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Champion Background Strategy Skins & Trivia


  • Classic Skin
  • Groovy Zilean
  • Old Saint Zilean


  • Zilean was designed by Ezreal.
  • Zilean is named after Tom 'Zileas' Cadwell, the Design Director for Riot Games.
  • Zilean's  Time Bomb  is the only  ability in game that doesn't scale linearly, meaning that the increasing damage given out for each rank in the ability is potencially different than the previous one.
    • After the base damage of 90 at rank 1, Rank 2 and 3 give 55 damage, while 4 and 5 give 60.
  • Zilean's concept may be inspired by the fictional personification of time, Father Time, who is usually depicted as an elderly bearded man, dressed in a robe, carrying an hourglass or some other timekeeping device.
  • Zilean's back story is similar to the book Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut, Junior.
    • The main character, Billy Pilgrim, discovers that he randomly jumps between different moments of his life, but is unable to change anything that has happened. He relives his life at random intervals from birth to death for all eternity.
  • When Zilean is in a match where an enemy  Volibear is present, he gets a buff called Armored Bear Hater Armored Bear Hater.
    • This icon reads: "In my day, we would never have allowed an armored bear into the League of Legends."
    • Volibear also gains an icon when Zilean is in the opposing team. Allied Volibear is unaffected.
    • Additionally, if the enemy Volibear kills Zilean, he will remark "I have a special claw for you, Zilean" or "Your time has come, Chronokeeper."
    • This is a reference to Zileas, who was against the possibility of Armored Bears on the forums.
  • Zilean's  Time Warp has the longest duration of any crowd control effect in the game at 5.5 seconds. Followed by  Nasus's  Wither which is 5 seconds.
  •  Chrono Shift can cause a gamebreaking bug: if  Kog'Maw with  Chrono Shift dies, his passive would trigger immediately and then, once again after 4 seconds, dealing up to 1100 overall AoE true damage at level 18.
  • Zilean is the first champion to have a non-ultimate ability which can not be ranked up at level 1. The ability is  Rewind, since Rewind can only be used to reduce other abilities' cooldowns, making the spell useless if ranked at level 1.
  • Zilean was the first champion to be released after initial release.
  • The icon for  Zilean's  Time Bomb is similar to  Jax's  Grandmaster's Might.
  • Zilean's  Heightened Learning and  Time Warp uses the same icon, except it is inverted and has different glow on the arrows.



Classic Zilean

  • Chinese Classic Zilean's splash art is used as the installation background when installing the game.
  • Classic Zilean's Chinese splash art is used as the background when you have abandoned a match.

Old Saint Zilean

  • Old Saint Zilean is a reference to Santa Claus, who is sometimes referred to as "Old Saint Nick".
    • A cuckoo clock with  Teemo can be seen on the art.

Groovy Zilean

  • It is a reference to the hippie subculture, a movement that arose in the United States during the mid-1960s.
  • It is based on the idea "Flowerkeeper" created by DarkeTiger and Empio.

Time Machine Zilean

  • It is a reference to H.G. Wells science-fiction novella, The Time Machine.
  • On 28 December, 2013, two of Zilean's skins were on sale. Time Machine Zilean was a legacy skin that was available and on sale, and Groovy Zilean was part of the normal champion/skin sales.


  • Zilean joined the League to find a cure for a disease called chrono-displasia, and to save his people.
    • Zilean constantly consults  Ryze, for using summoning magic, similar to magic that summoners use, to find a cure. Ryze stated that they are close to the cure.
  • It was Zilean who developed the temporal stasis bubble that halted the war in Kalamanda. The high amount of magic used for the bubble also led to the awakening of  Skarner.
  • Due to the fact that the Riot design director, Zileas, was adamantly against the implementation of armored bears,  Volibear and Zilean dislike each other.
  • During his investigations on Valoran,  Vel'Koz and a few other voidlings came across the now abandoned Urtistan, Zilean's birthplace and former residence, eventually making his way into Zilean's tower. The voidborn discovered what in his opinion is the ultimate knowledge and very advanced pieces of technology. However, to make sure the other, more destructive void creatures didn't destroy these pieces of information, he killed them.
    • Vel' Koz is now on the search for Zilean (hinting at his reasons to join the League of Legends), as he thinks he holds this ultimate knowledge

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