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Champion Spotlight

Ziggs Champion Spotlight06:18

Ziggs Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items
Summoner's Rift
Twisted Treeline
Howling Abyss


Playing As ZiggsSquare Ziggs
  • Even if you're far from a fight you can still help from afar with Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb.
  • Slowing your enemies with Hexplosive Minefield Hexplosive Minefield makes it easier to land other abilities.
  • Knocking yourself over walls with Satchel Charge Satchel Charge can be great when chasing after or escaping from enemies.
Playing Against ZiggsSquare Ziggs
  • Don't step on ZiggsSquare Ziggs' Hexplosive Minefield mines! They'll slow you and make it much easier for him to hit you with his other abilities.
  • Many of ZiggsSquare Ziggs' abilities have long cooldowns. Try catching him just after he's used his abilities.
  • ZiggsSquare Ziggs' ultimate, Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb, deals more damage in the center of the explosion.


Ability Usage
  • The increased damage from Short Fuse Short Fuse can be used to better last hit minions or harass an enemy champion.
  • Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb can be used on enemies near a turret to force them to back off.
    • It is also a very effective means of lane control, especially when your jungler is pre-occupied elsewhere or too low to gank a lane.
    • Also extremely efficient at objective stealing, but requires vision and good timing due to delay.
  • Place your Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb where it will hit most of the enemy team.
  • Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb is excellent to ruin an enemy push: it can wipe out an army of minions and heavily damage several enemy champions, brutally ending any attempt to push and also giving you lots of gold. Wait for the enemy team to be as close as possible without risking to damage allied turret for maximum efficiency.
  • Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb works well with a strong allied AoE crowd control, like AmumuSquare Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy Curse of the Sad Mummy or SonaSquare Sona's Crescendo Crescendo.
  • Satchel Charge Satchel Charge, Hexplosive Minefield Hexplosive Minefield (when placed/detonated by enemies), and Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb will grant vision inside brush and in the fog of war.
  • You can use Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb's great range to gank other lanes efficiently.
  • You can use Satchel Charge Satchel Charge to throw an enemy into a Hexplosive Minefield Hexplosive Minefield and quickly you can use the slow to land a perfect Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb.
  • If your passive is up, or an enemy is escaping, you can use Satchel Charge Satchel Charge to bounce the enemy towards you to put them into autoattack/skill range.
  • It's recommended to save Satchel Charge Satchel Charge in teamfights to make a quick escape for or to interrupt channeled spells such as KatarinaSquare Katarina's Death Lotus Death Lotus, and KarthusSquare Karthus' Requiem Requiem.
  • Bouncing Bomb Bouncing Bomb has a fast travel time meaning it is a strong tool for harass especially when combined with Short Fuse Short Fuse to play the hit and run game.
  • Satchel Charge Satchel Charge can be used offensively too. Placing it in the middle of your lane and walking around it will make your lane opponents scared of getting too close, as you can activate it for a huge leap. Satchel Charge Satchel Charge combined with Hexplosive Minefield Hexplosive Minefield is a very powerful zoning tool, and can force your enemy to walk in the direction you choose, making it easy to land a Bouncing Bomb Bouncing Bomb or a Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb.
  • Hexplosive Minefield Hexplosive Minefield can choke off large portions of jungle routes which effectively deters chasing enemy champions.
  • Bouncing Bomb Bouncing Bomb's range is greater than the enemy's vision range when thrown at maximum range with three bounces. Enemies won't be able to see the bombs until the last second, so use this to effectively land Bouncing Bomb Bouncing Bomb harass at a safe distance.
  • Using Ignite Ignite on a fleeing foe allows you to land Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb and pick up a kill.
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • Getting early Boots of Speed item Boots of Speed will allow you to better avoid Bouncing Bomb Bouncing Bomb.
    • Later in the game, it can be upgraded into Boots of Swiftness item Boots of Swiftness giving you an easier time avoiding all of his spells.
  • With proper timing, ZiggsSquare Ziggs' Bouncing Bomb Bouncing Bomb can be dodged by running underneath it in between bounces.
  • Try to avoid fighting ZiggsSquare Ziggs in the jungle, as Hexplosive Minefield Hexplosive Minefield can block off potential escape routes and the narrow pathways make it easier for him to land all his abilities, including Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb.
  • ZiggsSquare Ziggs deals mostly magic damage. Building magic resistance items will reduce your damage taken.
  • All of ZiggsSquare Ziggs' spells except Bouncing Bomb Bouncing Bomb have a very long cooldown at early levels; engage him after he finishes casting his abilities.
  • Stay away from the center of his Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb, as the spell will deal less damage if you are outside the center. You can tell when where it will land by the circle it creates before it lands.
  • Stay away from his Hexplosive Minefield Hexplosive Minefield to avoid the slow.
    • Keep in mind that spell shields will only allow you to avoid a single Minefield. All other will still detonate. Don't use spellshields to block that ability; instead save them for Satchel Charge Satchel Charge or Mega Inferno Bomb Mega Inferno Bomb
  • ZiggsSquare Ziggs main champion counterpicks tend to be assassins with strong gap closers. ZiggsSquare Ziggs is not very mobile, is squishy, and is reliant on abilities that are rather easy to dodge. For those reasons, champions like ZedSquare Zed, LeBlancSquare LeBlanc, and KatarinaSquare Katarina. They all have means of avoiding Hexplosive Minefield Hexplosive Minefield and killing ZiggsSquare Ziggs.
  • Apart from assassins, champions such as VladimirSquare Vladimir and NidaleeSquare Nidalee have the sustain needed to shrug off ZiggsSquare Ziggs' poke. NidaleeSquare Nidalee also has the mobility needed to dodge ZiggsSquare Ziggs' abilities, while VladimirSquare Vladimir scales extremely well into late game.
  • Other options to deal with ZiggsSquare Ziggs include: champions that can rival his range (XerathSquare Xerath, SyndraSquare Syndra) or very mobile mages (AhriSquare Ahri, KennenSquare Kennen)
  • ZiggsSquare Ziggs excels at countering short ranged or melee champions that have weak sustain and no gap closers, including but not limited to Cho'GathSquare Cho'Gath, RyzeSquare Ryze, SwainSquare Swain, and OriannaSquare Orianna. Avoid playing them against ZiggsSquare Ziggs.