Champion Sneak Peek - Zyra, Rise of the Thorns

By NeeksNaman [1]

Sometimes the most dangerous predators in the wild are the ones you'd never expect - even the vegetation in Valoran! Zyra Zyra, mysterious and alluring, is one powerful plant that is poised and ready to unleash nature's fury on the League of Legends.

As fierce as she is relentless, Zyra uses the deadly vines and wild overgrowth of the Plague Lands as her weapons, planting Rampant Growth.png seeds on the battlefield that spring to life into powerful allies. Are you the type that takes great joy in laughing maniacally as the thorns rise up around your foes, shredding them to pieces with the power of nature itself? If so, you'll go wild for Zyra, Rise of the Thorns.

Zyra, Rise of the Thorns, Revealed

By NeeksNaman [2]

Are you ready to meet one of the fiercest and deadliest champions ever to step foot out of the Valoran wilds? Meet Zyra Zyra, Rise of the Thorns. This floral femme fatale packs a lot of petals and punch, planting Rampant Growth.png seeds directly on the battlefield and springing them to life into deadly plant allies.

As a plant mage, Zyra's kit revolves around her ability to sow and transform seeds through Rampant Growth.png Rampant Growth. Zyra can store up seeds using an ammo system, dropping these seemingly-harmless buds on the ground to grant limited vision while they remain active. Seeds aren't too threatening on their own, and enemies can even move over a seed to stomp it out of existence at only the cost of revealing their position on the map for a few seconds. Zyra's full fury blooms, however, when you use her other abilities to interact with her seeds.

On its own, Deadly Bloom.png Deadly Bloom causes damage to enemies caught in the area of effect after a slight delay. Rampant Growth.png Seeds caught in the area of effect, however, will spring to life as a ravenous Deadly Bloom.png Thorn Spitter with a ranged attack. Likewise, Zyra's Grasping Roots.png Grasping Roots ability deploys a line attack that roots enemies caught in its path for a moderate duration. Rampant Growth.png Seeds affected by Grasping Roots.png Grasping Roots transform into Grasping Roots.png Vine Lashers armed with a shorter-range attack that slows enemies. Zyra can even drop a seed in the path of an ability she's just cast to surprise her enemies with an instant plant-to-the-face.

To seal the deal, Zyra can invoke her ultimate ability, Stranglethorns.png Stranglethorns, to afflict an area with an infestation of thorny vines that deal significant damage as they spread out. After a brief delay, the vines retract again, knocking any enemies still within the area of effect into the air. Any of Zyra's plants touched by the Stranglethorns.png Stranglethorns become enraged, gaining a hefty bit of attack speed and growing to an imposing size. Zyra can execute some intense combos with her abilities, playing off Rampant Growth.png seed placement to lock enemy champions into a fight with the deadly wilds themselves.

Zyra Screenshots

Rise of the Thorns: Inside the Art of Zyra

By NeeksNaman [3]

The road to create a champion occasionally has some bumps along the way. Zyra Zyra, Rise of the Thorns, is no exception. Originally, the Gavid concept of a plant-based champion was in our designers' heads for over a year. Try after try, it just never felt perfect. Different concept art, multiple kits, loads of designers - Zyra saw it all. Finally, the brush parted to reveal the final concept that just kicked ass and worked on all levels.

But don't take our word for it: Katie 'RiotTeaTime' De Sousa, Sam King, and Marco 'OCRAM818' Bustos are here to dish out the inside dirt on Zyra, from the style of her splash art and abilities to the challenge of creating the soundscape for a plant person.

Mid-Season Magic

Zyra Zyra is the control mage with the greenest thumb in League, and her new Garden of Thorns.png passive lets her spread even more flora across the Rift. Give Zyra a little time to tend to her thorny Rampant Growth.png forest, and she'll have abundant opportunities to counter-engage on attackers. [4]