• Ziggs is the only champion to perform emotes without being issued a command (he laughs randomly and frequently to match his running animation)
  • Ziggs' joke might be referencing 'The Mask'.
  • Latin American localization replaces "I'm going, I'm going" with "Me encanta el olor de los explosivos por la mañana" ("I love the smell of explosives in the morning") to reference Apocalypse Now ("I love the smell of napalm in the morning")


ZiggsSquare.png Classic Ziggs [S|L]
ZiggsSquare.png Mad Scientist Ziggs [S|L]
ZiggsSquare.png Major Ziggs [S|L]
  • He references a Grenadier.
  • Figures resembling Kled Kled can be seen in the background.
ZiggsSquare.png Pool Party Ziggs [S|L]
ZiggsSquare.png Snow Day Ziggs [S|L]
ZiggsSquare.png Master Arcanist Ziggs [S|L]
ZiggsSquare.png Battle Boss Ziggs [S|L]


  • Ziggs became the Dean of Demolitions for Piltover's Yordle Academy of Science and Progress after he rescued Heimerdinger Heimerdinger and its other professors from a Zaunite prison.
  • Ziggs is quite terrified of Jinx Jinx (she constantly wants to hug him)