 from Gold 500.
    • Total cost increased to Gold 1300 from Gold 1200.


  • Combine cost increased to Gold 500 from Gold 250.
    • Total cost increased to Gold 1200 from Gold 1100.
  • Attack speed reduced to 15% from 20%.
  • Critical strike chance increased to 20% from 10%.
  • Movement speed is now a unique passive.


  • Combine cost reduced to Gold 250 from Gold 375.
  • Total cost reduced to Gold 1100 from Gold 1175.
  • Attack speed increased to 20% from 18%.


  • Item cost reduced to Gold 1175 from Gold 1195.
  • Attack speed reduced to 18% from 20%.
  • Movement speed reduced to 5% from 6%.
  • Used in new item recipe: Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv.


  • Movement speed reduced to 6% from 8%.

April 11, 2009 Patch:

  • Cost increased to Gold 375 from Gold 350.


  1. Itemlist on leagueoflegends.com

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