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Upon Selection

  • Zyra Select
    "Feel the thorns' embrace."


  • Zyra.attack1
    "Death is in bloom."
  • Zyra.attack2
    "Choke the life from them."
  • Zyra.attack3
    "The harvest is upon us."
  • Zyra.attack4
    "My prey thinks itself clever."
  • Zyra.attack5
    "What lurks beneath the soil?"
  • Zyra.attack6
    "None will escape my grasp!"


  • Zyra.move1
    "Come closer."
  • Zyra.move2
    "Such a busy world."
  • Zyra.move3
    "Just a harmless flower."
  • Zyra.move4
    "Take careful steps."
  • Zyra.move5
    "So much more to see."
  • Zyra.move6
    "The forest holds many surprises."
  • Zyra.move7
    "A promising garden."
  • Zyra.move8
    "Things aren't always what they seem."
  • Zyra.move9
    "Wait until my seeds take root."
  • Zyra.move10
    "Venture off the beaten path."


  • Zyra.joke1
    "Our seasons are reversed: my spring, your fall."
  • Zyra.joke2
    "Where are your friends? Mine are all around."


  • Zyra.taunt1
    "This land is mine!"
  • Zyra.taunt2
    "No place is safe while I'm free!"


  • Zyra.laugh1
    Zyra laughs.
  • Zyra.laugh2
    Zyra laughs.
  • Zyra.laugh3
    Zyra laughs.

Upon Casting Rampant Growth.png Rampant Growth

  • Zyra.seed1
  • Zyra.seed2
    "Be ready."
  • Zyra.seed3
    "Just wait."
  • Zyra.seed4
When a Plant Grows
  • Zyra.plant1
  • Zyra.plant2
  • Zyra.plant3
    "Whip vine!"
  • Zyra.plant4
  • Zyra.plant5
  • Zyra.plant6
  • Zyra.plant7
  • Zyra.plant8

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Watch your step, this is my garden."
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "This harvest is yours."


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